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  1. You're right that it's not as widely known about off the island as you might expect. My point was that for thise people who are aware of it, it shows the island in a particularly bad light. Now more people will be aware of it or reminded of it because of a random newspaper article.
  2. It remains a terrible stain on the Island's reputation and character. I remember that many years ago my wife met another lawyer who, I think, as a young man had been involved in some capacity in the report into the tragedy. That experience caused him to form a very unfavourable opinion of the IoM.
  3. @Gladys - I agree with you 100% re the apparent sexualising of all this and the way it presents. As you say, that earlier image is clearly intended to (and does) present as a male fantasy image of a schoolgirl. I find it quite disturbing... Even more so when teachers and DESC don't find it disturbing. (Re schoolkids id'ing as animals, I'd have thought that was an obvious pisstake by the kids - if it happens at all) [Edit: I've just mentioned this to my wife who's a former chair of school governors at a local school. She just laughed and said if it has happened it is just the kids taking the piss out of adults who should have more sense.]
  4. Anyone remember Dave Ingham and know what happened to him? (I asked the same question on the other thread in General Chat as I got confused between that one and this one. Genuinely interested to know what happened to him. He never taught me by the way, but he struck me as somebody... not quite comfortable as a teacher... )
  5. Anyone remember Dave Ingham? What happened to him?
  6. A friend and former colleague who's had experience from a HR point of view of dealing with trans issues in the workplace in the NHS passed this on to me as they were interested to know what I thought of it. I know it's from the mail online, and I have no idea how accurate it is myself, but my friend assures me it is accurate. (It's Canadian so I suspect it probably is accurate although I don't know for sure) Assuming it is, what do others think of what is being described in the article? Is this trans teacher simply expressing how they feel about their sex/gender in a legitimate way that is acceptable in a school setting, or is there perhaps an element of misogyny here? Is the trans teacher innocently demonstrating either (1) their personal ideal of a woman or their own image of themself, or (2) are they displaying an offensive and distorted caricature that reduces women to nothing more than a pair of giant breasts? The school is apparently giving this teacher their wholehearted support and sees nothing to be concerned about regarding the way in which they present themselves at school. High school defends transgender teacher with large prosthetic breasts | Daily Mail Online
  7. I'm sorry but I think that's bit harsh. She had no choice as to what circumstances she was born into (just as people born into poverty don't have a choice either) and when she was born it was never envisaged that she might become Queen. As I posted earlier, I think she has conducted herself in an exemplary manner regarding her total political impartiality during the 70 years of her reign. With the greatest respect, I doubt that I, you, or any other posters on this forum could have conducted themselves so well over such a long period. It isn't all just about having money or access to it. As I said earlier, I'm not a royalist but I'm big enough to give credit where it is due. Some people, unfortunately, will not do so if it doesn't conform with their values or beliefs. I don't approve of the monarchy, but I think Liz II did an incredible job as Monarch.
  8. I am most certainly not a proud royalist, but I wholeheartedly agree with that final statement. For 70 years she has accomplished the impossible task of being politically impartial in her role as head of state, and at the same time heading up what seems to be a largely dysfunctional family. It's all downhill with Charles (or however he becomes styled) as head of state.
  9. They can't seriously be closing their pubs for 24 hours, can they... ?
  10. I might be mistaken, but I thought it had been announced a couple of decades ago that - when he eventually succeeded to the throne - he wouldn't take the title Charles III ? (I'm most definitely not a royalist but I think the Queen did a fantastic job over a 70 year period. However, I continue to be amazed that she and Philip decided to name the heir to the throne after two of the most divisive monarchs the country has ever seen... )
  11. I think @MrGarrison was distracted by your somewhat equivocal answer to my earlier post. My question was whether it was transphobic for a lesbian woman not to want to have a sexual relationship with a transwoman with a biologically male body and male genitals. Your answer - if I've understood you correctly - is an unequivocal "No", that that is not transphobic. However, you confusingly also went on to answer a different question of your own choosing referring only to "trans" people and excluding any reference to their biology, body shape, body size or genitalia. You appeared to suggest that in that context*, that if a lesbian did not want a sexual relationship with a transwoman that that "... could be transphobic." I think @MrGarrison understandably mistook this response to a question I never asked as your answer to the question I did ask. I'm sure @MrGarrison will be happy to accept that it is in fact your unequivocal view that it is not transphobic for lesbian women to decline to enter into sexual relationships with fully male bodied trans women. *Whether it is transphobic for lesbian women not to want to enter into sexual relationships with transwomen simply because they are trans is not a question anybody has asked yet...
  12. Do you find it confusing? It does seem to require a re-definition of various words like lesbian. I suspect that many trans people get no further than "identifying" as such and don't get anywhere close to being resculptured - whether they've thought carefully about it or not...
  13. So - if a lesbian woman were to refuse to enter into a sexual relationship with a "lesbian" transwoman on the grounds that that person was trans and was biologically male with a male body, would that be transphobic?
  14. So for the 22.9% of non-binary people who say they are "Gay/Lesbian", does this mean their preference is for other non-binary people and it isn't by reference to their birth sex? [Edit: Sorry - my question isn't very clear. If two non-binary people (one biological male and the other biological female) end up in a sexual relationship, is that a "Gay/Lesbian" relationship because they are both non-binary, or is it a "Heterosexual" one because they are different biological sexes?]
  15. I think you make an interesting point. I'm not entirely sure that "their ultimate aim" is what you suggest it is*, but I've always been a bit surprised by the ready acceptance of the idea that LGB interests are naturally aligned with trans interests. I'm not at all sure that they are always complementary with each another or even headed in the same direction. I know at least one lesbian (a former work colleague) who has been labelled as transphobic for not wholly endorsing the idea that lesbians should be accepting of sexual relationships with male-bodied transwomen. And, of course, it was the expression of perfectly legal gender-critical views like that (ie that lesbians might not wish to be in a sexual relationship with a person with a male body) that led to the barrister Allison Bailey suing her chambers for discrimination after she was accused of being transphobic. I think some trans issues are potentially quite damaging to the LGB movement. *I'm not sure if the results of the National LGBT Survey are consistent with trans respondents wanting "heteronormative" relationships rather than "Gay/Lesbian" roles?
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