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  1. Fair doo's, at least they are offering an alternative ,and at a reasonable price , or after a long flight or journey would you rather book into a hotel somewhere near the airport and spend another day in the Chaos that Manchester airport has become Jeremy has not taken a job there has he ?
  2. From an industry specialist today , he suspects the new Manxman will never be able to utilise the facility because its one of the worst places on the mersey for mud and silt deposits to build up, Government seem to be carrying on regardless of the cost implications of the scheme , unless there can be another use found for the passenger waiting area and the other facilities from October until April it will become a huge white elephant , bearing in mind it can't take freight ,or operate at night ,, Someone in Government better put a thinking cap on , because up until now little or no thought has been given to this project ,
  3. Regrettably people in prison seem to get better health provision , and that includes mental health , he could have been referred to a specialist unit in the UK where sadly they have facilities for dealing with people who live in their own little world and seem to have no regard for the law , or other peoples right to a life
  4. Sadly he has a chip on his shoulder bigger then an Oak tree , its not just this women he has abused , but a lot of other people who have gone out of their way to try to help him and his family only to have been tainted by his false accusations , and outrageous behaviour, there are many who feel he should be given a custodial sentence linked to a ref , for anger management and mental health rehabilitation course ,
  5. yes we haven't had a delivery for a while , but I guess when we do ,expect a double figure increase in petrol ,diesel ,and heating oil , then a fuel cost supplement on boat fares and airline flights , the Isle of Man is facing some very serious challenges , add that to the recent restrictions imposed on certain businesses who could formerly use Red diesel , all adding to a massive increase in the cost of living , and business and in the midst of all of this we have allocated £42 million to grant fund Tesla charging point to high net worths , and a few other nice to haves that will no doubt save the planet , while Boris , given his due is looking to open coal mines to operate steel plants now imports of coking coal from Russia are banned , opening up oilfields in the north sea and getting back to bringing fracking pack into the equation again before the lights go out ,
  6. you want to ask some of your electors in Pulrose and Anagh Coar about the problems in the past caused by anti social behaviour before Gobbing off on here plenty of space for Pully kids to kick a football on the playing fields, or at the NSC
  7. Who needs Oligarchs when we have this kind of bad press for the Isle of Man in the UK press and media
  8. If I am not mistaken there was once a Bye Law in Douglas that prevented the playing of ball games in the street , and for the right reasons too , many residents were once plagued by youths kicking footballs up against the gable or walls of their neighbours property , damaging gardens, cars , and putting themselves in danger from traffic , we have many parks and open spaces in Douglas and most of the school playgrounds and sports fields are left open for use , outside normal school hours or during holidays ,we also have a National sports centre , so why would anyone on the council wish to see an opportunity for anti social behaviour to rear its ugly head again ,break down good neighbour relationships , in order to set Douglas back to the 1960's again , times have moved on , and children's expectations and ideas or recreation have moved on and I think the Council need a rethink on this matter ,
  9. Lets close the town hall and sack them all , leave Braddan or Onchan to empty the dustbins , I don't think we would notice any difference
  10. I thought Rob had political responsibility for the airport ,perhaps he was asleep at the wheel as well
  11. Surely this is a Cabinet or Personnel office appointment ,I don't think Ms Reynolds can employ or sack anybody on a whim if it turns out he does not have the required experience or required qualification for the job for the job then someone in Tynwald needs to call for an enquiry ,
  12. there will be places on the prom that will have to be dug up again as there is tarmac and cement blocking some of the surface water drains , unless they are cleared then there will always be a problem down there you have to ask yourself where was the supervision or an old fashioned Clerk of Works to make sure things were done properly another big failing of the whole scheme that needs to be investigated
  13. Sorry when the lights go out you wont see Daphne for dust , ! times are a changing we will be fighting for economic survival just now ,
  14. Difference with Glastonbury is there is nothing around the place for miles , the Douglas pubs ,and retail sector have had government created chaos and interference over 2 years mainly from disruption caused by the DOI , then covid , historically they have relied on the TT and MGP period to inject some revenue into their businesses ,many of which are hanging on by their fingertips and quite frankly struggling , I am disgusted at the insensitive actions of the council who seem to have no regard for the difficulties some of their ratepayers have been experiencing , and probably all for a moment of glory in the VIP tent at the grandstand , I hope Douglas ratepayers are watching and they have long memories running up to the next local authority election ,
  15. Whats all this an MHK talking sense , ! keep going Stu you just need to convince some of the nutters we have recently elected into Tynwald , the whole world as we know it has changed , and the rest of the world does not owe us a living , we must look after the Islands best interests first ,even if it means spending our money wisely and carefully for once and not trying to the the world leaders in reducing global warming !
