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  1. you would have thought after receiving £3million from the taxpayer , someone might have bought some wood filler and paint and started to make the Sefton a bit more presentable , if thats our flagship hotel in our best prime location , then first impressions say it all , What a Sh1t hole , its a disgrace ,
  2. I think the gaming sector has lost some traction here , and the fall in peoples disposable income is going to hit hard quite soon , we are still loosing business to places like Malta , who although they are members of the EU appear to be attracting some strange gaming business models and continue to grow their superyacht and aviation registers by being much more aggressive in the market place , and to some extent much more customer friendly , anyone tried to open a bank account or set up a new business here recently ?
  3. I thought it was poorly advertised , and there appeared to be more stall holders than graduates , I think if there were more locally run degree courses ,where students could link with potential or perspective employers , it would save everyone a lot of money , but we will continue to loose out because the Island does no longer have affordable living standards ,or provide younger people with entertainment or things to do , Once students have tasted life and career opportunities say in London or cities in Europe or beyond , it is very difficult to convince them they have a future in the Isle of man which sadly continues to decline ,
  4. how long before the first motor vehicle collision ?
  5. I see Everton are having problems raising enough money for their new stadium at half tide dock in liverpool right next to the isle of man's white Elephant project , watch this space as it all begins to unravel ,and possibly cost us even more money to complete
  6. Everyone in Douglas has received their Rates demand this week , went into town hall today and you can only pay the bill between 11am and 2-30pm except Friday when they close earlier , what sort of service is this , and what are the staff doing when there not at the counters in the payment area , its a disgrace and time some of the councillors realised they were there to provide a service for the ratepayers ,
  7. I would have thought making serious allegations like this and failing to substantiate the claim would have been enough to have him suspended from the labour party , it does not do the credibility of any of the MHK's or other members any good the guy is out of control and I am afraid not living in the real world !
  8. its a great shame the promenade scheme has led to the loss of so many on street parking places ,which are having an adverse effect on the retail sector , to take even more spaces is a ridiculous idea , and in my opinion totally wrong on part of a very busy highway
  9. where do government get this bullshit ? ,bread prices in Tesco the biggest sellers of bread ,went from 85pence for a multi seed loaf to £1.05 regarding the Women's and Children's clothing , what charity shop did they visit ? there was never such a drop in price in TK Max or in Marks and Spencer the biggest providers of Women's and Children's clothing , who is providing all thus Duff information ?
  10. Omobono

    Poor MHKs

    Looks like she has become the first Cuckoo of spring , too self opinionated for me ,and as someone said, not in the real world and does not deliver on anything , sadly it will be over 4 years before you can make a difference ,
  11. when Tony was in Charge it was a much better run organisation ,and they did bring in experts from the parent company, but I guess if it could tick a box then it was a simple solution to give them the work , and the design team and suits at the sea terminal could wash their hands of it ,and blame someone else as we are seeing happen now ,
  12. I see Jason the wonder boy has got involved , the whole thing is degenerating into a real dogs breakfast there has to be a more practical solution found to the one that are proposing
  13. And they still think they can cope with a TT dream on ! Covid will be with us for a while yet
  14. Cammell lairds still building ships on the mersey great reviews about the Sir david Attenbourough boatie Mc Boatface performing well on her maiden voyage to the Ice and there are many yards in Europe and Turkey capable of putting a well priced ferry project together , might even be a few P and O bargains to be picked up soon , at knock down prices ,
  15. I would love to see the price comparisons ,especially given the huge rise in transport and freight costs , I bet its much cheaper to obtain energy from the combustibles by incinerating them on island , agree the metals and polly plastic can be exported for recycling but its time some honesty and common sense was brought into this argument ,and the true costs were revealed
  16. with the £20.000 they are going to blow on a carnival, they could reintroduce the weekly bin collection again ,what a waste of resources , received my rates demand today ,not happy with these tossers !
  17. Omobono


    whats happened to the taxi inspector , there used to be one , I hope the corporation are listening , more free public toilets required , and a better understanding that the taxi's do provide a service in the town ,and without them a lot of people would experience difficulty shopping and getting home after a night out , rather see a few taxis in Victoria street than a line of grey mini bus's loosing the taxpayer a fortune ,
  18. But Ted was homed on numerous occasions , he didn't want a roof over his head and preferred to sleep in the Villa Colonnade , he also spent time with the Salvation army who regularly bathed and washed him and changed his clothes , Sadly alcohol mainly given by passers by with good intent , and mental illness brought about his demise , I can remember Ted before he come off the rails ,he was a gardener , kind always pleasant and good humoured ,
  19. So not a good start to operation strongbox , the body thats been set up to police our ports of entry and prevent criminals and undesirables arriving on our shores , I don't know why he was told to leave the island ,I would have thought the authorities would have made sure he was delivered to the ferry ,and sent on his way back to Lancaster ,
  20. Omobono


    went to pay my water and sewerage rate in the post office , what a performance ,it seems the rate demand does not have a bar code or enough digits in the number to generate a code , after a couple of phone calls and a very patient lady in the Post office , finally a way was found to make the transaction , it makes you wonder if treasury Isle of man government , who print the rates demand form are actually trying to phase the post office network out of the payments collection service , it was also rumoured the DOI were looking to take back the motor vehicle and other licensing payments ,
  21. and it came with a £57.000 bonus , nice work if you can get it ,
  22. Omobono

    Firm closing

    if Gawne is on the payroll of Manx radio then its not for him to be putting forth his own opinions , conduct interviews with various factions , maintain a balance by all means he has enough skeletons in his closet and examples where he cost the taxpayer much money from his past clangers and I am afraid working for quasi government outfit like Manx radio he has to remain impartial ,and got get sucked into ,
  23. Omobono

    Firm closing

    Stu you are correct there is a whole food division at the headquarters in St Johns , you never see any of them out anywhere but they are good at bragging about their success ,but most of the business's are really cottage or artisan industries ,since the lockdown it would appear that this group have disapeared or claim to be working at home you would have thought this was the very time these incubator businesses and essentials such as Ramey bakery received regular calls or visits , to make sure things were OK or to offer advice regarding possible support , but No it seems our civil service are above that , and is this not the same couldn't care less culture that has infiltrated most government departments and agencies .
  24. I was quite surprised to see 2 men dossing in Wallis shop entrance this Monday morning complete with belongings and bedding , something radically wrong with Manx society if we don't do something to try to curtail this activity , I felt sorry for the individuals , but the there are several agencies and support groups out there who will provide help , I never thought things here could get so bad, did anyone else see them ?
  25. if the grain for milling wheat is at such a premium then there will be a potential for export ,and a chance for farmers to make some money , It would be a good question to ask the Agricultural department how much milling wheat and cereals are expected to be grown on the island this year , they should have been sown by now , and you never know there could be a potential purchaser for Ramsey bakery , government should not get involved in businesses such as this , there are plenty of cheaper options for the purchase of bread in the supermarkets , Sainsburys bread in Shoprite for 65 pence , same in marks and spencer , Sad but at the end of the day if the bakery goes then , someone else will inevitably pick up the slack and make a go of it
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