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  1. most of this was a demand from a former chief minister  that the vessel  sails as normal during the pandemic , in some cases a sailing I was on only had 5  other  passengers ,  and a sailing every other day would have been  sufficient , this is what happens when government  sticks its greasy fingers into what was probably one of the best  run and most profitable  operations in the Isle of Man 

    Liverpool terminal  is a similar  example , another  extortionate  cost we will all have to bear because of some tin pot politicians  vanity  ,and out of touch with the real world 

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  2. there is a huge gravel bank that has been built up   just below what was Manx marine , if the river had been designed  to run in a spill way against the south side of the harbour All the silt would have been washed out to sea   and would not finish up in the marina  and the marina could have been toped up by the tide  , Very poor design  with a mega expensive dredging and maintenance cost , I wonder what  happened to the suction dredger and half a mile of reinforced  heavy duty rubber pipe the department purchased as the ultimate solution , another expensive failure  No doubt we will be spending millions bringing over a specialist dredging company  soon , 

    someone needs to ask what the income from the yachts  and boats bring , and how much it costs to maintain ,  another financial disaster  you can bet , but lessons have been learned   but have they ?

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  3. Stu before you go any further ,take a look at the Eastern  Sector  plan , that will be used by  a planning inspector  when this application goes to appeal ,  this plan was only approved recently by Tynwald  and states the numbers of dwellings  on this site  should be less than 40 , never mind what delusional numbers   the quasi government development agency  might say , and if the council of ministers call this application in  for determination  in the so called national interest  and ride roughshod over the eastern sector plan , just wait for the petitions of doleance  to start coming , if the scheme is railroaded, 

  4. the gantry approach lights  in Santon bay   helped in poor weather  , but  for some reason something that was effective not hight tech  , and worked  for years  was discontinued  following the millions spent on the new runway zones , if you look what government have frittered away  on the airport  in the last few years   and getting rid of workers   who had some pride and   understanding  about the  the place    ,with the proper effective  management  we could have had a fantastic facility , instead its a basket case !

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  5. sadly the report has been put together largely   with the input of failed management and politicians , who now appear to want to wash their hands of everything , and like some other recently hived off areas , put it in a position where any questions  are automatically deemed commercially  confidential , 

    our airport is a vital link  and it should not  be  beyond the wit of man to run it in a cost effective and efficient manner , 

    the council if ministers  and chief officers group    should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this to happen 

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  6. the price of the scaffolding on the Nurses home must be astronomical  its been up almost  7 months now and practically not been  used yet ,   its hardly  a business like project  must be plenty of extras being earned for the Mates  ,   this job should never have been started while the rest of the building industry  is so overheated , it will never be value for money , but never mind its only the good old taxpayers being  for a ride ,  

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  7. 5 hours ago, Moghrey Mie said:

    Closing down branches and bringing in machinery?

    Maybe we should reserve a place for Chatbot MLC.

    he was not from LLoyds   , it was RBSI  and everyone who knew him  was aware of what he was like , chose not to stand for re election to the keys if my memory is correct , ,

  8. Tynwald has  certainly missed an opportunity  to bring in someone with some international banking and financial background  , we  already have enough box tickers  , equality and human rights  experts ,  the isle of Man  is currently on a slippery slope and someone in there  needs to be  watching the finances and this ever increasing government payroll   that also brings a massive pension  obligation   , 

    my friends in Jersey cant believe what  our island has become ,and they are busy stealing our core business  from under our noses ,  hope Tynwald wakes up soon  before its all gone !  , 

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  9. Sadly its become a complete waste of time  notices everywhere about what you can and cant leave  the once well used recycling shed is  often empty  and most people don't want the hassle from the men in the yard  who keep moving  people on   so everything gets dumped , and the facility no longer meets  its purpose  of providing a recycling facility ,

    Douglas is not alone, the southern facility  is run the same way , and lots of good items  that could be reused are dumped , and some of the staff are so unhelpful , while the western site is excellent and they encourage  re use and recycling as does Ramsey ,  time all these sites were run to the same criteria after all the Tax and ratepayers  are stumping up enough to provide this service 

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  10. I see Braddan commissioners  have appointed  a private company to collect their recycling , I  wonder where this leaves the waste and recycling budget for Douglas corporation , who I understand prior to this announcement collected the recycling materials on behalf of Braddan , can we have an answer from someone  in the know please , and are the staff and vehicles  now going to stand idle  somewhere for a few days a week ?

  11. I suppose the thought behind it is to get  people out of bed  washed ,shaved and into a  situation where they are in a position to take a job , and turn up  to see whats available ,  but one of the issues  I can't understand   is why the hostel is situated in the middle of town  with pubs ,off licenses   , supermarkets , drug dealers  all on the doorstep  surly it would be better to have it out of town  centre somewhere ,where there is much less temptation   to go back to the drugs or alcohol , and some work packages  even in the community could be found for those  recently released from Gaol , and try to give them a sense of belonging to a community again and earning  their keep and   gaining some respect ,  the High Bailiff  was correct  the system is not working  , there is a problem and it urgently requires fixing 

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  12. Looks like its waiting to have all the  important and salient  points    felt tipped out so the great unwashed cant read them , this place seems to be getting more secretive by the day ,and it appears most of the politicians don't know whats happening in their own back yard either , 

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  13. CallmeCurious you make some excellent points and I don't know why  you were not called to advise the MEA  about their finances ,  you make more sense than the company brought in from the UK  at a cost of £130k    to tell them that that were loosing   £1 million a week , 

    but nothing about cutting their cloth accordingly  and stop wasting money on vanity items , particularly  during this very difficult period  that the Island and its economy is having to struggle through , but there seems to be no stopping the gravy train !

