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  1. citizen x


    Guy goes to Doctor complaining of Tom Jones songs playing in his head non-stop 24/7 All last night it was" Delilah",all day yesterday it was" Green green grass of home" all day today it was" Whats new pussy cat" I,m at my wits end Doctor,Is this a common condition have you heard of it before Oh yes replied the Doctor "Its not unusual"
  2. Yes could be ,even so why is the water allowed to run away if a we are heading for a hose ban
  3. We are being asked to be careful with water use,so why is the Groudle river (stream) which flow,s down from Clypse reservoir being allowed to pour down to the sea The long range forecast is for more dry weather and not much rain which appears to be confined to Southern uk Just asking
  4. Oh .not shaun (sean) maybe it was Carlton kirby he has been on euro sport for decades he often goes on about what he had for dinner the night before,he once missed a spectacular crash because he was waxing lyrical about a souffle he,d had for lunch
  5. That would be Shaun Kelly i think, ex tdf top rider during the 80,s,yes he is bit droney often says terty k.s to go not thirty k,s
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