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  1. Piebabs there has never been a charge for loos in Douglas for years indeed the old turnstiles and penny in the slot doors were abolished in the 1950's its not until david Christian superloos were opened on Douglas promenade , that a charge came back 20 pence and if you could get a councillor to be honest , the prom loos cost a lot more to operate and collect the money from than they actually generate , the question that must be asked is what are we paying our rates for , the answer is for services which include public toilets and other environmental areas , thats why the corporation has an environmental committee to fund and oversee this area ,
  2. All that will happen now is the Scroats will go into the toilets by way of the outer entrance and pee or crap outside the door , the area where the toilet doors are situated can not be seen from outside , if you have vandalism problems then CCTV in the entrance lobby would be enough to make the area secure area and a big warning sign ! Big brother is watching !, so sadly every public toilet in town , in the councils ownership is now 20 pence , this is a disgrace !
  3. very sad news. they were the only group prepared to be constructive , or on occasion critical , and take elements of the public transport system on , I feel sure the monster that government has created with the Steam packet , the Bus's Trams and historic railways , will now be able to ride rough shod over the public with out any redress , same applies to the Taxi trade , who appear to have lost ground everywhere ,and I know some operators are fighting for survival , they may not be everybody"s cup of tea but there entitled to make a living and they do provide a public service , Great Shame !
  4. all this programme is dependent on one thing ,the weather , some of the cruise ships are over 20 years old if you add the capacity of the vessels against the numbers quoted as coming ashore by DR Allinson it does not add up , the shortfall is almost 50% If we are serious about tourism then we would be better trying to re establish our traditional markets , motorsport , mountain bikes walking and heritage ,any cruise ship business should be a bonus ,and they don't supplement the Steam packet or airlines which are vital for the Island to maintain its regular travel services ,particularly after being devastated by Covid , the whole place needs a tidy up ,scruffy dirty and uncared for ,
  5. apart from the passenger landing fee the operators might be charged by the DOI ,and the rip off railway trips , that generally cost 3 times more if you buy them on board , where are all these cruise ship visitors going to spend their money in the local economy , they generally don't eat while ashore and are restricted on what they can bring back on board , I wonder who carried out the cost benefit analysis ?and the spend her head ?
  6. I see the Welsh government have banned al forms of smacking ,shaking ,and physical punishment for children ,quote, in line with 50 other countries including Scotland , Bring back corporal punishment here ? absolutely NO chance !
  7. No its a through road and lots of flats nearby some with some dubious tenants police seem to be never away from the place
  8. this will get very slippy when wet and a danger to cyclists, however it wont to anything to curtail the cracks in the concrete that run laterally across the track , the whole lot should come up really and expansion joints and movement plates fitted to the rails at various points , just like the original horse tram tracks had that were laid 140 years ago !
  9. there should now be an investigation by the isle of Man banking and insurance supervision authority , thats why they are payed all this money for, to keep the industry clean and not bring it into disrepute, very good Tynwald question for someone like Jason here !
  10. waste of time having a topic on Corporal punishment , its never going to return , you cant even chastise you kids or give then a clip around the ear any more when they behave badly , but to consider beatings or floggings carried out on the orders of the courts or state , the Isle of Man would become an outcast , particularly by international organisations such as the European court of human rights and the many anti torture organisations , I remember several young men who often received corporal punishment in schools ,and some who went on to be sentenced to be caned by the juvenile courts , and eventually receiving several strokes of the birch in their teenage years , Did it work ? I don't think so, the same names and faces filled the news from the courts pages in the local newspaper for years to come as they drifted into petty crime serious assault adapted to periods of prison life , life has moved on and sadly I think violent crime on the Isle of Man is on the increase mainly caused by the drugs scene and the fact that alcohol is available in vast quantities 24 /7 and some people just cant handle it , the social problems it brings and then they turn to violence , Some of the Scandinavian countries have tried successfully to deal with some of the problems , weekend prison, benefit payments to be worked for , community work schemes and only rent heat ,light and food costs can be paid for with state funding , No alcohol or tobacco , we have a lot to learn on the Isle of Man and valuable resources are wasted because we fail to adopt change
  11. I walked around Douglas marina yesterday and can't believe the number of unseaworthy and rotting boats and yachts , they look so neglected the owners have just walked away or abandoned them ,what a magnificent advertisement for the Isle of man , dirty, scruffy ,neglected ,and in most cased a pollution risk , I cant believe that things are so bad in the DOI or Harbours division they have no one with the authority to do something about this ,it has not just happened overnight and here we go again , no national or civic pride ,or someone in authority who just couldn't be arsed to do anything about it , Same in Peel and some of the other harbours ,national disgrace !
