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  1. why couldn't they have used the TT marshals tetra radios lying there doing nothing ! ,instead of purchasing , there were a lot of them and not being used , money looks like it just went to keep the steam up on the gravy train , I hope the public accounts committee gives this matter full scrutiny , and staff should have been rostered just to meet the boats ,and off during part of the day
  2. the app parking in the UK comes in for a hammering in the daily mail with thousands of people who are not IT literate and elderly disenfranchised , and now Esther Rantzon is also having a go , it seems foolish to put all your eggs in one basket ,and not have alternate means of making a payment other than by an APP , I am just waiting for Manx net to go down one morning and wait for the total Chaos at the airport , and for Tim Glovers benefit , how can it be the cheapest option , when you have to employ people to go around the carparks to physically log registrations into a system ,and also have a person on a desk in the airport taking money or swiping payment cards , its the politics of the madhouse !
  3. if you think somewhere to stay is hard to find ,wait until someone is looking for transport like a hire car for instance , there like rocking horse manure to find , and even fully booked for most of the summer and impossible to obtain for the Manx grand prix period , you would have thought someone in Enterprise would have been co ordinating all this and working with the tourism sector and garages to make sure proper facilities were in place , I can see a lot of unhappy visitors after the much hyped TT experience
  4. is that right ,? someone said the world famous TT live coverage wont be ready for the TT , I thought I saw someone from Manx radio in B and Q looking to but half a dozen garden sheds for use as commentary points . after all the dick waving by government if this is correct then heads should certainly roll , anyone else heard anything ?
  5. its not a made up job , just watch them shoehorn him into Greenhow's old chief secretary job , and without it being advertised
  6. was Stuart in the Chief Ministers office and our man in the EU for a while , if it was him then he has his head screwed on , and has a lot of respect , ! a wise choice
  7. there was a very good story on radio 4 this morning with Esther Rantzen highlighting problems the elderly and those with some arthritic conditions are having with parking apps , some people have been avoiding going out as they cant either use the app system or their phones are not up to date enough and they only use them to phone or text , I just hope our government are not hell bent on introducing this system right across the government owned car parks , there has to be a system when you have the option to make debit or credit card payments ,and have regard for some of the population who are not IT literate ,
  8. if anything the law should be tighter on drugs or at least enforced , the Island seems to be awash with drugs at present ,and sadly the police are only appearing to be scratching the surface . cant blame them if the courts and magistrates appear to be taking a softer line or are finances so bad we cant afford to send those involved in drug dealing to jail anymore ,
  9. Don't have a problem if we supplement our electricity supply with some wind powered generators , but when the wind doesn't blow or we have too much wind and the blades are feathered you need something more sustainable , the correct mix for the Island is something the experts are working up now ,and in fairness it should include another inter connector cable to the UK , forget wave and tidal for the moment both very expensive and high maintenance , as greener energy options are further developed there will be plenty of opportunities to revisit our energy policy ,especially when Ukraine , world fuel costs and the massive cost of dealing with Covid are starting to be resolved and when we can actually be in a better position to afford to do something , and what might be the cost the taxpayer
  10. as long as the crayonistas in the sea terminal don't try to brow beat him and starve the airport of resources , he has an uphill battle on his hands ,and he is inheriting a crock of sh1t, run down, tired ,inefficient , and first job sort the bloody car park out and ditch the silly app which I hear they are looking to introduce it right across all the government carparks if they get away with it at the airport , people of the isle of man time to rise up !
  11. thats fine for him and he is entitled to an opinion to but he doesn't have the responsibility for the Islands electricity supply or carry the can when the lights go out , we require a number of strings to our bow , and energy security is of the uppermost importance , and I cant understand MHK's like Daffy seemingly allowed to go off and undermine government policy ,and develop her own so called green agenda ,
  12. so bring in another 10,000 where do they live ? where do you plan to find all the additional hospital beds , doctors .dentists , schools .old peoples homes and support services , traffic , all this crap about growing the population will create more problems than it will solve , yes more tourists , fill the hotels or whats left of them and the cafe's spend in the local community take their money give them a good time , and bid them a fond farewell , that how it used to work when we had an Island that isn't run down tired and falling to pieces and a decent quality of life for those of us who live here
  13. most European cities I have frequented ,wash the main shopping area and associated streets every morning , the area under the Villa and in front of the cafe is filthy some of the gulley suckers and street cleaning machines are fitted with sprays and jet washers , but you never see them being used in anger , I guess this is down to poor man management , it will take the Corpy all its time to empty the litter bins over the next few weeks , and where I am going to put the new recycling bin and the one for green waste ,that I don't even have a garden for I don't know , more unwanted expense and add this to being granted City status the rates are only going to go one way UP !
