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  1. It is not as big a drop as I expected, but still a drop and I still expect we will be seeing much lower figures by this time next week. Based on previous figures we should have seen a big jump if there is no additional testing or fabricated positives. Time will tell and I never have an issue admitting if I was wrong. Let’s revisit it in a few days.
  2. Ramseyboi


    You wouldn’t signal coming up from anachoar to go to the airport? I have a feeling you would fail your test
  3. There is a days lag on the results. Let’s wait and see what happens. Anyone who came in those numbers has just had yesterday and today off Also, it is still a drop on yesterday which is a long way from in keeping with the exponential growth theory.
  4. Look after them and nurture the relationship and who knows what might come in the future. I don’t see how anyone can put a negative spin on this (other than the Walters on FB stating it should not be allowed to be built without realising it’s been there for months)
  5. That wasn’t me ? I have posted two news articles from the last few days stating that throat swabs, even if the kit says nasal, pick up omicron when a nasal might not. If you don’t want to believe a fact just because it was me who posted it then that is your lookout. Seriously, google it and ask around (or just read the links already spoon fed to you)
  6. Or, has seen several post on Facebook this morning and also spoken to someone who had been testing due to symptoms for three days with no positive, until someone suggested she swab her throat. Nasal still showing clear. Get out and about and ask around. There is plenty of evidence that throat swabs show omicron more reliably , like the link I already posted Have another. 5 seconds on google https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/lateral-flow-test-swab-throat-22583071
  7. One of many similar articles. https://inews.co.uk/news/lateral-flow-tests-omicron-covid-variant-detection-testing-kits-1374073
  8. True. I always do an LFT before crashing my car/having a heart attack/having a stroke/getting electrocuted
  9. You will also, obviously, see an increase in people going in for non COVID reasons who just happen to produce a positive test and otherwise would have had no idea they had it.
  10. Couldn’t agree more. Surely it is simple enough to put a questionnaire online and ask people to fill it in? I can’t see any data protection issues and I dont imagine there are many who wouldn’t be interested in the results.
  11. Anyone else hearing from people who are testing positive from an LFT to the throat who were negative from a nostril?
  12. And iom. It’s everywhere. No spike in hospitalisation
  13. Just noticed that the dashboard says “from 23rd December positive test results from lateral flow tests which have been reported before midnight the previous day have been added” So the “spike” reported yesterday was actually people not wanting to go into work on the first non bank holiday - which is exactly what I said would happen last week. I guess a drop of at least 200 today
  14. We will see. I am convinced this current “spike” is just people wanting time off. This time next week we will know who was right
  15. Not at all. Let’s see what happens to figures next week. If these cases are all legit they will continue to rise. My gut feeling is we will be back down to about 150-200 a day by this time next week when people stop playing the system
  16. Straw poll then. how many people do posters know who are actually ill enough with it in the last couple of weeks that they couldn’t work? None, out of easily over fifty people I am aware of directly and through friends and family.
  17. Are pretending to have COVID. These people are either making it up or even those who are positive are not ill. I don’t know a single person with anymore than slight cold symptoms. Not one out of scores who are isolating. It’s a joke
  18. We are way past a point where it would overwhelm the health service UNLESS we keep making people who aren’t ill isolate and a growing number of experts agree and have been stating as such. ”They” are people who want to blah an extended Christmas break and there are loads of them taking advantage of the stupid new rules. A woman in our office this morning is blatantly announcing her daughter didn’t want to work this evening so is pretending she has a positive LFT and screwing her employer over. Certain people will take advantage of any situation they can. The issue with this one is that the blaggers are impacting on stats and frightening people into thinking it is much more widespread than it is and impacting on hospital visiting etc. If I wasn’t able to visit my wife in Nobles because they have made a decision based on fake cases I would be mighty pissed off.
  19. And Harbour Views and plenty of other businesses being trashed but plenty here don’t want to believe it.
  20. And I am at work and don’t have time to search for something that is of no interest to me since my own plans are just to go to a mates house. We all know loads of places are closed as a result of this stupid policy where people can claim they have covid, isolate for two or three days, then go back to work on Tuesday. I called it early in the week, and it’s panning out exactly. There is no way five times as many people got it in the last couple of days as last week. They are just manipulating a stupid system that our incompetent government have implemented.
  21. Check social media, there are loads. Jacks having to refund loads of people probably being the most spoken about
  22. Whats your problem exactly? People are discussing a situation which is constantly changing and which our government need to react to. It is a HUGE issue that has in the past posed a real risk to people’s health but now appears (as predicted by many weeks ago) to have become an issue not by making people ill but by crippling businesses and healthcare because the government still insist on people who aren’t ill missing work. It is quite obvious from the whole thread that you and some others aren’t really impacted by border restrictions or people having to take time off work but many of us have lost life changing amounts of money though the pandemic and are rightly questioning the responses to it. There are people posting on this thread who have been to hell and are only slowly making their way back, and now have this shambles at the busiest time of the year and are out of pocket to such an extent they might never recover. Some of those people would completely lose the plot without somewhere to vent anonymously. If your life isn’t be turned upside down by this then good for you. Go and read one of the other threads or millions of other forums and let people who want to discuss how the decisions of a few are impacting on many.
  23. Plenty of people are still testing positive well over two weeks after their first positive so those poor people will still be stuck at home for no good reason for the full 10 days. It needs to stop or the economy will be crippled. The number of hospitality places closed tonight is madness
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