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  1. Sorry can't claim that fame , just another poor soul who is sitting around watching Rome burn ,I don't ever remember so many major challenges facing the isle of man ,and wondering if I can still afford to live here ,or indeed if we have the luxury of dragging out a election for Chief Minister ,while everyone seems to be playing petty politics
  2. MHK's are not elected to become delegates or to run back to the constituents every five minutes looking for a steer , the buck stops with them , thats why we have voted them in , there are many burning issues that require urgent attention , and since the OECD agreement on Taxation yesterday, and energy prices going through the roof they need to make a decision and stop faffing about trying to play to the audience and media ,
  3. Prayers have been said prior to a House of keys meeting for over several 100 years , and long may it continue ,!
  4. makes no sense to be allowing a coach load of pensioners to come into the island with over 50% of them testing positive for covid , and now apparently confined to their hotel , and at the same time banning cruise ships from calling where everyone on board has to endure a rigorous covid testing regime before joining the vessel and regular testing whilst on board , who is carrying out the risk assessment ?
  5. Heywood hasn't even attended a keys meeting yet and wants to be a King Maker already , hardly a decision based on past performance and track record ,of which she has not been privy to,
  6. It would be good to see some evidence of the CAA's concerns , or improvement notices , perhaps someone on one of the many Tynwald scrutiny committees will look at this ,and the claim made that the expenditure will allow for larger aircraft ,
  7. Big disappointment in Rob he knew ages ago the Scoreboard was a Dead duck and was not content to leave the old one there until a proper replacement was found and properly budgeted for , Frightened to tell the electorate the truth until after the election , unless it might effect his future political ambitions , Even this weekend a great and successful Car Rally injecting thousands into the local economy , Steam packet and Hotels , Same 2 week ago with the classic cars , world class motorcycle enduro, not a word of congratulations or encouragement from Rob who allegedly is heading up motorsport , Nothing on Manx radio either ? after all there is no one there over the weekend !and now Glover has gone motor sport will be very low down the broadcast agenda ,
  8. I understand they cant be jetted ,and someone in the department has already pointed out they will never be away from the drains ,and the prom will regularly flood, you may remember they used to lift the old grids after bad weather and storm deposits ,and clear them with a gully sucker , cant do that with these kerbside drainage holes , it appears the department still haven't learned anything from the Richmond hill flood problems ,
  9. Best deal I know in London is the imperial hotel Russell square ,tube next door one stop from Victoria and Gatwick express , bus stop outside to go almost everywhere with Oyster card , £89 a night including an excellent breakfast and everything on the doorstep
  10. I doubt weather the DOI or the harbour authorities actually know who the badly neglected boats belong to , and if they serve notices by fixing the removal notices to the the vessels , I think the responsibility for then actually falls on the DOI , so they wont want to do that , it would cost even more money , the upper part of Douglas harbour around the tongue area looks like a graveyard for derelict pleasure boats , and a disgrace to see the so called marina so run down and scruffy
  11. Good job you are not a betting man then , for sure as eggs are eggs you will surely loose your shirt on this one
  12. Does anyone know the outcome of the serious accident which happened near Gutheries on Monday? where the road was closed for several hours rumours abound was it fatal? if so what kind on vehicles were involved , why is information regarding RTC's being kept from the public , ! is anyone in government playing down serious road accidents or whatever the police want to call them these days
  13. Just come from M and S crossed prom at Regent street , big pools of water on the promenade side of the zebra crossing footpath and the tarmac looks like its been laid to have a ripple effect ,water almost over my shoes ,and its not been raining all that hard , If thats the standard of workmanship above ground then heaven help whats below it , also many paving blocks sinking in Regent street and look like becoming a trip hazard , I don't know who will be signing off the works but I would not pay anybody until these obvious defects are rectified , very poor workmanship and shoddy materials
  14. In fairness the Island came to life again last weekend , not only did we have the classic cars , but motorcycle racing at Jurby, a round of the European Enduro for motorcycles with many world class riders , you couldn't get into a restaurant or a pub ,at the weekend ,huge late season boost for the tourism economy ,steam packet full of vehicles and passengers and flights starting to look healthy again ,please don't spoil it by knocking those who are trying their best to keep this place alive
