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  1. I’d be fairly confident that the writer was either the Editor of one of his chums. He seems to have a real problem with anonymous accounts despite the rather ludicrous ones that seem to populate his own website several of whom sound remarkably like him.
  2. I just quickly searched to see if a similar topic had been covered before I posted this and it appears that it has and that he’s clearly at it again. The irony of the newspaper Editor giving such prominent column space to an anonymous letter writer who has written a letter about anonymous trolls who apparently completely ruin his enjoyment of local politics coverage. Is there such a thing as a double irony? I don’t like people posting all this anonymous stuff, but please Mr Editor don’t put my name to these views in the paper when you publish my letter! If the Editor didn’t write it himself that is!
  3. You clearly take the content of what you post far too seriously. There seem to be a lot like that round here as well. You’re definitely another Ballaugh / Ramsey Covid Coven member just from style alone. Maybe you’d like to declare your qualifications in virology or medicine if you attach so much significance to your opinion on what Dr Ewart should be doing. Thanks.
  4. In your opinion, in your opinion, in your opinion FFS. Another online virologist who clearly knows better than all those qualified people running the show.
  5. There is a balanced approach. We’re now taking it. Tough.
  6. Could you imagine the massive game of covid “top trumps” they’d all have in the Comis if they were locked up together - who can find on the scariest variant / covid statistics / death numbers etc etc and post them on social media to try to scare others shitless with?
  7. Mass unemployment, business collapses and spiraling debt is more than just an inconvenience, suicide and mental health issues are more than just an inconvenience. Not getting treated for cancer because the healthcare system is unnecessarily over reacting is not just inconvenient. Elderly people not being able to see their families for what may be the last time is not just an inconvenience. Missing loved ones funerals, and / or last months etc etc is not just an inconvenience. Just stop talking crap and scaremongering. We’re opening up. If you don’t like it get a shovel, dig a hole, get in it and stick a large tarpaulin over yourself until the end of the world arrives.
  8. You mean that you still have to listen to alternative views from other people? How sad for you.
  9. The Doom Coven has a particular talent for hyperbole then persistently claim that the hyperbole comes from others. I imagine in a few years when covid is just a distant memory they might look back on their posts here and realize that a lot of them totally went over the edge and lost the plot in their tunnel vision of telling everyone else (including government) what they should do. Listening to PK or Cambon and the other coven members it’s like receiving practical covid advice from Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now. I just wonder how many non believers ears they’re each wearing on a string around their necks as they pound away at the keyboard.
  10. What on earth is an avoidable death? You could get hit by a bus tomorrow or die of a heart attack running for one. Do you want government to ban all buses on that basis just in case it happens? Honestly you accuse others of hyperbole and yet you make the most outrageously incorrect over statements time and time again in what honestly just sounds like a deep seated desire to transmit your own paranoia onto other people via osmosis. The one thing people like you seem to really fear is a return to a normal life as some perhaps they think they’ve got power over other people for one time in their lives still by continually trying to scare other idiots half to death with their hysteria and half baked covid stories. Government is taking away the power from people like you to spread your fear. The rules are going or have gone and the borders will be fully opening very soon whether you like it or agree with it or not. And screwed up irresponsible people like you and others will ultimately be found responsible for an awful lot of suicides and mental health issues in others by using social media to spread your obsessional fear mongering shit.
  11. Oh yes the Kent variant too ...... we’re all going to doubly die.
  12. Oh no I conjured up the forums Genie of Doom again. I don’t think 60 people thrown in prison (which is what has been reported) is hyperbole to be honest. It’s a huge number of people and it happened under emergency covid laws. On India again ........ more doom ...... yes we’re all going to die. I really believe you.
  13. The cult of Rachel is quite amusing really. I think the cult members should definitely put up big Wicker Rachel’s on common land and worship them to keep them safe from harm as it’s all they’re effectively doing on social media anyway. It was a very inglorious moment for government amongst a series of inglorious moments government has had in relation to its covid response. But to quote Andy Warhol she’s had her 15 minutes of fame. There’s much worse been done in the last 15 months. Particularly the mass imprisonments and other completely out of control Lockdown 1 behaviours which the average covid-head Rachel supporter was literally cheering and baying at like demented idiots.
  14. Actually there isn’t. Not in any major way. The UK statistics are falling off a cliff too due to mass vaccination. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/no-new-cases-of-covid-19-for-third-consecutive-day/
  15. The fact is that in the last year reports of not wearing a mask or not adequately distancing yourself from yourself in your own garden have been prioritized higher than openly being caught using recreational drugs in public.
  16. No, I’m guessing its going to pop through my letterbox any day now and tell me that I’m going to die in a horrible way if we don’t all lockdown until at least 2028 and erect a statue to Rachel Glover that we can all dance around and offer treats to the Gods with ASAP in order to save ourselves.
  17. The situation we have is pretty clear to most people. It’s not really that hard to work out that what government is trying to do is uncondition people from being the mindless zombies hanging on the Ashy’s every word as gospel that they have been in the last 15 months. But it seems that a lot of people seem to quite like being mindless zombies and simply can’t adapt to living in the real world anymore. It’s about assessing your own risks and not listening to a load of pricks on Twitter or Facebook crying as someone was seen not wearing a mask while driving their own car. It’s simply time for many people to accept that they aren’t virologists or covid experts and that life itself presents risks that governments can’t manage for us. And equally that going crying to the police every 10 minutes because you see things you don’t like doesn’t cut any mustard anymore. On that basis lots of people must feel really dis-empowered too as a focus on policing draconian laws has vicariously given some the power to be right twats to other people in the last year just because they can.
  18. Baby-doomers .... sat on their capacious pensions having sucked the wealth out of the system for the last 50 years who expect their children and grandchildren to stay locked up forever just because it suits their end of the world mindset. There a fair number on here too.
  19. Generally the same St Rachel worshipers as seem to be on here too. I’m surprised there no statue to St Rachel been proposed for KM as yet.
  20. It’s the usual Kirk Michael, Ramsey and Port Erin pant wetting circle of covid ‘experts’. Very similar to a lot of the aggravated scaremongering doom-foretelling guff on here too.
  21. To be honest for that salary for that sort of role all they’re going to get is a right muppet anyway.
  22. I imagine he wears a bow tie. I have to say I listened to Josem on Manx Radio this evening and it seems that IOM politics very own Dr Poo has regenerated into some weird composite of Peter Karran and Rolf Harris this time around.
  23. A re-map and a DPF delete is the solution. Over lockdown I believe lower use of diesels has generated a lot of money for garages at around £350 to £400 for a DPF re-charge.
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