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    Firm closing

    big loss to the farmers who have been growing milling wheat suitable for bread baking ,and other cereals ,might just as well close Laxey mills as well, unless someone is very clever in the Agriculture department ,and they can move quickly to encourage the growers in the North to produce something that can be used for breakfast cereals or feed for horses and other animals , the lot will go into meltdown Our desire to be self sufficient in cereal and bread production is dying as we speak a Manx tradition gone forever !
  2. obviously none of their parcels went missing ! , but in fairness the boys in blue are usually pretty keen to take a scalp and a lot of these parcels will be for elderly and vulnerable people does anyone know if suspects were lifted ?
  3. Let's have a public execution outside the cultural quarter pity Sir Norman is still missing he could have been a witness or has he been sold as scrap? the whole thing had been a joke from start to finish , and where are the MYPROM team in all this , I hear they have been disbanded , to its every person for themselves again
  4. interesting no questions regarding hospital waiting lists or do you have a GP or dentist , or are you struggling to make ends meet or pay your bills it looks like one of those nice question exercises the civil service love the results can be filed away for the next 10 years then make a comparison and tell us how well the Island is doing
  5. question is who sat down with Dandara and agreed the design brief , for Peel road apartments and what else didn't the council think they had signed up to , lets start to unravel the great mystery some of us are thinking was a deal for the old Lord St flats included ? who knows too many deals seem to be done without public debate both at Council and Government level , after all its our money they are spending and in some cases putting a huge financial burden around our necks for generations to come ,
  6. well thats a step in the right direction for a change , but didn't see or hear it advertised as such anywhere not even on the nations mouthpiece MR
  7. He did the same bellyaching about all the greedy landlords , and now it seems there is a housing crisis looming with an apparent shortage of public and private sector accommodation ,many decent landlords have decided to call it a day . don't want the hassle from Government and every other tin pot agency under the sun telling them who they must rent their property to . and gobby councillors demanding more rights given to totally unsuitable tenants , who don't pay, ,destroy the the property commit criminal activities , the do a runner or go to jail, leaving a right mess for the owner to sort out , but he needs to be called out regarding his thus far unsubstantiated claims that DOI pulled the rug on fitting solar panels to the new Peel road apartments ,Time for someone to ask a question in Tynwald ?
  8. so as a good old fashioned compromise how difficult would it to have had parking on the promenade walkway opened up for the weekend and suspend the parking on the highway , or is this too much for the DOI intelligentsia and the corpy to agree to or is no one who is responsible for these areas give a toss about the motorists , shoppers and the viability of the shopkeepers anymore , and that goes for Amadeus as well thats why we elected you to keep an eye on the situation and look after the ratepayers interests
  9. then state of some government owned properties is a disgrace ,crying out for some care , you only have to look at the railings rusting away at the rear of the Tynwald buildings ,and the state of the frontage of government buildings , the windows are filthy paint work all flaked off , broken paving stones o the footpath .and this is our shop window , but isn't all this government property , the schools , local authority housing , all supposed to be maintained by the properties division of the DOI , who don't exactly have a great track record in doing anything properly , Problem as I see it the whole department has become a huge out of control monster ,far too large and remote from their responsibilities for the upkeep and maintaining of the properties in their charge , Add this to the fact that most tradesmen don't need the hassle from DOI management ,who quite clearly don't know what they are doing and many have left the workforce , leaving the DOI at the mercy of the private sector ,who now see the disgraceful situation government has allowed to develop , and are literally paying through the nose for outside contractors ,particularly at a time when the construction costs have gone through the roof , , I am afraid its time government took the bull by the horns and broke up this monster into easily managed and understood sections , give Education back its responsibility for schools , and let the housing division have its own dedicated workforce ,, then we might see some improvement in the system
  10. Omobono

    TT 2022 ??

    if thats the case why are your bye law officers and the police doing something about it , after all someone in council spent a fortune on CCTV which was also to prevent dog fouling and litter , no public toilets then no case to answer , the town is disgrace , lets get some civic pride back again ! start behaving like a responsible local authority ,
  11. Omobono

