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  1. It is fear spreading. The one good thing though is that people like you only seem to be found in the internet these days. I don’t know anyone in my immediate social or work circle who fearfully jabbers on about covid and variants and the like anymore trying to scare people or obsess about infection numbers etc. Or in fact anyone who is really that bothered about anything other than getting the borders open and getting back to normal as soon as possible. I assume they must all still be indoors obsessing about covid on the Internet while we’re just cracking on with everything.
  2. The situation as described is not ironic but highly predictable and explainable for the reasons I clarified. I shall leave you to your general fear spreading about variants as I have no real interest in the ramblings of doomsayers especially in this instance as there is no real proof that the Indian version is a more dangerous variant as there are likely several reasons already discussed why a high number of people in India are currently being affected.
  3. There’s no irony. As the UK, Israel and the USA have shown the vaccines are being sold to the highest bidders who are prepared to give the pharmaceutical companies instant cash flow to ramp up production under fixed supply contracts for tens of millions of units. So while the EU and India flounder due to self inflicted supply problems others are buying up all the vaccine as the Indian pharmaceutical companies don’t really care that much about the 1.3 billion Indians who have bugger all money, or a government that is too corrupt and tight to match the prices being paid by the front of the queue countries who have secured supply as they realize that the vaccine is the only way out of this at almost all cost. And that’s when a lot of the stuff is actually manufactured in India. India will pull the hardship card soon no doubt and claim it’s a poor third world country and needs a share of the global supply chain it’s not actually prepared to pay the going rate for to keep its residents safe. Governments are literally playing politics with peoples lives.
  4. Lots worked it out fairly quickly though. A similar thing is happening with all this “variant” talk. Most sensible people are no longer scared about covid especially as they’ve been jabbed so now they’ve created the threat of super, super, covid that you should be scared about again as the vaccine might not work on it. Despite with things like the Indian variant it isn’t actually that clear whether the actual death rate is higher or whether other factors like widespread poverty and a crumbling and corrupt health care system is largely driving the death toll. But regardless the usual suspects are all out telling us that we should remain scared!
  5. They even had snappy logos made up as if the messaging wasn’t already clear enough around saving the NHS being the core message for lockdowns.
  6. Are deaths during a pandemic to be unexpected then? As sad as those deaths undoubtedly are if you recall in the dim and distant past it was said very clearly by government in the UK that lockdowns were solely about protecting the NHS, they were never implemented to ensure that nobody dies of COVID-19 ever. It’s only been mentioned about a million times in the press (including the Daily Mail) that this is the situation and yet its amazing how many people seem to deliberately forget this fact. Yes four people sadly died in a hospital which had significant spare capacity to deal with I’ll people who needed support due to, amongst other things, having COVID-19.
  7. SARS (a respiratory disease that is caught at close quarters) is very different to the transmission pattern of covid-19. Equally society in Asia functions very differently to Europe. They don’t cram their elderly into infection risk farms enmasse for a start. I’d love to see the UK figures with UK care home deaths stripped out of them. I’d also like to see what UK or European society would look like based on the Chinese model of we’re stopping you working. There’s no compensation. If you decide to top yourself that’s your choice. It won’t make the papers. You can work again when we decide you can work again. If you can’t pay your debts tough.
  8. I’m not sure it does. In Asia they don’t people farm the elderly. Few of the old and vulnerable are in ‘homes’ which are infection magnets. They’re living with family who assume the risks and take the risks to protect in an isolated environment. Equally they’re controlled economies. They don’t care if you lose your job or if you end up destitute or if you commit suicide. There’s no MERA in China. You’re just a lockdown casualty and as they control the media nobody will ever know. But by stopping you going out likely nobody will ever find out if you actually killed yourself or not. That example is ancient based on the SARS outbreak of 2003 it’s got nothing to do with what applies now.
  9. We locked down hard and fast too. Remember that? Border controls and over 50 people thrown in prison. Nobody did anything for months under threat of ending up in Jurby. Has it really made any difference to the outcome now which is - go about your business managing your own risks with 2 people in hospital.
  10. That’s time dated 2003. The political climate in places like China and Hong Kong or Singapore is much different now. Lockdowns have especially helped the floundering HK government suppress student protests in line with the line of travel China has set for transformation. I’m not sure that generally translates well to measures to be applied in London, Manchester or the IOM in 2021.
  11. And that they do a full audit on where the default solution of enforced lockdowns as the solution to everything actually came from. Seems to me the template was set in Asia where lockdowns as a public health solution also had all sorts of spin off benefits in terms of population control and suppressing dissent etc.