  12. perhaps we should contribute to a banking scam drone , and when you find someone is trying to scam your account the drone can be programmed to take them out , a bit like the exterminator or no longer required , neck collar some people in blade runner were fitted with , push the remote and the head flies off
  13. Its never been a pay toilet ! and while your at it do a proper cost benefit analysis of the amount you pay to the contractors SCS for looking after the pay to use toilets on the promenade ,if you employed one person in house to keep all the corporation toilets clean and replace paper etc ,and didn't make a charge , I bet it would be a much cheaper option , you should have plenty of staff to choose from when the refuse collection is reduced to fortnightly and the operatives are standing around for a week waiting for the next collection , I don't see anywhere in the corporation accounts, the cost of operating public toilets , and income received from public toilets
  14. this whole issue should be investigated by governments internal audit division , it appears there have been obvious breaches of the local government codes of conduct that apply to local authorities at the end of the day this body is there to scrutinise the rules under which the council operate under the local government act Sorry there are already accusations that there is a stench of brown envelopes here and must be investigated
  15. the sea cat was burning 54 litres of fuel per nautical mile , at the present rate of increase in fuel costs they wont be able to afford to run it without a fuel cost supplement on the freight or passenger cost , then you will have the Liverpool city environmental charges to put on top of that , for every vehicle entering the city centre , then add the cost of running and loan charges for the white Elephant terminal in Liverpool , which is probably going to lie empty all winter , you have to ask yourself who is going to absorb all this cost , you cant factor in freight because Liverpool will not allow any , what a shit storm that is brewing !
  16. Part of the cost for this must rest with the former Chief minister , it s known in logistic circles the Steam packet management and directors wished the make economic savings by reducing sailings to every other day , this would have also suited the supermarkets who were widely consulted and who could have had priority space for perishables , but NO someone decided that the Isle of Man must have a daily ferry service no matter what cost , this is what happens when vanity takes preference over sanity I hope a Tynwald scrutiny committee has the balls to have a proper investigation into this , we have spent a fortune under the guise of Covid ,and much of it without regard to the long term implications and the reality that the money had to be eventually found from somewhere ,
  17. The toilets are still in the same place but there has been an apple pay cashcard reader pay machine type lock placed on both ladies and Gents toilet doors , I guess they are looking to charge 20p they were not operational when I was in yesterday . my concern is what are we paying our rates for if the corporation or not providing basic facilities like free toilets and baby changing facilities this along with the 2 week bin collection is a disgrace , in my opinion and it will have repercussions for the future environmental health of the town
  18. On another Douglas corporation matter I see there have been pay and card machines installed in the public toilets at Shaws brow car park , many people use them prior to going shopping , does the present council not feel they have a civic duty to provide free toilet facilities in the town , and I as a rate payer are happy for my money to be spent on decent community facilities like public toilets and baby changing facilities , does anyone else feel the same way as I do about this issue ,Just what is happening to our services in Douglas
  19. Fair doo's, at least they are offering an alternative ,and at a reasonable price , or after a long flight or journey would you rather book into a hotel somewhere near the airport and spend another day in the Chaos that Manchester airport has become Jeremy has not taken a job there has he ?
  20. From an industry specialist today , he suspects the new Manxman will never be able to utilise the facility because its one of the worst places on the mersey for mud and silt deposits to build up, Government seem to be carrying on regardless of the cost implications of the scheme , unless there can be another use found for the passenger waiting area and the other facilities from October until April it will become a huge white elephant , bearing in mind it can't take freight ,or operate at night ,, Someone in Government better put a thinking cap on , because up until now little or no thought has been given to this project ,
  21. Regrettably people in prison seem to get better health provision , and that includes mental health , he could have been referred to a specialist unit in the UK where sadly they have facilities for dealing with people who live in their own little world and seem to have no regard for the law , or other peoples right to a life
  22. Sadly he has a chip on his shoulder bigger then an Oak tree , its not just this women he has abused , but a lot of other people who have gone out of their way to try to help him and his family only to have been tainted by his false accusations , and outrageous behaviour, there are many who feel he should be given a custodial sentence linked to a ref , for anger management and mental health rehabilitation course ,
  23. yes we haven't had a delivery for a while , but I guess when we do ,expect a double figure increase in petrol ,diesel ,and heating oil , then a fuel cost supplement on boat fares and airline flights , the Isle of Man is facing some very serious challenges , add that to the recent restrictions imposed on certain businesses who could formerly use Red diesel , all adding to a massive increase in the cost of living , and business and in the midst of all of this we have allocated £42 million to grant fund Tesla charging point to high net worths , and a few other nice to haves that will no doubt save the planet , while Boris , given his due is looking to open coal mines to operate steel plants now imports of coking coal from Russia are banned , opening up oilfields in the north sea and getting back to bringing fracking pack into the equation again before the lights go out ,
  24. you want to ask some of your electors in Pulrose and Anagh Coar about the problems in the past caused by anti social behaviour before Gobbing off on here plenty of space for Pully kids to kick a football on the playing fields, or at the NSC
  25. Who needs Oligarchs when we have this kind of bad press for the Isle of Man in the UK press and media
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