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  1. more disruption announced today traffic single file and parking discontinued while they dig up the areas of the promenade again , the drains are still stuffed in some places , they are slowly killing off the retail and tourist sector and if all the red concrete has to come up again then they might as well get somebody in who knows what they are doing , run the rails the full length of the Prom , and be done with it , if Tynwald decides the DOI gone against the spirit of the motion passed almost 3 years ago to keep the trams then that could cause further disruption , and while they at it get rid of the silly carbuncles and pinch points they have created ,
  2. does that also mean they will be out with or exempt from the landlords legislation that government and its agencies have cleverly removed themselves from , and can they also include Rheyrt Na Bay elderly persons home off Windsor road in a future study ,if its not suitable for elderly people anymore because government have changed the regulations and shot themselves in the foot , it could easily be adapted for single people or key workers , but most of all don't let the police do their riot training in there as thats what has wrecked the interior of the Nurses Home in Douglas
  3. does that also mean they will be out with or exempt from the landlords legislation that government and its agencies have cleverly removed themselves from , and can they also include Rheyrt Na Bay elderly persons home off Windsor road in a future study ,if its not suitable for elderly people anymore because government have changed the regulations and shot themselves in the foot , it could easily be adapted for single people or key workers , but most of all don't let the police do their riot training in there as thats what has wrecked the interior of the Nurses Home in Douglas
  4. will this MHK please put up or shut up ! first its trying to close the schools because she feels it a bit windy , and undermining the decisions the education department and schools for the safety of the children in her care now she wants to control sex education in schools , citing the abortion bill in her interview , which really has nothing to do with the teaching criteria , As a school governor herself you would think she would understand the system , I think this lady protests too much ! she has only been in the Job 5 minutes , what we were taught in school and its a scientific fact Empty Vessels Make The Most Noise ,! let's see some evidence backed information and not here say !
  5. probably holidays in the Brazilian rainforest because someone got a finders fee , didn't someone in there who just happened to be Chairman of Barclays offshore Isle of man benefit in some way , I must get my copy of the Tynwald enquiry into the MEA out again ,just to make sure history is not repeating itself , if ever there was a time when the government needed to watch the pennies its now , !
  6. NO it has to be Daffy's comment there will be no more petrol or diesel vehicles on the Manx roads by 2030 part of the Island commitment to zero emissions , the way things are shaping up there will be No Daffy in Tynwald by 2026, and there will be an extra £42 million to spend on health education ,infrastructure and all the other things government are seriously neglecting as Alf said recently we are in for a rough ride ! and a lot of people have other things to think about than saving the planet
  7. was in not a purchased by a certain gentleman of Indian decent who was also in the wine business , who I believe left to Island in a hurry when a certain VAT account issue arose he was said to have had a former chief minister as a director of one of his enterprising companies , he possibly also still owns a large building on peel road , something to do with the Oddfellows I think , some of the skeet mongers on here might give you some more information
  8. I thought there was a pilot scheme a few years ago where taxi's and other vehicles trialed LPG , I would have thought an exemption could have been created in the regulations to allow a similar thing to take place , I am not an expert in gas as a vehicular fuel , but I assume there must be other issues perhaps safety that prevent the use of these vehicles taking place , But you would have thought the council would have covered themselves with the supplier if they found they could not be operated here , sadly its developing into another chewing gum machine fiasco , not thought out properly ,I wonder how much they lost on the sell back of the vehicles ?
  9. So why didn't they use the same size blanks as the UK pound coins , when they decided to mint the new toy town money but like everything else they seem to do ,we have got to be different , and seen put our own identity on things, even if it costs us hundreds of thousands of pounds to achieve it , without thinking of the on going consequences ,and problems that easily can be avoided ,
  10. the last time there was smells like this was when Litts had a huge diesel and oil spill that polluted the river Glass , Tromode dam and Douglas harbour , there was a similar spill at the Pulrose power station when there was so much pollution they had to excavate the contaminated ground and ship it off Island , it also killed everything in the river and harbour , and I think the electricity authority had to pay compensation the Oil was everywhere in the marina , and many birds rescued by the MSPCA who the MEA had to pick up the bill for cleaning , I do hope something like this has not happened , again the smell today was similar to gas oil lets hope it can be traced and any possible pollution diverted
  11. well its a fourth rate promenade now , with significant on going maintenance and drainage problems , !