  12. A daily dose of Quirky on the radio should be the default punishment for these vandals. It would be like The Clockwork Orange, in that I doubt you’d see much re-offending if you chained them up and made them sit through his entire Mannin Line back Catalogue on a constant loop for a few days.
  13. Looks like that post was made on public settings on Facebook so if several billion people in the world can see it perhaps posting it on an open forum makes little difference really.
  14. That is basically the counter argument. Normally a lockdown is there to protect the medical infrastructure but I’d suggest that’s maybe largely a waste of time in India given its infrastructure. That’s why you have highly emotive videos of families taking their dead relatives to the undertakers on a moped circulating etc. As there aren’t ambulances or hearses for them anyway. They simply don’t exist like they would in the UK or Europe. Therefore I’m not sure whether the media tactics of spreading fear around this variant are valid. Lots of people are dying that’s true but is it the actual variant that’s seeing them off (ie, is it actually more deadly)? Or is it all largely down to a fairly appalling healthcare system and incredibly high levels of poverty and a lack of basic sanitation that are driving the death toll separate to the specific Indian variants alleged potency? If so as these conditions certainly won’t apply in the UK if it gets here who knows whether we have anything to fear from the specific Indian variant or not? I doubt people in Blackpool will ever be conveying their dead to the morgue on the back of a Honda C70 or be denied oxygen in ICU because someone “more important” needs it. Anyone who needs treatment will get treatment.
  15. How is it that you seem to be so thoroughly incapable of understanding other posters perspectives? It’s no real threat at this time. It’s creating media attention and throwing off a huge number of stats that many seem to be obsessing over but it’s not the Covid Armageddon it’s being painted as and it’s not a threat to me in the IOM to be honest. You sound rather the conspiracy theorist yourself to suggest that it is. India as a country that has incredibly high levels of poverty and a chaotic healthcare system. These sort of things were always going to happen during an outbreak as the infrastructure is simply not there. Rememder lockdowns were only ever about protecting the institutions providing medical care from being overrun. But if your healthcare system is already corrupt, chaotic, and basically can’t cope then these sort of things are going to happen regardless.
  16. Why would anyone think that? It seems an odd response to a perfectly clear statement. The outbreak in India does not threaten the whole planet neither does it threaten me an Isle of Man resident. To suggest that it does sounds a bit hysterical to be honest.
  17. It really doesn’t. I understand that some people are literally desperate for us all to be back in lockdown via any means possible (Indian variant, South African variant, or even the Foxdale variant) but this is largely an Indian problem that arises from the size of its population, the extent of its general levels of poverty and its chaotic healthcare system. Just stop flights from there as a precaution. That’s all that’s needed.
  18. Here’s the same story in the Independent. I’m not quite sure what a childish rant about the Daily Mail as a news source has to do with anything really. https://www.independent.co.uk/asia/india/india-covid-agra-oxygen-police-b1840195.html My point was this is less about some sort of covid Armageddon that will inevitably engulf us all (regardless of how much the covid scaremongers desperately want it to be a covid Armageddon that forces other places back into lockdowns) and more about the institutionally corrupt system that is in place over a population of 1.3 Billion people which also has very high levels of poverty, poor sanitation, and a chaotic healthcare system that struggles even at the best of times.
  19. You really won’t at all. Unless someone is trying to book their usual 5 days in Royston Vasey. Why would essential workers be clogging up hotels either that is literally just made up.
  20. I’m not sure that I need to avoid any terms to be honest. What in reality do you really know? I know quite a lot about operating and doing business with India and the general state of everyday corruption, chaos, and poverty within Indian cities which seems to be firmly exacerbating the death toll here. May I ask on what experience you are posting your view that I should avoid stating an opinion on things as I see them?
  21. The problem with the death toll in India is likely more due to institutionally corrupt things like this happening where resources are taken from the poor and the complete disarray in its failing healthcare system. Plus, of course, the widespread poverty and the generally insanitary conditions that prevail compared to the US or Asia or Europe. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9529923/Indian-woman-dies-Covid-two-hours-police-oxygen-cylinder-VIP.html
  22. Two people have in effect ‘retired’ early (one at only the age of 58) they have not stood down in any way as described.
  23. You can’t beat a milky coffee from the Caff the least posh coffee you can get.
  24. It is quite funny from an advocate I agree. But rather worrying when people are clearly absolutely losing it like that just from being locked down. Makes some of the spats and wild accusations on this forum fade into insignificant really. When IRL people are clearly going bonkers and smashing up neighbours doors with fire extinguishers etc.
  25. You need to buy a mans car. Not a mobile handbag. It will probably charge fine.
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