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  1. Thats called lack of experience , and if the fans do kick off they will soon realise how exposed the police are , the old time bobbies had a great relationship with the biker fans , and used that policing skill to maintain order and mutual respect ,
  2. I don't understand their argument the terms and conditions of the Tynwald resettlement scheme are quite clear if you are over 60 when you loose your seat you automatically start receiving your Tynwald pension based on the years service and contribution , You don't however qualify for the 6 months salary sum or severance payment , which was introduced to assist younger members with a family and commitments getting on their feet again , the fact that this scheme was modified a few years ago because someone of retirement age who lost their seat not only took the lump sum but was in receipt of their pension , Sorry you can't have it both ways ,thats why the rules were changed ,
  3. I don't think so now , you used to be able to go from terminal 3 as a transit passenger to your international terminal, but the last time I flew you had to go out past baggage and security , and start again , its worth asking thought with all the backlog of passengers you would think anyone who is already security checked from the isle of man , would ease the situation , and prevent double handling but sadly the UK authorities don't seem to think like that
  4. you obviously didn't know Dan Kneen or have any interest in Motorcycle racing it was one of his favourite sayings , and means the bike is really on song and working to its maximum speed ! with the old classic bikes it would have been on the megaphone ! the big open exhaust pipe !
  5. the section of the scheme was introduced to provide a younger keys member with a family and below retirement age a mechanism to receive 6 months salary if they were to loose their seat at the general election , it was to provide a financial parachute , in effect to enable them to find another job or source of income , I don't think those over retirement age or in receipt of a state pension are entitled to claim under the terms of the scheme prior to this scheme a keys member had to serve 2 full terms (10 years ) before qualifying for a pension ,
  6. but the welcome centre is closed on some afternoons , ,and it never seems to be open when the steam packet boat arrives around 6pm , just as visitors are looking for information about holidays and transport , you couldn't make it up ,time for a management clear out !
  7. Yes but he is not forgotten , and still on the pipe !
  8. Not correct , if it was Italian it would have said Carabinieri on the motorcycle the Polizi is German for police , and they wear a navy blue uniform where the germans wear green ,
  9. the standard of workmanship is disgraceful and the government should with hold payment if this is the best they can do, then , they should be removed from the government list of contractors,
  10. Unless they bring in some independent capital project advisors to the enquiry it will be another sham investigation by a toothless Tynwald committee , who will never apportion blame or single out companies or consultants out who have obviously been incompetent , or worse, poorly briefed by idiots in the department , who also failed to make sure the work was carried out to proper standards and quality control the Manx taxpayer will be paying for these cock ups for generations ,
  11. Omobono

    TT 2022 ??

    Had the same experience this afternoon at practice , just what is wrong with the Douglas corporation the grandstand toilets are filthy ,and a disgrace to Douglas's new city status , come on Amadeus when you can run allover the place taking silly pictures of everything and posting them on face book what about some clean free public toilets in Douglas
  12. Omobono

    TT 2022 ??

    it is for safety car and its is also the signal that marshals are being moved around , if it improves safety then surely its a good thing , even though the practice was late getting away , they did cram in a few good laps in what was perfect weather conditions , lets hope there is more to come , I bet the pubs are doing well tonight
  13. its called amending the rules to deal with an impending situation , just where do you or the DOI expect these motorcyclists to park when the new all singing and dancing futuristic promenade has only 28 legitimate motorcycle parking spaces , another lesson to be learned in the DOI ,
  14. Omobono

    TT 2022 ??

    the income from the bell tents helps subsidise some of the activities of the school , they start to come into operation as the school breaks up for the TT holiday , it was a popular campsite before the pandemic , and handy for town and the evenings TT entertainment ,
  15. few motorcycles parked on the seaward side of the prom opposite the Gaiety , not on what could be called the footpath , doing no harm , and you know they are safe there , you cant expect to treat motorcyclists as second class citizens , if you want the TT to be success then there is a big welcome back and PR job to be done , they have made a big effort to get here , lets do the same to make them welcome and feel at home , and the Government to apply some common sense !
  16. Omobono

    TT 2022 ??

