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  1. 4…. Having a little group chat to see if you can ban someone because they don’t agree with you 😂 This is possibly the most poorly moderated site on the internet. Which might explain why it is so quiet.
  2. You have spout ffs. Don’t get much bigger of a dick on your head than that 😂
  3. Banned by the wanky forum police in 5???
  4. Based on what? Any actual errors in what I have said? Or do my views just not suit you poxy little websites agenda? I wonder why you have so few posters😂😂 You have a weird forums system where people “win the day”. I think I have been a member for 4 or 5. Won the day twice. Maybe you need some fresh blood in here to stop people laughing at you all, but you wouldn’t like that. Manxforums. A discussion page for people who all have the same opinion and don’t criticise the (shit hole) of an island in any way
  5. Give over. They have paid a significant amount of money for a slab to be engraved precisely where people will stand and where water will collect. It will be knackered in no time. I only saw the picture and figured it out so why has it made it through design, installation and sign off without anyone at doi/doc noticing? It isn’t negative to point out massive cockups! There are hundreds of ways they could have done that better and I have only been thinking about it for 30 seconds.
  6. List me three things about the island you can’t get better elsewhere in Britain, that aren’t old wheels that don’t work, or civil service pensions?
  7. You should at least try and make it difficult to wind you up 😂 I guess you don’t get out much?
  8. Exactly. When someone tries to be funny and list what are actually amongst the worst towns in Britain. They are still all better than our capital. Which is a dump, but still the dump on island with the most going for it.
  9. Don’t forget all the people who will stand on that to get pictures taken. Will be a total mess inside a year/before the prom Is finished
  10. I would put money on you not being able to read that in 18 months. Is it angled to allow drainage? Or will rain and sea water just gather on it an make it unreadable as it rots away?
  11. They are given. We even have a statue There we’re 3 beegees. Robin, stinky and dirty.
  12. That’s it I am out. I love a curry in Birmingham. Wicksteed park is awesome, and I only read the first paragraph of your link 😂
  13. I was in Slough, Reading and Winnersh only this week. Doesn’t forgive the state of Douglas though. Reading is actually OK since they redeveloped down by the river/canal/water thing. Compared to Douglas anyway.
  14. That’s a whole different type of jab you need if you are heading to Douglas! Filthy, horrible, dull, tedious, cesspit of a place.
  15. In fact I heard someone suggesting that since Boris has announced an end to restrictions, people who have been “living with” conditions as a result of lack of treatment and in some cases fear of attending hospital during a pandemic are now thinking they can jump the queue now things are deemed “safe” by getting admitted and ahead of the huge backlog as things open up again. Just hearsay, but would make a bit of sense to me. If I was in pain every day with something that should have been treated a year ago I can see why people would try it.
  16. Correct. The backlog of people who have had treatment delayed is really starting to kick in now ” It comes after hospital trusts across the country have been inundated with record numbers of patients. Tens of thousands of Brits have had surgeries and treatments pushed back due to the pandemic ravaging the health system.” So just to be clear. The issue isn’t COVID patients or related to the increase in cases. It is due to so many people having treatment delayed over recent months. Awful, but I am not sure what anyone can do about it other than prioritising those most in need.
  17. Exactly, and we all know it. Would I have that conversation in mixed company at a dinner party? No. Guaranteed to end up be labelled sexist, racist or homophobic. Sad but a reflection of the world we live in.
  18. Disagree. But to try and make the point which I (and lots of other people) think is perfectly valid, will just end up in a spat and every word I type being over analysed in the hunt for some offence or twisted to imply some sort of underlying intolerance of others. So I won’t bother. Which kind of backs up what Stu was saying.
  19. I get the knock on effect of COVID patients being in hospital, whether that is the reason they are there or not. Lots do not. Lots still think COVID admissions rising equals thousands of people at deaths door, purely because they caught COVID. Surely there needs to come a point where we just stop testing? Or the hospitals will never cope if loads of patients need extra space and precautions in case they pass something they didn’t know they had onto someone who is either fully vaccinated or has already had it?
  20. Hospital admission rates are going to grow. Say 20 percent of your population are active cases at any given time (according to a test) that’s broadly going to be 20 percent of people admitted to hospital for any reason. It was people on ventilators they stressed about at first which was fair enough as they were clearly very ill and utilising a limited resource. Now it’s people who had a heart attack or car crash but happen to give a positive pcr result on admission. Total madness
  21. What is lad or ladders culture then? I would class myself a “lad” Teenager in the 90s. Now a middle aged white straight guy who likes beer and football, motorsport, women and lots of other things that middle aged white men enjoy. Falling into that group apparently means I have a head start in every sense. I am not black I am not LGBT I am not a woman I am not disabled. So by all counts I have it easier than anyone else. Only problem is I dare not open my mouth these days for fear of offending someone. Imagine a recruitment process these days where all candidates were equal on ability and experience. All equally suitable for the position. Me, a woman, a gay man, a black man and someone in a wheelchair. Guess who is the least likely to get the job?
  22. Are we not counting fire and police as civil service? Get a promotion at 48. Retire at 50 on pension. Return at 52 on pension and consultancy rate to do the same job you did before. Double bubble. Winner winner, chicken dinner. 6 figure income other no actual skills or qualifications. Ding ding
  23. Unless you catch killer COVID in the meantime. Game Over
  24. Agree. Anyone who has spent two years stuck here and doesn’t miss the hustle and bustle of a city, decent food, or even the peace and quiet of some spectacular scenery needs to get off island more. There isn’t a single thing here that can’t be bettered within a two hundred mile radius, never mind the whole of Britain or the World. (possible exception- the Bonnag championship)
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