    TT 2022 ??

    the main reason for this is the council no longer have a policy to provide free toilets ,even next to the toddlers play area on the promenade. children and tots are expected to pay , so whats happened to local authority services , sacrificed for gas powered vehicles they cant use , its a disgrace !
  12. And as Peoples prince and chair of the whole energy generating organisation he appears not to understand the complexity of the situation ,talk's in riddles ,and as usual promotes the philosophy of Jam Tomorrow , there is definitely a head of steam building up under this issue , great pity is we cant generate any electricity from it or from the Hot air that Rob appears to generate ,
  13. Omobono

    TT 2022 ??

    and not to mention the level of juvenile pregnancies, increase in drug , substance, and alcohol abuse combined with people pissing in the shelters and at the top of the promenade steps litter everywhere to name but a few
  14. it isn't another case similar to the one last year where the Covid test kits were involved ? , does any one know what happened there or is it yet to come before the courts , seems an all too familiar ring to all these parcels going missing and non delivery , I understand some companies will not deliver to the Isle of man anymore so it urgently requires sorting out ,and those involved with the case having their just deserts in court or the Jurby Hilton . just gets the Island a bad name !
  15. And there were more then a few local politicians regular participants at the Manx Gas corporate hospitality tent enjoying the special privelage afforded to those with connections to the OFT and the regulator , funny that ! who would have guessed
  16. best value for money bread is in Tesco multi seed at £1.05 it used to be 85 pence a few months ago but it is still very good bread and excellent quality in sandwiches or as toast , similar product in Shoprite is 70 pence more expensive in these times of higher prices we have to shop around but sadly the person who compiles prices in the government basket of food figures , seems to be completely out of touch with reality , perhaps thats why they have been relegated to an office in St Johns where there isn't even a local shop anymore
  17. He was an excellent Governor , very well connected and worldly wise , its a pity our former Chief minister thought he knew more about international affairs and how to conduct himself then anybody else , Governors are there to provide help and to give advice , his replacement Sir John is settling in very well and will be a useful friend and ally in the difficult years that face us if were ever going to get this Island anywhere near to getting back to normal again .
  18. You might call it snagging but some people call it extremely poor design and even poorer quality of workmanship and materials , the workforce will never be away from the totally unsuitable surface water drainage system with ducts that fill with stones and sand , ,the constantly moving tram tracks installed with out any expansion joints , and the carriageway narrowed to such an extent in some places that will result in traffic deadlock , add that to the highly dangerous non legal pedestrian crossing points and the stone pillars that easily could hide a child trying to cross the road at the accident waiting to happen maize that bottom of broadway has become I rest my case !
  19. Not true ,evictions can be for drug dealing , antisocial behaviour and kiddie fiddling to name a few ,there was a time when you were allocated a local authority house , you looked after it and behaved sensibly ,because if you blotted your copy book ,then no one else would be prepared to house you , but behaviour and consideration of your neighbours plus paying your rent ,even if you are in receipt of benefit seems to have gone out of the window ,
  20. they just don't throw them out , what are the circumstances ,does anyone know ?
  21. Funny Rob has gone very quiet about the promenade and the airport these days , both areas he has had some involvement ,and probable political responsibility
  22. the former MHK John Shimmin did have some very strange mates ? didn't he employ Courtney as a business consultant ,
  23. there are always people in their offices on prospect hill , and all those I know who do business with them say they are very good and customer focused , with the rates the banks are giving at present I am sure Chase is doing OK and investing peoples money wisely
  24. that must have been before 1971 there weren't any Pennies after that , but its the principal I object to , Most people would rather have decent public services such as free toilets and a weekly refuse collection than some of the rubbish and nonsense the corporation waste ratepayers money on ,
  25. The way things are going with the corporation we will be wondering where all the Public toilets have gone , and all we will be left with is memories , Poor show all round ! and they call this municipal progress
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