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  1. https://fb.watch/8b8wd8FT5I/
  2. I might have been in the pub all afternoon but this statue got me thinking. You know when you see statues and one are is worn and polished where people cop a touch as they walk past or to get their photos taken? I wonder which bits of this one will end up all shiny and polished?
  3. Name them. Name the ones that could come here and with our tiny market turn a profit after rent, rates, staff and the additional costs associated with running a UK chain in a none UK location such as legal fees and additional transport costs. If they were viable they would be here, and it is nothing to do with government if they decide to locate here or not. It is driven by size of market and their margins.
  4. Turns out “long COVID” isn’t anywhere near the issue they made out. Who would have thought it? Much like the COVID itself which hasn’t really caused any major issues since we let it rip (I know vaccines, but people were still predicting the end of the world back in May/June) Turns out that in a largely vaccinated population it doesn’t warrant worrying about. Can we get rid of the rest of the stupid border restrictions now please? I have friends,colleagues and family who want to get here. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-58584558
  5. Have you seen the extra marshal training required for formula e, extreme e, and even the F1 now they are hybrid? The extra fire precautions? Did you see what happened to the Rimmac Richard Hammond crashed?
  6. This thread has lost the plot!! So many unfounded accusations and then people getting grumpy because after a lot of googling and investigation they found out that someone who used to work for an international business used to use planes a lot. For the record I agree that jumping in a car to photograph every minor misdemeanour on island is a less justifiable carbon footprint than someone flying to work.
  7. Nah I don’t buy that. It’s just some sort of personal witch hunt. Plus that sort of info doesn’t just fall into your lap. You have to go actively looking for it. I probably flew a similar amount to that in 2015/16. My boss would have sacked me if I hadn’t. Given those planes were going anyway and he would have just sent someone else and demoted me I wasn’t making some environmental standpoint in case I ever decided to stand for election at some point in the future.
  8. It’s all a ploy to get people talking about Josem and getting him in obviously. Any publicity is good publicity blah blah. Maybe.
  9. We were only waiting on his and one other and according the the good lady they are both there for when the Studio 1 thing “airs” tonight. Will sit tight and wait for any Twitter meltdowns or social media cockups before deciding next week. Noticed a reduction in door knocking. 3 called so far (and it was them, because the doorbell says so) but we were out on each occasion.
  10. Generated by one extra person sitting on flights that were going to be in the air anyway?
  11. Ok so I am no fan of the candidate you are trying to discredit but have to say this does appear to be getting a bit sad and personal now. Not sure how comfortable I am with a local politician and moderator on a local forum who himself setup threads to discuss the elections, then using that same forum as (another) tool to keep having a go at an individual candidate.
  12. A vehicle that can squirt past slow moving traffic rather than a boat that takes 10s to do 0 to 60 is significantly safer on Manx roads. It also probably has better tyres, brakes and general handling than a 100bhp shopping wagon.
  13. Yes. Numerous cars I have owned over about a ten year period. Was cool at first, now driving one that doesn’t do it is like taking a step back in time but still a chance to show the kids a Dad skill
  14. Yep. As cars become bigger then the available space to park and drive on will continue to (effectively) narrow
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