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  1. Thanks for your reply. No it was never hidden to evade ‘being caught’. I put my first shed up to keep tools in when I used to grow vegetables. I bought it off a farmer who said it was not viable for him any more. I wanted somewhere to wild camp without being told by the landowner ‘ you can’t camp here it’s private land’. I thought I was doing something for my family to enjoy the countryside. I was not challenged by anybody who knew full well I was here growing veggies and camping occasionally. I never intended to flout Planning Regs. I was naive and ignorant. Since starting out I’ve planted many indigenous trees and created a wonderful wildlife habitat, which didn’t exist when it was used for potatoes. I fully understand they don’t want to set a precedent. I do believe though that the use here is established due to the passage of time.
  2. Many thanks. Yes that’s Enforcement Policy. it’s interesting that the Regs say if it’s ‘out of time’ it is then ‘lawful’ BUT, which is sooo bad, the Policy Doc says it’s never lawful, even when out of time. Misleading and legally incorrect. I don’t want to sell. And my understanding is that I don’t have to have a LDC to make it lawful. Planning have an important job ensuring no ‘developers’ go against our islands’ Plans. I am very much small fry and no ‘harm’ or risk is occurring.
  3. No not in a garden. Used since erected to stay in for leisure. I can elaborate but don’t want waste your time. I have studied the Regs and enforcement regs and policies. I believe they are out of time to take the building down. However staying/living here has caused an issue with a complainant. The problem seems to be a “use’ of the place. Let me know if I should go into any more details. This is a public (ish) place to discuss it. Cheers
  4. Thanks for your reply Annoymouse.
  5. Hi all Yes John Wright. It is. Wooden cabin erected on private land 18 years ago. It’s complicated. Are you familiar with the Regs?
  6. Hi there is anyone au fait with Planning Regs and in particular the immune from enforcement clauses? If so I would like to ask for some advice on interpretation and whether anyone has had problems with the department when they are out of time Cheers
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