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  1. one of the biggest problems , and in particular with the DOI is that they have lost so many people from the front line , ,I believe at one time there were 370 in the workforce , tradesman semi skilled and people working on the roads , I was told yesterday this number has been reduced to around 80 , mainly people fed up with poor management terrible attitude ,towards blue collar workmen ,and its not a good place to work anymore , but the increase in headcount numbers has been more pen pushers ,and suits the ratio of worker to manager is completely out of kilter , there needs to be a complete review of staffing levels but not by bringing in their mates from Beamans consultants , ,Not just in the DOI but throughout government , and with a private sector that says there are skills shortages in admin and other areas , surely this is the time to off load a few into the real world . we must be at the stage when at least 1 person in every 4 working in the Isle of man is working or in some way funded by government and that is not sustainable by the rest of the working population
  2. speaking of cycle ways ,I have yet to see anyone using the special cycle track that goes down from Anagh coar into Pulrose I know Pulrose bridge is still closed , but you would think there would be someone up there who owns and rides a bike , what a waste of money
  3. they may even be electrocuting the passengers !
  4. Sadly Manx radio has lost touch with the Manx public , its abandoned those who enjoyed mandate and the political programs , and many listened to the rural affairs and farming program on a Sunday morning along with the history man , I know the youngsters they were hoping at attract don't listen to it either , we are now strictly radio 4 family in the morning from 7-30 ,, And at the weekend the Manx newsdesk must be like the Marie Celeste with the Skeleton at the wheel , and why when there is a bank holiday most people off and there are no program's such as Mannin line especially when the listeners are at home and might want to tune in or catch up on whats going on , With oner a million in subvention from government I object to this waste of public money and its time there was a halt called to this poor value for money
  5. Omobono

    The Whiteboys

    Mr Gawne had his finger in that Pie , thats for sure ! perhaps its time someone put him on the spot for a change , and a lot more skeletons in the closet to come out ! prixam praxam with an eye cockalory ,
  6. are we not we moving away from the theme of the original Manx Electric Railway , whereby in keeping ,the lights were white ,same applies with all the blue plastic drain covers on the track and the concrete sleepers , all the unique historic features are almost gone , just the trams themselves left and I wonder when we will see alterations there which detract form the original . Steam Railway has gone the same way automatic barriers clanging bells , Port Erin Station has been ruined with Chinese stone and stainless steel barriers , it will be interesting the see what the died in the wool railway enthusiasts say when we open up again and they see what has been done in the name of progress ,
  7. if he has gone under mars that could be as much as £250,000 plus a lump sum and a pension around £50,000 + a year for life ,I hope someone in Tynwald or on the Public accounts committee is going to investigate this , and the same with Big Annie at the airport , add this cost to the fiasco's then this is not far short of criminal
  8. Omobono

