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  1. well we all know about the isle of man being leaders in technical innovation lets just hope we have got something right for a change ,
  2. My understanding is we have moved away from the tried and tested floating link span that has proved successful on the Mersey for years , and opted for a hydraulic system , maybe this is why its going to cost so much , the design fees must be multi million , it would be good to see a breakdown of the initial costs ,and compare it with what is happening now , it will be £100 before its finished , no freight ,no winter operation , no access after 10-45 in the evening and a bloody long walk to the pier head , and liver buildings ,
  3. it will take a couple of years to undertake the consultation process thats required especially as some of these bills are very controversial , and bearing in mind some of the bills involve a couple of departments ,it will be too much for the legislative drafters and senior civil servants to cope with , look what has happened with the Education bill and the landlords , ,at the end of the day we want legislation that is meaningful and actually works ! not more bureaucracy and government strangulation requiring even more regulators and civil servants . this Island is tottering on the brink , at present and that needs to be clearly understood by everyone .
  4. you couldn't make this up anyone who understands railways knows with a fixed bogie set up such as a horse tram it is impossible to go around a tight curve , this was a big failing when the MER track was relayed outside the garage on the bridge in Laxey , prior to that it was possible to get a steam train all the way to Ramsey as they successfully did during the year of railways with steam on the MER , do we have muppets running these railways ,? time for a clear out and get someone who knows what they are doing ,to run the railways ,
  5. For some time now there has been oil pollution in Peel upper harbour which last weekend required the services of the Coastguard ,and detergent being sprayed by the harbour keeper , to try to break down the film of oil on the water this is not new by any means and regularly there is oil and diesel pollution visible on the water , given the migrating birds are nesting and the shellfish in the outer harbour is being polluted then eaten by wildlife does anyone know if the source of the pollution has been discovered , there are rumours abound and the Environment department and wildlife officers have been very quiet , given the Islands biosphere status this is a dreadful thing to be happening , apparently on a fairly regular basis anybody willing to blow the whistle !
  6. someone in the DOI must have realised Manx net was down for part of today , so as far as parking apps go you are up the creek without a paddle , but I have a gut feeling , this putting off the fateful day is just a smoke screen ,someone is hell bent on installing this parking system , why we are not considering a user friendly system with multi payment option solutions I don't know it seems crazy when many of the older generation don't have the latest mobile telephones or apple or Google pay on their devise ,and giving bank card details over the phone to someone who you don't really trust should be a No NO ,
  7. I don't think for one minute its the ladies who leave their top clothes over the rail on the bandstand when they go in for a swim , its the drunks and druggies who frequent the place in the evenings , and there is supposed to be a toilet next door if it ever is working or open ! if it turns out to be the corporation's responsibility then they should be hanging their heads in shame
  8. so who is responsible for the upkeep of the bandstand area next door where all the metalwork is starting to rust away and it stinks of urine !
  9. there are a number of mature ladies who regularly swim off Queens promenade and get changed in the uncared for and semi derelict bandstand that is crying out for some TLC and a coat of paint , perhaps this beach hut application is to provide a facility for them ? or are they worried the neglected bandstand is stinking of urine and occasion other unmentionables , because of the corporations pay to pee policy and for most of last week the pay toilets on Douglas prom would not accept 20p coins or appear to be available for use , with so many people about in the nice weather all I can say is its a Bloody Disgrace !
  10. just looking at the feeble excuse for introducing a charge to use the public toilets in Nobles park and councillor Andrew Bentley's pathetic excuse on Manx radio , he says its mostly down to vandalism , but not prepared to monitor the entrance to the toilets with a CCTV camera , No stick a 20p charge right across the board and seemingly include all the other council run public conveniences , As a Douglas ratepayer I think its an absolute disgrace that public toilets and baby changing facilities have now become a cash cow ,for the corporation , whatever happened to providing rate funded public health and toilet facilities for the town and its visitors , the town is scruffy, dirty , and soon because of this decision some people will be relieving themselves in all sorts of places , and young children , particularly in the play areas on the promenade and the parks requiring money from their parents to go to the toilet ,
  11. gulls have more sense they never nest where there is a likely hood of being flooded or washed away
  12. and this is almost at the frond door of the DOI ministers house , should have gone to specsavers !
  13. just when you think the corpy couldn't waste any more money than they have been doing , I see the electrical division are stringing festoon lighting on the South Quay near the old car wash , no posh restaurants on that side or the harbour , so the nice to have lighting will be at a cost or either the wall in the sunken gardens or the introduction of a fortnightly refuse collection , and what a waste of energy and resources ,
  14. don't you know the price of petrol on the Isle of man always goes up just before TT week has done for years , and as usual there does not seem to be anyone looking after the interests of the consumer any more ?
  15. A few red faces in Manx care , the system has not exactly covered itself in glory ,but not to worry just pay out the money , which will lead to even more loss of creditable status in the medical profession ,
  16. if this App does not work at the airport and leaves a lot of local people feeling railroaded , he will loose all his credibility , the honeymoon period is over , and Tim must have made the decision to approve the introduction of the parking payment app, sadly introduced without any consultation with the frequent flyers or travelling public , who regularly use the carparks
  17. might have been granted planning permission, but just wait until the police fire and health and safety boys start to crawl all over it ,and will they be able to sell and drink alcohol , it will need more stewards than they have at the cup final
  18. I am amazed at the numbers of people doing U turns at the Quarter Bridge obviously picked up the big mac and want to get back into town , but its a really dangerous thing to do, and most of the time they couldn't be bothered to give any kind of signal other than the one finger when all the horns from the near misses start blowing ,
  19. easy solution to this is stop the free parking for Tynwald members at the airport and let them fight it out with the great unwashed , on the public car parks they can claim back their parking fees , that should sort the men from the boys ! and make sure we get a system that is user friendly and actually works
  20. sorry with so much money being sunk into reynoldsway there is no chance of moving the airport to another location , however its high time the landing systems in poor visibility were looked at , or even the lighting gantry replaced at the northern end of the runway , far to many aircraft being turned back and flights cancelled ,
  21. another waste of money ,and we finish up with a new bridge that in capacity terms is very inferior to the one its replaced but it had to fit with the active travel dream ,! I have yet to see a cyclist using the very expensive crossing at Anagh Coar , and riding around the Pulrose golf course cycleway , who dreams these schemes up ?
  22. its like a comedy of errors down there , and it is doing damage to the reputation of the isle of man, when is someone with the paid responsibility going to wake up and do something about it ,
  23. question is who was his line manager during this time, and why was he allowed to get away seemingly scot free and no accountability , I do hope it doesn't turn out we actually paid him off, that would be a travesty ,but its the Isle of Man were talking about and some incredible things are happening that really defy all logic ,
  24. I see the Jeremy Fella ,was on BBC last night fawning over his new television series about Heathrow and the pandemic , he actually said he was airport director on the isle of man during this time and some days there was only an old lady on a medical flight , with all that time on his hands and probably on full pay you would have thought he could have organised some maintenance work and sorted out the car park and other areas , do you think we should ask for our money back ? I know I feel cheated the place is a disgrace !
  25. Frank was a gentleman and a good common sense copper , I believe his men liked and respected him , the Island was a much different place under his watch , I believe he came from Thames valley police
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