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  1. its like a comedy of errors down there , and it is doing damage to the reputation of the isle of man, when is someone with the paid responsibility going to wake up and do something about it ,
  2. question is who was his line manager during this time, and why was he allowed to get away seemingly scot free and no accountability , I do hope it doesn't turn out we actually paid him off, that would be a travesty ,but its the Isle of Man were talking about and some incredible things are happening that really defy all logic ,
  3. I see the Jeremy Fella ,was on BBC last night fawning over his new television series about Heathrow and the pandemic , he actually said he was airport director on the isle of man during this time and some days there was only an old lady on a medical flight , with all that time on his hands and probably on full pay you would have thought he could have organised some maintenance work and sorted out the car park and other areas , do you think we should ask for our money back ? I know I feel cheated the place is a disgrace !
  4. Frank was a gentleman and a good common sense copper , I believe his men liked and respected him , the Island was a much different place under his watch , I believe he came from Thames valley police
  5. we certainly don't want any ex inner city cops , the ideal would be someone from a Uk or indeed commonwealth New Zealand type rural police force , possibly coming to the end of their very successful career , excellent community skills and well versed with the problems a small county similar to the Isle of Man has to deal with , its a sad reflection that none of the present hierarchy seems capable of taking up the reigns and the present system seems dogged with personality issues , speaking to some lower rank offices recently , morale is fairly low and the job is being suffocated by paperwork , political correctness and little respect for the courts or police by some pretty violent and sometimes difficult repeat offenders who sadly have no regard for anyone but themselves ,and are costing this Island a fortune in legal aid probation ,and prison costs ,
  6. But you don't see the jury surfing their facebook pages or buying off Amazon or ebay , when evidence is being given in a court they require to give all their attention to the matters in hand , not elsewhere , imagine children in schools if they have access to their phones all the time during lessons , nothing would get taught , Tynwald should be no different ,concentrate on the job in hand ,read the reports beforehand and be clear and honest in the debate ,vote without fear or favour having heard all the evidence , that what most people wish to see happening in Tynwald
  7. Don't forget some of these young teachers who have a degree are starting on a salary of just over £24k ,and if you have come over from the UK you have to find some where to live , pay rent and expected eat after that , I just hope additional support can be found for those starting a career in education ,rather than reward those on £50k plus ,
  8. the governments whole waste management policy has become a joke ,and its time the whole issue was properly reviewed ,I cant believe with the huge increase in transport and shipping costs its not more cost effective to burn paper and other combustable material in the EFW plant ,and the government should be looking again at a reduction in the gate prices
  9. I get the feeling the DOI have become so lazy and complacent they just want to delegate responsibility to anyone they can ,while they sit on their backsides and draw money for a job they should be doing themselves , they owe it to the travelling public to provide parking payment facilities that can receive payment from a number of sources , same applies to some of their schemes , all farmed out to their mates , anything goes wrong , nothing to do with us mate its the consultants problem just like Douglas promenade where they are digging up the Queens prom end again today you could not write the script for this comedy of errors !
  10. all the steam trains I have been on in USA Busch Gardens, Disney and recently in southern France run on propane and the tanks are very well hidden where the coal store used to be , the unique smell from the steam is the same but no black smoke or colly to get in your eye , from 2023 I am told it will be illegal to import steam coal into the UK ,and many of Castletown fuels customers have been notified that traditional household coal may not be available , next year , many people have opened up fireplaces and installed wood burning stoves this winter ,and with the severe increase in energy costs trying to make ends meet , I think there are going to be a lot of cold unhappy people out there next winter
  11. don't go by boat in July the fares are more expensive than flying and in access of £100 return as a basic foot passenger , ,it seems anywhere the government have influence the traveling public are fair game to be screwed over , this has to be a big NO NO for growing the Islands tourism sector !
  12. the real reason is they couldn't be arsed , inconvenience the travelling public ,don't provide an alternative or back up in case the app goes down or there is a problem , whats wrong with a system that takes money off your card , or you can pay inside the airport , useless idle bastards ! , and there is no reason why Manx coins cant be minted using the same size and weight blanks as the UK ones , we use to do this when Pobjoy mint manufactured manx coins
  13. Tom Corlett was a brilliant airport commandant as they were known then as , had a real love for the job and knew all about flying and looking after customers , his son became the AG , lived in the big bungalow with purple tiled roof Ballasalla , Even Phil Payne who came much later had a feeling for the place and oversaw the new passenger lounges opened by Nigel Mansell , he also did much to promote the private flying side and literally hundreds of flights from all over Europe and beyond , came here for the TT and really boosted the local economy from what I am led to believe we don't want private aircraft now for TT there only a bloody nuisance , what a shame !