    DOI just needs to write out a temporary parking on the promenade footpath order , and a few signs motorcycle parking only in this area , and the tarmac and surface by the war memorial is full of holes and cracks so its not as if the Chinese granite will be marked , , this is another failure by the department to build in provision for events like the TT and MGP after all we have had them for over 100 years ,but if you get everything designed some place in Milton keynes and no one in the local office takes an interest then this is what happens , bloody disgrace really !
  17. Omobono

    TT 2022 ??

    Now there is no funfair there is no reason why you couldn't have a temporary motorcycle park on the promenade opposite the Sefton , DOI needs to use its brains , and look to solve bike parking issues , but as usual I suppose they couldn't be arsed !
  18. there has been little on the local media regarding some of the changes to TT practice times and days ,and in particular a practice this Sunday afternoon , which is a first , there are many new residents who have never experienced a TT ,and it would be a shame if the first practice was delayed by vehicles parked on or at ambulance points on the course , you would have thought Manx radio and the others would have been getting the message out all this week
  19. No bags of shit at the airport everything is gold plated I doubt if the old fire trucks had more then a few thousand miles on them , they have boosters to start them are are probably run every watch , cant say the same for the luggage trollies and the general state of the place , someone needs to ask what all these staff have been doing for the last couple of years , I am told working from home ,? whatever that means when there were practically no flights , I heard today one executive supposed to be working from home was actually working from his second home in Spain how do you work that one out
  20. difference here is DOI staff just couldn't be arsed and treat the general public with utter contempt less work for them if everybody is forced to use the silly App and those responsible for car parking can sit on their rear ends all day and be paid for doing nothing , time this cultural boil in government was lanced , As Esther Ranzen said in the mail APP linked parking is not the answer for those who are not IT literate elderly or do not own the latest i phone , so lets have some sense and have a range of options for the paying customers
  21. Sadly the auditor general usually comes in after the event and following the post mortem , usually to bury the mistakes , whats lacking is the proper scrutiny when these schemes come to Tynwald , how in hell the liverpool new landing stage and waiting area with NO FREIGHT or access after 10-30 at night ever got through , the members who voted this through must have all been asleep at the wheel , , and this £80 to £100 million for the terminal plus the cost of the new boat and additional fuel costs will all have to be absorbed by the travelling public ,
  22. it really should be a government bill ,and not left to a private member to progress , I don't doubt Dr Allinson's sincerity in what he is trying to achieve but when the issue starts to be examined by the medical profession , its various governing bodies , and the UK government ,it would have had more clout , built into the islands legislative programme and given full government support ,
  23. why couldn't they have used the TT marshals tetra radios lying there doing nothing ! ,instead of purchasing , there were a lot of them and not being used , money looks like it just went to keep the steam up on the gravy train , I hope the public accounts committee gives this matter full scrutiny , and staff should have been rostered just to meet the boats ,and off during part of the day
  24. the app parking in the UK comes in for a hammering in the daily mail with thousands of people who are not IT literate and elderly disenfranchised , and now Esther Rantzon is also having a go , it seems foolish to put all your eggs in one basket ,and not have alternate means of making a payment other than by an APP , I am just waiting for Manx net to go down one morning and wait for the total Chaos at the airport , and for Tim Glovers benefit , how can it be the cheapest option , when you have to employ people to go around the carparks to physically log registrations into a system ,and also have a person on a desk in the airport taking money or swiping payment cards , its the politics of the madhouse !
  25. if you think somewhere to stay is hard to find ,wait until someone is looking for transport like a hire car for instance , there like rocking horse manure to find , and even fully booked for most of the summer and impossible to obtain for the Manx grand prix period , you would have thought someone in Enterprise would have been co ordinating all this and working with the tourism sector and garages to make sure proper facilities were in place , I can see a lot of unhappy visitors after the much hyped TT experience
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