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  1. Here’s hoping people do their bit for the beleaguered hospitality industry and take an LFT and head out to the pubs, clubs and restaurants this weekend. We are hopefully all knocking off and lunchtime and making an afternoon and evening of it and I am hearing of quite a few arranging smaller departmental dos since the main one has been cancelled.
  2. So no one who funds the MTA is a Manx Taxpayer? Interesting! Where do they all live?
  3. He is right. Depend on your definition of “low chance” I suppose
  4. FFS! What judgements of others?
  5. Having started this thread and for the purpose of total transparency. Can I just say I think DTC are a shower of shits who run a bloated mini empire and waste ratepayers money at every possible opportunity? Thanks. You can all carry on now.
  6. Active travel will never become a thing unless we relocate the island a few hundred miles south. It simply doesn’t work in our climate. I live in a town and use a car loads, because my work is all over the island. For Active travel to work in Ramsey then everyone who lives in Ramsey would have to work in Ramsey. Have you ever seen the line of traffic over the mountain every morning and evening? Good luck getting them all walking or cycling.
  7. Turn them into useful recreational space for the benefit of people who live in towns or for people in the area, or build car parks on them to take vehicles away from parking on the street. Since we are talking about Ramsey let’s look at where the school used to be on Waterloo road. Make that a nicely built multi storey with “live walls” build the houses out of town and take traffic away from the quay and Parliament street to make those nicer places with less cars. Put the houses where people want them.
  8. It is an absolutely minuscule and insignificant percentage of the “sponge” that is the huge amount of untouched land on the island. Building there will generate less pollution than having to clear an existing in town site and prepare the equivalent area of land that has already been built on and disposing of the rubble etc.
  9. Developers who are looking to make a profit will not surprisingly build what People want to buy. That is a new build house with harness and drives, a play are etc. To do that in a town would cost significantly more than it does on an area like this, which is effectively dead space at the moment.
  10. Seriously dude. What is this obsession. I am sat at home having just got in from work. I have no idea who offshore is. If it is causing you such issues then suggest a way we can prove we are separate people who have never (knowingly) ever even met and I am happy to oblige. I am in Ramsey all evening. I have no idea where the person I do t know is, but tell me what you want a photo of with some sort of time stamp in it and as long as it isn’t identifying I will oblige. Or, just let whatever weird obsession you have go eh? Oh, and also. Show me one example of me being aggressive during this exchange or laughing at someone else or their views? Cheers Oh. Also show any evidence of me being anti mask!
  11. People build on areas that might flood a couple of times a year all the time. It is not like it is metres of water. Even Ramsey Wilf has just been on Mannin Line saying he is in favour as long as the raise the ground level a bit
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