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  1. Sorry, totally not miserable and probably did not word my statement the best. Was trying to make a point. Badly i think. Rotten fruit placed next to good fruit will eventually turn it rotten too... My point being, in the department i work in the level of managment is mind blowingly crap.....................
  2. Anyone else quiet quitting, i know i am. So far i am 10% down this year. Wont matter how had i work i will never get that promotion or more money. I am fully aware that this is probably a crap attitude to have but cannot help myself. At work i do just enough not to get in bother. When i first started i took great pride in my work, now i dont. Especially does not help that my boss earns 4 times i do for doing jack shite all day. And yes i do work for the government...,,,,,,
  3. She will bankrupt this island with her hardcore green agenda...
  4. caused by inflation. Heat or eat is going to become, carn't heat, carn't eat this winter for lots of people........
  5. going green has not worked out to well for the Germans...............
  6. The governments one and only priority at the moment should be tackling the inflation. If they don]t, basically they are all committing political suicide.........
  7. wrong, so wrong but funny...............
  8. the only job of any government is to take as much money as possible out of the tax payers hands, and shovel it into the private sector companys they have a vested interest in........
  9. would love to see her stock portfolio. bet there is lots of mining, oil companys etc in it
  10. how long is the life span of one of these wind turbines.
  11. JUst need to ask the fed, can we borrow your money printer please. Theirs seems to be working really well at the moment.Will solve all our problems..... not.
  12. Sounds like the government has made your mind up for you already. Giving up your freedom for saftey.But thats your bag, each to their own. We are all entitled to are own point of view......
  13. Whoever owns said premises should have the choice. ,they are the owner it is up to them. I for one am not an anti vaxxer, as is the term. If you want the jab, fine.If you dont fine.. If you are doubled jabbed what have you got to worry about.........Yer if i was un vaxxed, yes i have full rights to total care from the nhs. Is a rabbit hole no one wants to go down. What about smokers, overweight people, drinkers etc..
  14. All i want is 2 mhks who do not just follow the mainstream narative..... Critical thinking please. Also someone who will stop government spending like a drunken sailor. Aswell as sacking every cs head of pretty much every department, cheers.
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