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    Next AG?

    All I can say on this post is that I hope this is the last anyone makes on this thread. RIP John Up yours to anyone else who comments Thread should be closed.
  2. Just one person who had been latched onto and elevated to mini celebrity status locally. by many posters on here as I recall. I won’t go back and search who they were, but most of them are now realising that she is looney tunes
  3. Because those people were a bit dim , and easily fooled?
  4. I said this yesterday. It is pretty basic stuff tbh
  5. Wrong on every level. Plenty of us have inside sources or messages from people. The woman needs reigning in
  6. A charming man in every dealing I had with him. RIP without your name being dragged into a Twitter debate. I am having a drink in honour of John tonight
  7. No sorry. It is just an appalling post and no back peddling will fix that. Upset endured? She is a middle aged person who has lost a parent. Most people lose parents before they hit her age. I lost one when I was 16. She needs to grow up
  8. She doesn’t. It is absolutely not up to her to make any comment on why someone might or might have died. That is an absolutely appalling tweet. About as low as it gets. It is up to someone’s family to decide if they want info like that shared. Not some jumped up minor celeb dr. Absolutely appalling
  9. You booked that PCR you are expected to book yet? No Thought not Idiot
  10. And the two days before when cases dropped?
  11. It would still be nice if just one of them had the balls to stand up and say that actually - someone outside the clique was right Or actually, Quilp, despite his protestations at others has behaved like a dick by not notifying 111 of his symptoms. It won’t ever happen though. It was clearly stated on NYE that cases would fall over the weekend because people were wanting days off. It was laughed at. Now has been shown to be correct while posters said I didn’t understand exponential growth. Clueless.
  12. Cases down again today, to less than 300 - as predicted and for which I received much abuse. Apparently I didn’t understand how these things multiply and a suggestion that people were manipulating figures was laughed out of town - by the usual suspects. I wonder if any will be big enough to admit they were wrong?
  13. Agreed. Although it is a perfectly valid point that the forum police have completely ignored the fact that a prolific poster had symptoms and didn’t bother to get tested. That lack of compliance or understanding should be part of the discussion as it is alarming, but the weird way Manxforums works means it will be completely ignored. If certain other posters had said they knew someone who had symptoms but couldn’t be arsed following the suggested procedure then the resulting comments would be very different. If the forum as a whole didn’t have favourites, then maybe there would be less meltdowns abs off topic debate? Just a thought.
  14. It’s a six out of ten from me 😂 And I have to say that having really said nothing all day, it is quite hilarious how Quilps admission this morning that he can’t be arsed with the guidelines has gone completely unnoticed by most. Others would have been seriously lambasted
  15. Same as we are only being encouraged to do LFTs. What is the point of doing one part of the guidance if you won’t do the other. Seems a bit hypocritical given other pos yes but I have nothing further today on the matter as I am sure all those who pile on anyone not following the advice to the letter will be song soon. You both really book a PCR though, ten days iso if positive
  16. No. If you have symptoms and LFT is negative you are encouraged to book a PCR PCR Testing and results You can still request a PCR test when you: are requested to for hospital treatment off island are symptomatic, but have returned a negative LFT; or require proof of a negative test result to satisfy the entry requirements for international travel
  17. Sure you won’t do it. But a throat swab would be interesting. Arent you supposed to go for a PCR with symptoms anyway?
  18. It would be completely pointless and massively expensive both to install and to run.
  19. Manxliving.com is what you are looking for
  20. Fair enough. One of those would be an issue (if positive) the other really isn’t.
  21. There is no alcohol at play (other than some lunch time trifle) just a massive frustration at people who jump to conclusions and gang up on people who aren’t in their gang. Up until getting mighty pissed off earlier this evening I really don’t see how anyone with an open mind and actually reading what I was saying could have an issue with it.
  22. Who went out to meet up with people? This forum seems to be full of people who add two and two and get five?
  23. You are completely missing the point, and really quite dim.
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