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  1. He won’t get back in anyway. He’s deader than Wee Jock McDead, winner of last years Mr Dead contest.
  2. As long as you get out in the first or second wave while all the others are pumping in liquidity in a rising market praying to get rich then you’re generally ok in any investment. It’s the ones that hang on after all logic has left on the basis that “One day we’ll all be millionaires Rodney” that supply the money that allows everyone else to exit at good value before the shit hits the fan.
  3. Not sure I could take a currency called cumrocket seriously as an investment! But if you got a nice new bike out of it fair enough. I probably need to have a go at this sort of thing.
  4. The disappointment amongst the social media doom mongers is palpable now. Low case numbers. Hardly anyone in hospital. All those Covid Cassandras and their predictions of total meltdown and a return to lockdown within a week are starting to look very silly. It seems to be annoying a fair few them quite a bit now that literal viral Armageddon as authoritatively predicted hasn’t actually happened yet.
  5. This sadly looks like a failed exercise to me. You could have put money on the agreed government solution being a diluted down half-assed job rather than the robust system that the steering group seemed to want. Some of the banks and big financial institutions have some really effective third party portals which are subject to independent oversight where all this sort of thing is dealt with through. Not long ago there was a £650,000 payout by a financial services company for trying to destroy a whistle blower who reported them to the FSA.
  6. I’d wager that at the time the assumption from Cabinet Offices own “Mr Lockdown” who basically shut down everything was that there would be no future use for Ronaldsway ever so it could be safely converted to a vaccination centre indefinitely.
  7. I have no real axe to grind other than picking you up on your propensity to talk utter cr@p. However you seem to be quite obsessional in your clamoring to justify your claims about hotels. So now everything is a staycation and not, by your definition, an actual holiday even if someone has driven 200 miles to stay at the opposite end of the country where they usually live. So by that yardstick nobody is having a holiday this year so you can stick by your original doom prophesy. Because by your yardstick even if they stay in a hotel after the 17th May it’s not a holiday it’s a staycation as they still live within 400 or 500 miles of the hotel they’ve chosen. America must be staycation capital of the world. Fly 1,000 miles from New York to Florida. It’s just a staycation not a holiday!
  8. No they’re fully booked with tourists. The way you seem to be shifting the debate is laughable now. People are driving from Cornwall to the Lakes for a vacation or visa versa. Those are not staycations they are proper holidays many miles away from home. Scotland has hordes of people coming across the border to stay. Those aren’t staycations either. Do you live your life with your head in a bucket of sand?
  9. They don’t. And it isn’t just caravan parks as I said. You seem to have focussed exclusively on the only facilities that are still subject to restrictions (hotels) as that suits your agenda when there are so many places in the UK that are open to stay at. I was talking to a friend on Friday who was on a campsite in the Lakes. Apparently it was rammed. Booked out for months. And all the surrounding pubs taking bookings for meals and drinks in their new outdoors areas across the bank holiday weekend.
  10. It was a fair drop looking at the pictures. If she snapped her jaws shut on impact I can’t imagine it ended well.
  11. AirBnB, lodge parks, resort complexes, static caravan sites, camp sites. All receiving massive bookings. You don’t really seem to have much of a grip on what the UK tourist sector is comprised of.
  12. You must be retired civil service if you can afford a grand a night for a hotel.
  13. I’m not so sure, Middle is quite posh now with all the new estates that have gone up. I’m not sure a man who looks like he lives in a hedge and who advocates decrimilisaion of cannabis is the natural candidate in such a middle class and agricultural sheading to be honest. Even Paul Crane was deemed a little bit too progressive with his forecasts last time.
  14. He’s a complete tit but his campaign is going to be funny to watch. I’m not sure Howard Quayle’s hardcore farming and methodist voters, or Shimmins finance sector crowd, will be lining up to vote for a self publicizing pothead.
  15. Who Rob Callister and Martyn Perkins?
  16. Because of course nobody has ever posted similar claims before? https://www.manxforums.com/forums/index.php?/search/&q=Serious incident&updated_after=any&sortby=relevancy&search_in=titles It actually seems to be a quite a common claim on this forum that people have heard rumours about serious incidents as yet unreported.
  17. Well I agree with you there. I was talking about the UK. But in the IOM covid presents the perfect opportunity to bulldoze such places under the guise of regeneration.
  18. I can click on your profile from your avatar and at my leisure read the trail of tripe you seem to leave in this thread. It’s not difficult. Although doing that does leave the reader with a sense of general bemusement. As I said you won’t be seeing £5 any day soon either such is the factual incorrectness of your above post. Very few people these days take their kids to a hotel in the UK for a holiday. It is a real 1995 thing. It’s older people who generally stay in hotels these days. Most people with families are using AirBnB or stay in nice lodges with activity things to do or stay at places like Centreparcs where kids can do stuff.
  19. Most of your comments above seem to scream how out of touch you are with most things to be fair. I can’t see you getting £5 anytime soon either as it’s yet another matter you are completely wrong about. People taking kids to hotels is so 1995.
  20. The part I feel most sorry for is Queens Prom from the Hydro back as there is no reason why that should still be such a mess as the tram lines are straight back to the Strathallan. It’s almost like they’re trying to get the business owners back for daring to complain last year. It’s two years and you’re still crossing a rickety temporary bridge to get a haircut or use a shop. It’s really a disgrace. After that it’s the Castlemona arcade which I’m amazed anyone can still trade from. Yet the heads of the DOI probably got paid right through lockdown while business owners must have been almost suicidal at the prospect of another year of this total disaster on top of being made to shut for lockdowns.
  21. If you’re in the older age group perhaps as that’s what people used to do in the 80s but by far the majority of people now opt for more experience based accomodation not operated by major hotel groups. Unless they’re looking for city breaks etc.
  22. The days of flea ridden accommodation are generally long gone. Most independent accommodation places are rated on places like AirBnB or TripAdvisor. So if they are poor standard people have already left poor reviews to warn you. Most people want experience based accommodation these days too. Maybe an overnight in a Premier Inn or Holiday Inn but really if you’re having a holiday outside of city breaks most people now won’t be doing it in a hotel as the market moved in about 10 years ago. There are some great lodge parks and leisure sites out there too.
  23. No offense but I honestly don’t care. I never followed the fear agenda in the first place and now I’m even less inclined or concerned about reading articles designed to keep people in constant fear of a virus with such a low death rate. It’s not even clear if the Indian variant is more deadly or whether the widespread poverty and corruption in India is the real catalyst for the current death rate. There are much healthier things to be focusing on instead of listening to repetitive internet doomsayers who seem to be focusing far to much on every negative piece of data they can scrape from Google to feed their morbid obsessions.
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