  15. it does not really matter who the statue is of, but one thing for certain, like the rest of the mess on the promenade and all the sheer waste of money , the taxpayer for generations to come will be picking up the bill
  16. lets see if he declares in the members interests register weather Lansons the london PR agency took him out for a slap up dinner while he was on his farewell tour , he can always be brought back to give evidence to Tynwald after the new house is formed , if he has been a naughty boy ,and not declared
  17. they still haven't cured the water splash at the Ballafletcher roundabout or managed to put the drains in the correct places to allow the surface water to run away ,and the road surface is breaking up as well , You would have thought while all the plant and equipment was there they would have done a proper job , instead of leaving it to the next exciting road closure
  18. Came through Crosby tonight ,teenage girl wandering across the pelican glued to her mobile phone while the carriageway lights were green , I hope I am wrong , and we don't see a serious accident there but shoppers should have regard for their safety coming out of the shop ,and not just step into the road ,thinking they have the right or way ,
  19. The Government have published their paper today on how they are going to spend the money , I just hope they have managed to recruit a few project managers or scheme auditors before then , otherwise the taxpayer will be getting ripped off again ,and taken to the cleaners , like we have seen so many times recently ! The government / private sector committee is so big they will have to hold their meetings in the villa marina !
  20. Omobono


    I was stopped at the traffic lights in Glen vine, on Peel road road near school on Saturday evening lights tuned red and amber and a BMW electric car passed me doing over 40 ,could have caused a major accident ,especially if someone was slow coming through the lights onto the Peel road ,there are some crazy people on the roads , time the police started to take an interest in road safety and accident prevention ,
  21. I am afraid reporting standards and attention to detail have become a thing of the past, we are currently starved of local news ,there is plenty happening out there ,,and both isle of man newspapers and the local radio stations do little investigative journalism or seem to get to attend serious court sittings, and only print sanitized government press releases , We are fast becoming Manx Mushrooms ,kept in the dark and fed on Bullsh-t
  22. Can't these muppets finish any job on time , they have had excellent weather , too many playing with their mobile phones, standing around and wasting time , job should have been carried out split shift to take advantage of the daylight hours 7am until 2 and the next lot 2 until 8 pm like everywhere else in the real world , It also looks like the water splash at the top roundabout and useless drainage grids are not going to be tacked either , what a shambles only in the Isle of Man!!
  23. Noel Cringle was not an attention seeker or a Granny Farmer , he was dead straight , and would often put civil servants under considerable pressure to make sure all points had been properly considered before embarking on expensive schemes , or introducing legislation or policy that could impact the less well off in our society , he was also a workaholic a very successful farmer and buisiness , and sports man and someone who has done much good for the Island and his fellow man , a staunch tee totaler but always prepared to listen to the other persons point of view , he set his standards by his deep religious belief , and christian principals , which many may find old fashioned but you could never knock him for his belief ,and the conviction he was put on this earth to do some good ! for everyone , sadly they don't make them like Noel anymore red meat politicians seem to be a thing of the past , but he lived a good clean life we should leave him to rest in peace ,but remember him with fondness!
  24. But as I understand it Banks and other coin dealers outlets get a better discount than the post office , what I would like to see is the design and all the marketing carried out by the Philatelic department , which could provide a more united Isle of Man PLC front ,some of the previous christmas coins and TT collectable coins are bringing decent money ,these were designed as joint ventures post office treasury ,with associated stamp issues ,and have been highly successful in the past ,
  25. Callister should have been shouting from the rooftops as soon as this vandalism and unruly behaviour started in Onchan he had the golden opportunity in his role to bring this and other similar matters involving anti social behaviour to the fore , not sadly not a squeek or a question in Tynwald , ,is he frightened of upsetting someone , ? his oath to Tynwald says without fear or favour , too busy writing silly blogs !
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