    The Whiteboys

    nothing changes ,its all about the christians represented by St George slaying the wicked infidel and a doctor who possesses a magic potion that has the ability to bring someone back after death , it was a regular event when I attended Demesne Road school in the 1950's we also had the sword dance , taught by Miss Larsen and Mrs Griffiths both sadly long gone now together with Manx country dancing where the visiting girls actually got to smack you across the face , those were the days , now its political correctness gone mad ,
  9. I see Malta have legaiized the use of cannabis for personal use in the home but will come down hard on people found driving or causing trouble while under the influence of the drug , I have friends there who said the police are keen to break up the drugs cartel , particularly as a lot of Hash and hard drugs come in from North Africa and are sent on the European market ,
  10. there are a few issues here which unfortunatley did not come forth in the debate yesterday , How much input has the steam packet had into the design and operation , ? I understand that instead of opting for a tidal platform that is accessed by a ramp ,and tried and tested in the River Mersey for many years which exists now , the new platform will by Hydraulically operated , and suspended by a series of tensioning cables ,and at a significantly higher cost ,and risk of technical breakdown , I hear Ms Reynolds was leading the negotiations ,if this is correct where is her Marine Engineering experience Was a full specification of the facility presented to Tynwald members before the debate so at least they had knowledge of what the department could expect for their money ? together with estimate of future operating costs I admire John Wannenburgh approach , he is new yet but he is obviously frustrated at the total miss management of this scheme , where we will eventually find those responsible for this mess have been allowed to sail off into the sunset with their pockets bulging ,
  11. I see the clowns in the Corporation are considering some form of Aqua park in Douglas bay and looking to go for Blue flag status , since the wooden Groyens have been neglected the sand on the beach has been replaced by stones and shingle ,and the £50.000 a year tractor to drag the seaweed back down to the waterline again ,like King Canute's folly Douglas beach could be lowered and re profiled to prevent overtopping and flooding on Harris and Queens promenades but surly the sand , shingle and flood risk are the responsibility of the DOI , Douglas beach has become a disgrace ,but its not the councils role to throw money at it to appease a few crackpots who have been recently elected to the council ,there isn't a public toilet or washing facility on the whole length of the beach area or an Ice cream stall or small cafe , to the councillors of Douglas I say , just go to down to Peel and see what can be done to make the beach more attractive to both locals and visitors alike and with private money and ,
  12. Walked along the queens prom this morning and the boys from Auldyn are busy trying to remove the sand shingle and seaweed from the stupid drainage system which consists of a number of small holes on the edge of the curbs into a box channel , who ever designed it has obviously never lived in a marine exposed environment , one section was blocked solid and they were trying to high pressure jet it clear , apparently its about to be inspected prior to handover and everyone is in a panic, that it might not pass muster And I hear from a good engineering source that the gaps in the rails where the horse tram tracks crossover , the gap was so great there was a risk of trapping or damaging the horses hooves , so back to plan B the welders are expected back February or March , so whats the betting it wont look finished before TT 2022, who ever remembers a time when beach debris didn't wash up on the promenade in bad weather ,and you would have thought this could have been factored into the design , after all Richmond hill has suffered from the same problems , do the DOI never learn anything
  13. its time one of the back benchers brought a motion to Tynwald,to fully review the viability of the facility at LIverpool , together with the present and ongoing cost , and at the same time find out what happened to the negotiations taking place to utilise the 12 quays facility at Birkenhead , where I understand Tesco Marks and Spencer and all the major freight carriers we happy with , as it had excellent access to the M6 motorway and all the logistical centres around Chester. Foot passengers could be bused to the Pier head or Lime street , ,LIverpool are going down the environmental route with vehicle taxes for entering the city and a ban on most goods vehicles in the City centre , all this will add to the rising cost of doing business there ,plus the loan charges on a £80million plus terminal and berth that we don't own and can't use for freight ,! Time for a complete rethink before we are saddled with massive costs that will have to be passed on to Business and the travelling public the Steam packet is the Islands lifeline , lets NOT put a Noose around its neck to strangle us with
  14. time to stop the family allowances and give them coupons for food instead of buying booze , on line gambling and the 60 inch televisions with the full sky package , thats where the money is going and not into the kids bellies ,
  15. I used to frequent a certain pub on the TT course back in the 60's and around 9-30 the police would arrive to make sure a certain farmer /butcher got home safely , I made a comment one night and the bobby said it was part of their duty to prevent accidents , ,
  16. theres an even closer one at Mount Rule international handy for Nobles hospital and B and Q
  17. Plummeting Granny farming to new depths ,must be a Manx labour party thing , if you are really lucky you will be awakened on Boxing day morning with the Cretney Clan singing hunt the wren , there writing a book How to Win the Popular vote it used to be called Kidding the public ,great shame local politics is stooping to this wish everybody the compliments of the season on facebook by all means, but personal Christmas Cards , what a waste of resources , if there like this with their own money ,what chance have the ratepayers got who they claim to represent
  18. It will probably attached to a hand grenade !
  19. Granny farming at its best ,there ought to be a law against it ,
  20. I don't know why we have these purges at Christmas , Drink driving , use of excessive speed and driving way beyond ones capability is a year round curse on this Island ,and driving under the influence of drugs or a controlled substance is catching up fast , the other ,( were here to justify our existence ) is the silly add that will appear in the newspapers shortly about the importance of defrosting your Christmas Turkey before you cook it , this was fine in the 1960 when people first bought freezers , and didn't understand food preparation as there were no instructions on most food products in those days where are these people for the rest of the year ?
  21. and to think they agreed to a clause in the agreement that the Manx vessels can not carry any freight , from or to the terminal , there was an offer on the table for a joint facility in Birkenhead , but vanity reigned over sanity it would be interesting to see a breakdown of the figures and what they have been paying consultants and legals , the senior civil servants involved in this should be hanging their heads in shame ,
  22. Hang on theres skips full of them somewhere , that incident seems to have gone quiet , but what a waste of test kits and now at a time when they are really needed ,
  23. the lights also come on when riders reach other key parts of the course as well and give a very good indication of the riders progress throughout the race , it strikes me that you have never sat in the TT grandstand and watched a race from there, otherwise you would know a little about the subject , its things like this that make the TT unique in the world of road racing ,and a lot of people believe the future of the races also lies in our historic past ,there is literally no where else like it .
  24. And please tell me how will the pit crews know at the grandstand when their rider has gone through signpost corner so they can get ready to refuel them , when they call in at the pits less than 30 seconds away ? don't forget all electronic devices, phones, i pads , radios etc are banned in pit lane , and as riders pass by its impossible to hear the radio coverage from the loudspeakers at the grandstand , for the un initiated thats when the light comes on over their number on the scoreboard , which was an iconic piece of TT history , operated very successfully by the Boy Scouts for over 100 years , what a pity to loose it
  25. Scotland are continuing to extract oil ,and if there is any gas to be had they will be extracting that as well they use the argument they still need the revenue from oil to be able to fund the transformation into Greener energy , the Isle of Man Government had the foresight to purchase the oil and mineral rights in our territorial seas from the crown , so whats wrong with us making sure of what we have under there , and if its viable then with a commercial partner ,, use it to fund our own greener credentials , , we already have a gas infrastructure , we could be producing Hydrogen into the system in 10 years from now , thats how fast things are moving in the real energy world , but fossil fuels will remain with us for many years yet ,and play a big part in the Transition before eventually becoming redundant
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