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  1. and now we have the latest fiasco 20 weeks to re do a pelican crossing in Victoria street that really has very little wrong with it , but no its got to be raised like , the the crossing in Lord street and while this is happening whole street and businesses inconvenienced , while the rest of the urgent road repairs around the Island continue to get even worse , time for a Major review down at DOI and the money they continually waste
  2. Good to see all these government departments working together , coach business has been building nicely , so why is the promenade and Quayside in Peel being dug up and closed until may 2023 for a vanity project? it must be effecting business in Peel and other places , but we must be seen to be wasting money on something !
  3. the last place I remember like that was a pub on the TT course , black tar walls no porcelain !
  4. I see the storms have ripped to shreds the corporations Celtic style decorative hangings that were suspended from the street lights on the prom , they must have ratepayers money to burn these boys , and its not as if no one know the gale was approaching and time to either make them secure or take them down for the winter , I wonder how much almost 2 miles or decorative panel on each street light cost ? and how long they will be left in tatters ,
  5. I didn't realise until pinhead kelly passed away he was a highly decorated lancaster bomber crewman , so was ken Corkill DFC who taught science , the teachers never spoke much about the war , rather looking forward to better times and hoping our generation wouldn't have to see and do what they had to do ,
  6. its not so long ago a fisherman in Peel made an error in an entry in his boats log , no fish taken or damage to stocks or the environment , he had to pay a similar fine , penalties in the fishing world are severe and they need to be , what I find strange in this case in the South is the fisherman has not even bothered to mount an appeal to the courts for a reduce sentence , only run to his MHK looking for sympathy , its the old saying If you cant do the time (fine) then don't do the crime ,
  7. who in their right mind will want to get involved with the horse trams DOI has screwed everything up , no certainty if the track will ever run the full length of the promenade again , or future Tynwald funding and now subject to off Island railways inspection and regulation , huge vets bills and food to be found for the horses in the winter I think Chris Thomas has a cheek to even suggest this as an option , his own department is an utter disaster as a Douglas MHK I think he is a bloody disgrace !
  8. Omobono

    Christmas 2022

    Should have gone to Tesco the Christmas choc's and selection box, Quaiity street etc are much cheaper than anywhere else at the moment
  9. walked into Boots this week and received an instant flue jab , at no cost , and today both wife and I received our covid boosters in Chester St at 11-oo even though there is 4 years difference in our ages , only had 5 minutes to wait and fill in consent forms , nurse said where they can identify two people ( mans and Wife } partner ) in same household they will send out appointments for the same day and time , It looks to me if those running the vaccinations are working smarter and more efficiently , and the staff are brilliant, friendly, and welcoming ! and out of the way of clipboards and managers ! we usually confront at Nobles
  10. I know someone who has had 5 different appointments cancelled in recent weeks ,the last one following a telephone call on the day of the appointment , Just what is going on in our health service ,
  11. I have witnessed several drivers clipping the curb on the inside lane down there , you can see the rubber marks , the whole thing is poorly designed and at night the lighting is very poor , never mind in a couple of months it will be covered in sand and debris from the beach and those silly traffic lights that don't look to be weatherproof , will soon start to corrode when the salt and sand gets to them , ,an expensive over engineered disaster !
  12. if you look at whats happening on Douglas beach , since the groynes have been removed great sections of sand and shingle about 100 yards down the beach have been scoured by the tides which run north south and south north when the tide turns , at times of big tides the scour can move as fast as 8 MPH The groynes actually prevented this scouring effect , but what also is happening is the sand and shingle are being deposited along the Harris prom and areas up to the palace hotel , some years ago Murtaghs used a large bulldozer to take large amounts of sand and gravel back down the beach back to the areas where the scouring took place , this worked and we had several years with very little storm deposits washed up onto the roadway also in the winter the seaweed was always left weil down the beach to form a natural break for incoming waves and also be benificial to the bird and aquatic life , this gets removed now leaving the beach to form a natural ramp for the waves to wash everything right up onto the promenade and roadway , I cant wait for the first real easterly gale to see how inadequet and poorly designed the drains are and how they will cope , the prom is a disaster in design and shoddy workmanship , the DOI will never be away from it !
  13. usual Bullshit baffles brains !
  14. and lots of former employees who have worked themselves into senior places in government , I was in the Sefton this week and its a tired scruffy disgrace , the Palace is even worse , , you have to ask yourself just what did they actually do with the significant amount of money they received ,from the government , perhaps Mr Squeekers value for money committee should be having a closer look , ?
  15. Had friends living in Foxdale 25 years ago house checked but practically no readings apparently Cornwall is bad for radon due to makeup of stone deposits it was when Stoney Mountain was opening up as a full blown granite quarry , when they looks for crossbills , and the presence of the Manx Robber fly , but only discovered the 2 legged version , so the quarry went ahead
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