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  1. And then getting refused any support. I am still paying back debts incurred during the last one
  2. I see them on social media but never in real life. Who are these people who wants masks, restrictions on Gatherings etc?
  3. Ah of course not. You can’t smell it all over the island at all hours of the day at all 🙄
  4. Can anyone give an actual reason or justification for not changing the current law? Other than the fact that it is currently illegal and so deemed to be bad by some?
  5. Yes it is probably because they still have restrictions in place. Every country has to decide if the restrictions they put in place are warranted for the reduction in deaths. Not just COVID but everything. Think speed limits, drink drive limits etc etc. I and a lot of others don’t think further restrictions are justified against the small reduction in risk. Others do. It is governments job to strike that balance and personally I am happy with the balance here and in the UK t the moment other than I would do away with testing other than hospital admissions.
  6. Just copy what they are planning in Italy. Simple Your last paragraph is a belter. He wouldn’t be blowing anything as there would be public support for a sensible legislation
  7. Antidoommongeryarienist You are welcome. Feel free to bandy it about as much as you like.
  8. So say you can but it from regulated and licensed premises, and that only licensed and regulated businesses can import. As part of the legislation you massively increase the penalties for anyone found importing or selling who isn’t licensed. Like massively, make it a risk nobody is going to be prepared to take. What is shady about that? All the dodgy dealers would vanish or at least be much easier to track down and take out of action.
  9. Bloody hell. This Walter actually got elected and from some of his fb posts it would seem he is pro more mitigation and restrictions. I fear a very difficult Christmas for hospitality. Are most places cracking on with Christmas party etc? https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/island-could-need-plan-b-sooner-rather-than-later/?fbclid=IwAR2ZlhGBjKE6Y90XWRrCmPAbZrG6WNAYxq9rkFhIcYqV2Fns29d-8V2JCBE
  10. Psychotic agenda? To protect as many people as possible until vaccinations were rolled out and then get as back to normal as possible without having our life’s dictated by measures to protect a tiny percentage of people who might still be at risk and who if really concerned can take measures to protect themselves? Is that psychotic? I think it’s a pretty widely held view to be honest.
  11. Because 2 deaths per million is such a small and insignificant Number that it isn’t worth discussion and is a small price to pay for the relatively normal lives we and the UK are enjoying right now.
  12. You just ask a friend who uses it who they get it from. It is that simple although much harder to get hold of than before COVID and border restrictions and people are very wary of selling to someone they haven’t dealt with before for obvious reasons. Legalise it and all the shadiness goes away.
  13. LOL!! Literally nobody cares. Even the schools who are allegedly making masks mandatory. I know, let’s make them all wear meals in the corridors and then sit them all next to each other and encourage them to blow as much out of their lungs into the room as is physically possible. Then after school they can all go to an indoor sports session or cram into a small dance studio with 50 others and do loads of exercise. Time to give up with the virtue signalling and “suggestion” of masks and just crack on which is what most are doing anyway. And get the borders fully open. Why on earth are some people still not able to visit? “ Friday 15th October saw over 60 musicians entertain an enthusiastic audience in the sixth annual concert performed jointly by the QEII High School Wind Band and the Isle of Man Wind Orchestra. Both bands played a short programme each during the first part of the evening that featured music from John Williams, Adele, G.F. Handel, Neil Diamond and British composer Nigel Hess amongst others. The bands then combined to perform together which this year featured music from ‘Stage and Screen’. The joint performance began with Mr Dunderdale from the IOMWO conducting the theme music from ‘Wallace and Gromit’ before moving on to Leonard Bernstein’s ‘West Side Story’. Mr Dunderdale then handed the baton over to QEII’s Mr Kinley who directed both bands through the evening’s finale of music from 'Mamma Mia’ and ‘Les Miserables’. The evening was once again a great success and raised over £600 for QEII High School Association! Further pictures of the concert can be found on the school website by following the link below – https://qe2.sch.im/”
  14. Ramseyboi


    I really think you need to stop criticising and get involved in some way so that your amazing ideas and plans can be turned into reality. There are legco seats up for grabs now or you have nearly five full years to prepare for a Keys place assuming there aren’t any by elections. Good luck and we all look forward to you making a valuable contribution to our island
  15. There must be sackings and charges as a result of this? The verdict seems very lenient towards those involved at DOI when so many people had flagged up the fact that this was a danger before the tragic incident had even occurred. I am absolutely fuming and I didn’t know the guy. Sincere condolences to everyone who did and I kind of feel this warrants a real public outcry before this happens somewhere else and to another family. Let us not forget that only a few weeks ago these morons installed that insane crossing in Kirk Michael and have installed numerous “crossings” on the prom which are clearly going to be the scene of an accident at some point.
  16. Ramseyboi

    Legco 2021

    I am NOT Jane Poole Wilson?
  17. Ramseyboi

    Legco 2021

    Why is it a question. Pros and cons surely and I cant really see an issue provided they aren't just looking out for their mates. However given the size of the island everyone knows everyone anyway so I don't personally see it as an issue.
  18. Ramseyboi

    Legco 2021

    Good point. Fairly safe to say if Paul Craine had gone in there last time and done EXACTLY the same as some of them he would be being called all sorts.
  19. Ramseyboi

    Legco 2021

    People keep saying this but most couldn’t name them all without a quick google. Male or female shouldn’t even be a consideration.
  20. Ramseyboi

    Legco 2021

    Why should he. He explained all he had to both when he didn’t stand and then when a new completely different option became available.
  21. Ramseyboi

    Legco 2021

    Given the bad press all three seem to be getting here and online in general, who would all the whingers like to see instead? To my mind Shimmin’s and Craine are very good for the interim term that is needed. Seeing all the hate being spouted makes it little wonder people aren’t lining up to have their whole CV made public and scrutinised and critiqued by a load of low achievers who wouldn’t dare actually step up themselves
  22. Ramseyboi

    Legco 2021

    Well I do t know. Maybe someone can foresee family who will need a lot of support in 3 or 4 years but who should hopefully manage for the next year or so. Maybe people should stop speculating about someone’s private life. He had good reason not to stand for Keys and now feels able to do a year and a bit as MLC. Maybe those convinced there is a dodgy back story should contact him and ask. He is very approachable.
  23. Yes there are a few, but it is a very few. There are a couple of others that should be, but weren’t built properly so don’t actually meet the specs
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