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  1. Omobono

    Laxey Beach

    sorry you wont see something as sensible as that happening in Douglas they have already committed to spend £1 million on a silly wall , mark my words they will have to do something soon regarding the build up of sand and shingle on Douglas beach , otherwise it will build up to such an extent it will eventually cover any retention wall
  2. don't worry the spares kits will cost millions and a certain favoured contractor has already ordered the massive cranes required to service them , Pulrose power station has at least 20 years left in it , and plenty of spares to be had from general electric for the engines
  3. and what about the poor buggers who have to live aboard , do they have fresh water or even hot water to wash or shower , seems a strange thing to be happening on board any ship , its a basic requirement !
  4. Just goes to show you can't always believe what you read in Isle of Man newspapers ,or their awards !
  5. more properties in Demesne road being demolished next week so the workmen have been telling people in the area , if government buy the remainder out james Caines Crosby cain and Kennish scout hall all the former houses on Westmoreland road that were formerly DHSS the bye up cost will be in the neck end of £6 million before they have finished , so much for a tired brown field site , the significant cost of development on this site just does not stack up !
  6. in the mean time who is policing our fish stocks and making sure the fishery regulations are being enforced ?
  7. only shooting incidents here I have heard about locally have unfortunatly been suicides overall the shooting community are really well behaved and its very difficult to obtain a gun license , or firearm certificate
  8. many boats fishing for scallops and probably queenies off Peel and several Northern Irish registered boats , landing them in Peel this last week , has anyone seen the fishery protection boat the Barrule or a rib out checking on quota sizes or time spend on the grounds fishing ? just seems like the usual pre Christmas fishing bonanza ,
  9. I hope all these vehicles and boats they have been seizing will either be sold as proceedes of crime or crushed , time these dealers were taught some lessons , after all some are receiving pretty lenient sentences by the courts they need to be taught crime does not pay ,even in the Isle of man
  10. I would rather give way to the person on my right , than take the chance they are going to give way to me , its about experience and survival ! plus the face some drivers are doing well in excess os 30 miles per hour and oblivious to other motorists , Caution is the key word ,not who dares wins , Haydn Minays back lot on Church road Onchan lot are full of those ,
  11. how they expect the victory cafe to make a living up there is anyones guess close the road at the drop of a hat
  12. Time they were issuing a statement regarding the damage caused to the Ben , and the circumstances that caused the incident , as it is likely to become the subject or an MCA investigation or enquiry ,people are talking about it in Belfast
  13. problem is he thinks he is above speaking to people directly he could have had Crogga officials in and spoken to them ,regarding their project , but no thats not how he works , typical of someone who has never delivered anything only bullshit now he is digging a hole for himself
  14. Omobono

    Ton up Club

    the police should regularly walk around the carparks in daylight checking for defective vehicles or better still bring back the traffic police section who can be equiped to deal with vehicle related matters and understand construction and use regulations I see the police have been trying to control the nutters racing on the battery pier again and those who have mapped their vehicles to cause loud bangs every time they change gear the noise is deafening especially in the early hours of the morning , speed is surly responsible for a significant number of accidents on the `islands roads and the police should be more proactive in calming down the boy racers
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