  14. the plan was to build behind the wall top of Summerhill glen and come out near the front entrance to government house there would be no line of sight to riders to worry about , and well out of the way of governors exit big problem with the prom is the silly temporary traffic lights , they want to leave it to the motorist to sort themselves out which they will do and take turns over who has right of way in fact turn all the lights off and you fill find the traffic moves a whole lot better
  15. that would actually make sense and take all the north and southbound traffic away from the quarter bridge , and at the same time provide a new TT access ,inside the course but when this plan was mooted back in the early 1990's the houses on the lower part of Johnie Wattersons lane were not yet built and the hill does require to be widened to take the additional heavy traffic which is becoming a problem now , just think that plan is over 30 years old ,
  16. all we need now is a ludicrously ambitious minister to undertake this most important position as the mover and shaker of the Manx economy my guess it will go to a lady !
  17. You cant believe anything this guy says , he has had 3 different major ministerial jobs in government in the last few years and not delivered on any of them ,
  18. there were plans to put a slip road in there at the top of summer hill glen to ease the traffic , as far back as Bruce Hannay's day but like lots of DOI projects not evolutional or sexy enough, one thing for certain if they ever get the horse trams to run again ,the promenade will be in total gridlock and nothing will get past the esplanade and the tram traffic lights there is just no room to pass ! I recon the Crayonista' s got the road width measurement wrong ,and to 20 mph doesn't help either , were in a bloody mess down there cant wait to see how they cope with the TT traffic !
  19. perhaps some of the City fathers should get a copy of the weeds act and see exactly what they could be liable for , if they are not cut down or removed before a certain date ,
  20. problem we are having is there are so many different crossings and signs .people are getting confused , wait until next week when a visitor travelling down broadway to the promenade see's the green light on the pelican crossing and thinks he has the right of way ,while someone going north on the roundel thinks they have the right of way , there are 3 different types of crossing on the promenade, they should have got rid of the very expensive and high maintenance pelican lights crossings , and made them all traditional pedestrian crossings with zig zags at least the motorist would have half a chance at stopping and had proper notice that a crossing was coming up , because of the markings on the road , Crayonistas in the DOI got to be seen to make things complicated and expensive
  21. there is a speed restriction on that road mainly for the civc amenity site , but the crossing was an accident waiting to happen , when it was first established the painted surface was so slippy in the damp that you slid over it ,I witnessed someone almost coming to grief on a motorcycle when his front wheel went out from underneath him while braking , the DOI put blow torches on it and a sand like substance to improve grip , but the invitation to drive across the road was still there for any unsuspecting cyclist and gates should have been fitted from the outset , with a warning sign main road ahead ! a very sad time for the family , I knew the boy ,and still think the whole sad incident was preventable ,
  22. you would have thought the contractors or even the DOI would have had a small bogie with wheels set to the 3 ft gauge ,that they could move along by hand and test the gauge as the work progressed , , there is a bogie in the tram shed ,with a spike that they used to use for clearing out the channel in the rail after the winters storm deposits , not rocket science all done before on a regular basis for almost 130 years ,
  23. I just tried to log into the parking App and guess what my apple iphone 6 if not up to date enough! to use it where is the logic in all this ,why cant we have a touch pay or debit card system in conjunction with this ,and I am not going to buy another phone .
  24. so as usual , regard to any comment from the public is, we know best , no user friendly solution , just because some civil servant here wishes to abrogate their responsibility to operating the car park to some payments company in the UK , time someone was sorting this lot out !
  25. all the stationary and signage will be changed and we must have a new logo , they cant manage a weekly bin collection but the city fathers will be wasting lots of ratepayers money on nice to haves , time they were lumped in with an eastern district local authority and we stopped all this waste and dick waving
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