  14. I thought we were short of money ?   and given all the additional cost of running the TT this year   I was surprised to hear we are having the Red Arrows  back and also  the fireworks display , given these straightened times ,I would have thought taxpayers money could be spent in more meaningful   ways , 

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  15. something is radically wrong when we bring in a firm from the UK to look at the accounts of the MUA  at a cost of £135K only to tell us they have been loosing £ 1 million a week for at least  the last year , makes you wonder what we have been paying the financial team in the MUA  to do, 

    what a dreadful state of affairs have they left this island in , and when is someone in authority  in government going to step up and say  we cant possibly continue   spend our way out of trouble ,by raiding reserves and this idiotic nonsense of  growing the population no matter whet the cost or outcome , 

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  16. its a pity this work that was recognised before the covid pandemic  couldn't have been done during lockdown ,especially when they allowed other highway related works to be carried out ,

    its all about making best use of your assets , 

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  17. I sincerely hope they are also going to replace all the broken paving slabs and relay some of the ones that have settled ,no point in doing half a job , might as well do it properly and it will last several years ,

  18. what was wrong with the car owner emailing the information desk at the airport  after a few months  and letting them know  they were eventually coming back to retrieve the car and paying the outstanding parking charges ,

    there are vehicles abandoned in all sorts of places   and I do know the department will have tried to contact the registered owner ,    some time ago there were several cars abandoned on the promenade , owners gone back to eastern Europe for good , couldn't be bothered to let the DOI know ,and tied people up for ages  trying to trace them ,  DOI are no angels but the system works both ways !

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  19. 7 minutes ago, Holte End said:

    Why do you keep quoting the  private sector, ffs he doesn't work in the private sector. In the private sector the C.M. couldn't have sacked Rob or sack any other Minister without justification. Rob has a chance to refute the finding and all the allegations, when it go to Tynwald. You never know Tynwald may vote not to accept the report.

    Thats why I cant understand Rob's ranting , the report has not been debated in Tynwald yet ,  does he expect the voters of Onchan  to storm  Tynwald buildings protesting Rob is innocent ?,  running to social media has been a significant factor in Robs downfall , there are much more important issues facing the isle of man at present , time to grow up, or get out or politics altogether 

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  20. 44 minutes ago, finlo said:

    I saw what you did there!


    44 minutes ago, finlo said:

    I saw what you did there!

    she must have an appetite for something , hardly  a stick insect ! problem with that department is they have no practical people anymore , farmers require support  and good  sound agricultural advice  regarding new markets and consolidating the ones they already have ,  sadly this is another all things to all people department   trying to satisfy the eco and green lobby  and at the same time responsible for agricultural production and fishing  as well as shelling out money to a lot of  hobby businesses  who come and go at an alarming rate ,  and there is no one left who understands the forestry business  but we never find out how much it costs the taxpayer , 

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  21. listened to Stu with interest , and his input into the recent Tynwald budget debate , took a whole minute  !    its time someone with some business acumen was  chairing these statutory  boards , and not just jobs for the boys  for  some additional income and crumbs off the table , every statutory  board  is starting to look like a basket case , 

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  22. unfortunately  protocol does not allow him to step in  ,and it would be seen as a constitutional crisis  if he did , 

    We are currently in a mess and raiding the reserves and NI fund  to balance the books  is not good government , and yet our political masters seem oblivious the the problems facing us ,  and the gravy train keeps rolling along  with complete disregard to all those struggling to live on the Isle of man , and increasing the population will only exacerbate  the problem and cost us even more money we currently don't have 

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  23. don't you know the city of Douglas is booming ,  buildings going up all over the place ,  but seriously  the retail centre is struggling because  of the lack of parking , so many lost spaces  following the disaster  created by the  promenade refurbishment , I would rather see parked cars and people shopping than weeds  growing and litter on the lost spaces   that are now part of the prom , just go and look how busy cycle 360   the Rileys garden centre  cafe  and Kirby nurseries cafe are , and the answer is quite simple parking and ease of access , who would want to come to Douglas when its so convenient to go elsewhere 

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  24. 1 hour ago, 0bserver said:

    That was the optimal solution for the horse trams. Bonfire on Douglas Beach. Would have saved ~£8m.

    Same for the Peggy. 


    Plenty of other junk in the MNH warehouse that should be chucked on  a bonfire too.

    if you walk down the lane towards the reservoir keepers house at the Clypse reservoir there is a beautiful  horse drawn trap or governors cart   just rotting away in the horse tram field near the stables , its been lying there for at least 3 years  , such a shame  as it would at one time been part of our equine and agricultural heritage , disgrace really ! typical of governments approach to our heritage 

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