  12. Making that clown President of Tynwald is an absolute joke and an insult to hard working Manx people no presence , no gravitas , and no sense , just another occupant on board the gravy train
  13. And the sad thing is after all the money that is being spent , it cant be used for freight , or after a certain time in the evening , it whats commonly known as unfit for purpose , or we have been sold a pup , the Sea Cat will be gone in a couple of years ,thats if increased fuel prices make it unviable to operate it any more ! we will be left with 2 conventional freight carrying ferries one of which will be 25 yers old you couldn't make this up , talk about future proofing the Islands sea services , its a JOKE ,
  14. the grids and drain covers are going the same way , poor quality and not suitable for a marine environment , they will never be away from the place ,blocked drains , poor finishes , and no non ferrous metals or traditional cast Iron which does not rust , add that to the unsightly tarmac repairs uneven surfaces and subsidence in the promenade walkway there is a few bob to be spent yet , I can believe how they have got away with loosing so many car parking spaces and narrowing the carriageway down to such an extent , that the traffic from Broadway north will be brought to a crawl and it will be almost impossible to pass vehicles making deliveries , Cycles or the horse trams if they ever operate again , Come on Mr Crookall were waiting to see what you are doing about it and who is responsible for this waste of money ,
  15. Omobono

    TT 2022 ??

    I see the notice convening the next TT marshals EGM due to take place wednesday 2 nd March is out , and the comments are I believe an insult to all those who give their time to support the races , I hope someone in the know will publish the notice together with the agenda there still appears to be No Balance sheet or statement of accounts , ,
  16. He had friends in high places ,and sadly picked fights with locals over diversion of public footpaths and planning , some people believe he became incredibly arrogant , let's see who is prepared to stick by him now ?among the good and the great
  17. why do we have all these people stating the bloody obvious his achievement in Tynwald could have been written on the back of a postage stamp , Daffy is another on twitter every 5 minutes ,
  18. we are already going down the road to ruin on the subject of legalising cannabis , and recent tests on Island have shown over 20 people in a reasonably short period ,driving while impaired , in countries like Canada its got so bad people will avoid going out at night because of Stoned drivers , and drivers off their heads ,on skunk and other forms of Cannabis Evidence shows after a while Chrystal meths is rapidly taking over , and while I have no objection to the legalisation of cannabis for medical purposes , it should be a complete no .no for drivers or people in a circumstances where that can cause harm or injury to others , this island has already lost the war on drugs and it seems both hard and soft drugs are available every where and the police can do little to control it .
  19. it does bring into question the qualifications of the security staff and their ability to deal with something like a cardiac arrest or seizure , and its a surprise that the case was brought by the AG's office , perhaps the radio or newspapers will conduct a more thorough investigation into the case and provide an update based on the evidence given in court ,
  20. Don't forget its half term and some families have not been off the Rock for 2 years , if ever flying from Ronaldsway need to be slick user friendly and hassle free it"s now I hear at times there were not enough seats for people to sit , and still problems in the security area , is anybody actually in charge down there !
  21. if ever there was a time in the history of the Isle of man for government to take time out to reflect whats happening in the world around us , record food and energy costs local people in dire need , 2 years of covid support , huge hospital and medical waiting lists no doctors , dentists ,crumbling infrastructure raw sewage on the beaches , the prospect of a major war in eastern Europe , and we can still find £42 million to tick a few boxes so we can say were tackling global warming , I am afraid a dose of realism is urgently required in the corridors of government buildings before the Isle of man looses the plot completely
  22. if there not claiming unemployment benefit whats the problem. they are more than likely retired government officials and civil servants , many of whom are in warmer climates in the winter hence the empty properties in the census figures great pity there not teachers ,Doctors Dentists , Nurses , plenty of jobs to fill there , It would be good to see if the report actually produces figures of all those being paid by central or local government or related agencies , , I tend to find these accountancy practices tent to publish what government want to hear ,instead of being perfectly honest and publishing warts and All reports , that might bring a change in government policy or seek to reduce the headcount and free up people for the private sector who cant expend due to staff shortages ,
  23. his name was Stuart Mitchell its all in a Tynwald report not ding dong Bells finest hour
  24. the levels and cambers on the old promenade were calculated by a plank of wood and a spirit level , it appears the new generation think water will run up hill , or does not pool in a hollow , wait until summer and areas of parking have to be suspended , as you cant unblock the small drain holes in the edge of the curb or jet wash out with vehicles being in the location , you couldn't make this up , but lessons were learned about kerb edge drainage on Richmond hill years ago wern't they?
  25. the airspace around the Isle of Man is international , the UK government are responsible for our defence and there is a very long tradition of the Isle of Mans excellent relationship that all of the UK armed forces ,and in particular the Royal airforce , have with us , John needs to stop listening to Bernie Moffatt , and all the other republican tripe , we could be be up against the forces of Putin at any time now and our pilots need all the support and training they can get , I do not believe the Royal airforce specifically target women and children or are involved in atrocities , and for some considerable time there have been very few , if any Saudi or other gulf state trainee pilots involved in touch and go flights into Ronaldsway , If John has any evidence to the contrary then let's see it please !
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