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  1. Funny some people feel the same way about Gawne , he is working himself into manx radio ,another legend in his own lifetime with a host of Skeletons in his political closet ,don't hear much of the Son of Gawne or has he worked himself into a job with the BBC ? Time we had some real investigative presenters up there and some decent political programmes back on air again
  2. it will be impossible to give an exact date for the completion of the promenade works , there is a defects period yet ,and in my opinion much of the work allegedly completed is substandard and should be required to be done again there is also damage to private properties that needs to be addressed , I don't know who came up with a design for the points on the horse tram rails ,but that, and the installation of the track looks like its also going to cause a significant delay , Add the possibility of contractual disputes ,and areas that might very well go to arbitration , we will be lucky if we see the prom taking shape before the springtime , in fairness to Crookall he has taken on a job most people would run a mile from ,and with the added possibility of a public enquiry into the cost and delivery of the whole promenade scheme , please give the Lad a chance !
  3. Omobono

    Fancy a pint?

    I am just glad I get the chance to go away occasionally and enjoy a meal in Harvester or Witherspoons where you can still get a starter , and a main plus a pint of beer for less than £12, and the food in excellent and very well presented ,
  4. Omobono

    Fancy a pint?

    You are lucky then , the last time I was in a H and B pub thad did meals they had run out of Draught beer , now thats a sackable offence anywhere ,in Ireland you would be shot !
  5. Omobono

    Fancy a pint?

    I took a friend to eat in the Creek in Peel last week not only was the food fantastic ,and really good value for money ,he couldn't get over the choice on the menu , we had to go early ,for even in October it gets quite full , you cant have a better recommendation than that , I have also eaten in the Marine in Peel recently also excellent value for money ,
  6. Rob sadly is become a political liability ,and probably no one wants to work with him , you can not possibly conduct sensitive government business on social media , many think he is a Tosser !, all this unfortunately is very much of his own making ,even in politics there are unwritten rules and standards to maintain which he seems to ignore
  7. Omobono

    Legco 2021

    So where did he go wrong then ? because none of these election promises have ever been debated ,never mind achieved failure on all three accounts , and his claim to fame was he orchestrated the closure of most of the Isle of Man bank rural branches ,
  8. there used to be one in the Palace hotel and casino its yonks since I have been in there can somebody tell me if its still there , ?
  9. Omobono

    Legco 2021

    I thought he had stood down so he could spend more time with his family , had he stood in Middle and been successful , he could have sought election or elevation to leg co in 2 years time , I didn't think he was a supporter of Leg co anyway ,and wanted it done away with
  10. I hope in this lady ,we are not seeing another version of Rob , where every decision taken in Tynwald is tried to be justified on social media , We elect people to the House of Keys to listen to the evidence and make decisions on our behalf , we don't need a running commentary to try to justify the decision , neither do we need to know what they had for breakfast or require a daily blog , its a turnoff for most constituents ,so please learn from Robs mistakes ,
  11. hundreds of thousands spent at the Airport and Chester street where with a little thought many public buildings and church and commissioners halls could have been turned into vaccination hubs , it would also be good to see the overtime bill for track and trace especially now as we have more active cases than we ever had at the height of the pandemic question was all this really a priority
  12. I see Rob has been bleating to Manx radio about turning down the post office job , he really is a drama queen ,I don't know who he thinks he is, his previous performance in government DOI and Motorsport DFE leave a lot to to be desired , he doesn't seem to have the attention span of a Gnat ,and shows poor judgement , the only way for him to get out of this mess is to take a job and show 100% commitment , prove he is worthy of the office and to represent the people of Onchan ,who invariably are the ones loosing out ,
  13. Chris Thomas's popularity is on the incline , he will have to produce the goods in his new role or face the wrath of the electorate ,people are seeing through him ,we don't want an Oxford debate every time an issue requires to be progressed , housing is already at crisis point ,and the islands first time buyers ,and all those involved in trying to clamber up the greasy pole of property purchase and fair rental urgently require a solution ,
  14. whatever you think ,they were elected to form the government and have RESPONSIBILITY for the good governance and well being of the Isle of man , lets give them a chance !,
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