  14. He did have a qualification in medicine but I don't think he ever practiced and as some would say he lacked a bedside manner , but never the less a clever and intelligent man , that being said he was only one of a number of inexperienced or poorly qualified chief executives such as David Killlip , Colin Kniveton , the last person in there with any feeling for the job was ken Tomlinson it started to fall apart when he fell ill ,and the powers that be looked for anyone from the civil service daft enough to step up to the plate as it was seen as a boost to the pension pot , sadly its got a whole lot worse since then ! and I have little confidence in Manx care delivering anything
  15. full marks to Charles for his honesty and attention to detail some of our so called leaders should be ashamed of themselves when you think under their watch ,many millions have been foolishly squandered , on pet schemes and nice to haves , whilst the real beauty and value of the island has been left to rot ,
  16. they should never have gotten rid of the approach lights out to sea at the northern approach to the runway most pilots will tell you they were a real help in poor visibility , but I thought all this expensive radar provided some form of improved ALS , Easy Jet must be brassed off with flights diverted once again , very poor !
  17. Don't worry he will be getting shit over the TT scoreboard when the fans start to arrive in a few weeks time and see that iconic piece of TT history gone for ever , , an impossible situation where pit crews will not be able to receive a warning that their rider had arrived at signpost corner , to give them sufficient time to get ready to re fuel them and change wheels at the pits , I suppose he was asleep at the wheel when motorsport division made that decision , or busy tweeting his many followers or facebook friends ,
  18. Since when has he been grown up or honest , he must think the people of the isle of man are stupid , but a day of judgement is approaching , you might be able to kid some of the public some of the time ,but you cant kid all of the public all of the time , daffy and Tim from Castletown are not much better tweet .tweet ,tweet , utter garbage !
  19. I agree with you but only if the device can be locked onto the Tynwald and associated papers session , its quite obvious the members are surfing all over the place and their thoughts are everywhere else other than whats happening in Tynwald and the debates , plus the fact it is very rude to those moving an item requiring comment and debate ,
  20. Sadly it didn't protect the poor dog he allegedly cruelly beat to death , in this life what goes around generally comes around ,
  21. Alf was at Sandhurst and commissioned into the British Army big problem he has got is how to pay the government pensions , so the Chief officers group have decided the best course of action is to continue with the Ponzi scheme , and the additional new boys coming into Government will in essence be paying for the pensions of those coming up ,to or already , retired once you start on this road its very difficult to reduce staffing numbers without causing major problems with the actuaries , many of the pension recipients particularly where there has been a husband and wife both working for government can be receiving an access of £100k , I don't know how much longer this can go on for Chris Thomas did some work on the fund but has gone very quiet , perhaps he got a fright when the light came on and he recognised what was happening , and how big a problem it is to solve , and in the meantime the boys just kick the can down the road
  22. In the good old days of Sir Charles Kerruish the only thing you could bring into the Tynwald chamber was the agenda , supporting papers and any speech you were making , a definite NO NO was newspapers , magazines etc ,and if anyone nodded off a messenger was dispatched to wake them up , Maximum attention to the proceedings was required at all times ,and if you wanted to leave the chamber other than for a toilet visit , you had to request a leave of absence , I wonder if half of them actually know whats happening these days ,
  23. one of the reasons so much gets past proper scrutiny, is most of them are are texting or playing around with their phones , you only have to see the audio visual clips of the Tynwald sittings to see that , and I notice certain members are literally living on twitter and facebook and publishing complete drivel just to get their names in a frame , I am sure the same thing must happen at department and committee meetings , no preparation, and little attention to detail , thats why there are so many cockups, schemes going over budget , and important issues missed , or not considered ,
  24. I don't believe the eviction was down to the state of the garden , you have to go to court to get an eviction , and there have to be very good grounds for it to be granted , there must be something else much more serious , I am sure it will all come out in due course ,
  25. what else can you expect , as I am informed there are quite a lot of civil servants still working from home , and several not pulling their weight , the rate demand I received didn't have a bar code or a digital number on it , so it caused much confusion when I went to pay it at the post office , you could make this up ! time someone get a grip and the whole system started to serve the public once again as it did a few years ago , too many suits and managers now tied up in meaningless meetings , without any regard for the people at the front end having to face the wrath of many disgruntled tax payers , who are fed up with the bullshit , and excuses ,
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