  16. NOT if there is , there IS a turndown in the Manx economy and inflation will be in double figures shortly , and if the corporation have plans to put up a plaque to remember horses and other animals who went off to war , then there is plenty of space on the wall of the old Horse tram stables , so lets keep things in perspective and in their rightful place and not interfere with the war memorial on Douglas promenade
  17. The best place for TT music in my opinion is back on Douglas promenade or the Villa Marina gardens , the big problem as I see it the grandstand and Nobles Park has become a cash cow for greedy government , I wonder how much the department of enterprise is charging for catering and retail pitches ,? this policy now apparently supported by the Douglas corporation is actually starving the town , pubs , hotels , take aways ,and restaurants of income and a chance to make some money to pay the rent and rates , , Back when Terry Toohey was in tourism the crowds were entertained every night on Douglas promenade to great music stunt shows etc , and the money spent was spread right across the retail sector , Douglas has become a ghost town at night during the TT period , and after the TT Nobles park is wrecked the soccer pitches and green areas ruined becoming a quagmire if we get a period of rain I feel sorry for the people living around the grandstand where the noise and traffic for 18 hours a day must be horrific ,and I don't know exactly what these councillors are thinking about turning their backs on the retailers down on the promenade and Strand street
  18. Sadly this is what you must expect when you let the inmates take over the asylum ,
  19. Yes the Isle of man where you can ! and sadly WE never seem to learn !
  20. I think its time we froze Daffys £42 million until we see where all this is going , Germany have anounced today they are looking to go back to coal fired electricity generation but saying they have the technology to capture the carbon , without Putins gas they, and lots more EU countries are Knackered ,and wont be able to meet their renewables targets , as they don"t have the luxury of a transitional programme which is exactly what Grogga will give us provided they get the Go ahead and produce the gas ,
  21. What a sad state of affairs the DOI has become we must be a laughing stock at the moment , some senior civil servants including the chief secretary should be handing their heads in shame , failing to see this disaster at the airport and several others coming ,
  22. Omobono

    HQ FoI !

    any where else he would be taxed on his planning gain ,especially if he used the system to obtain greater value for the land and property changing from Tourist related to full residential , and don't even mention the agricultural grants a nice little earner if you ask me , there is a smell about this !
  23. I have a car where the speed limit comes up on the dash screen , its amazing how many areas on the isle of Man where this differs from the DOI version for example St Johns to Peel going west is still 20 MPH , approach to Quarter bridge from the west 30 MPH yet the roadsigns say 40 MPH can anyone tell me who is responsible tor providing the information to the Sat nav in the vehicles , for some reason I don't experience this problem when I drive in the UK or Europe
  24. There are other parts of the world , Canada for example when people will not go out for a walk in the evening because so many people are driving when stoned out of their heads on cannabis , or skunk , even the footpaths are not safe and there have been many collisions , and deaths but always wanting to push drugs to the limit , many former cannabis users un the US and Canada have graduated on to Chrystal meths which is also causing big problems and difficult to come off , I am all for the medical use of Cannabis properly controlled but driving ,operating machinery or putting others in danger it should be a NO NO! the Isle of Man should be careful what it wishes for , the drugs scene here is out of control , and i often pass people openly smoking a joint in public and for the dealers its easy money when you see the amounts of cash being seized when the police are successful , but the other side of the coin is lives being ruined ,families and relationships breaking down ,and people tarnished for life ,
  25. the area is filthy dirty cement falling out of the joints in the walls around the seating area which is coated in green slime , does no one in authority maintain anything anymore , or has everyone post their sense of pride ?
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