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  1. 1man

    Glasto Ticket Round-up

    Got mine.
  2. 1man

    This Wednesday At 8pm

    In addition to the top tunes, I wonder if any scandalous breaking news stories might crop up in camstreams chat this week? I guess people will have to log on between 8 - 10 to find out... See you there guys
  3. Have you tried turning off the 'clear private data' options in FF ? It is of course possible that they are allready turned off. I havent tested this extensively but it worked for me.
  4. 1man

    Beatfix Show, Fit And Healthy

    Hope there arnt too many sore heads after last night. Tunage was proper.
  5. 1man

    Tuneular Souffle

    Thanks again to Ray and Tom
  6. 1man

    Club Classics

    Fair play to you for keeping it going in the face of adversity Ray. Wasn’t it three chat rooms simultaneously at one point?! Not forgetting the top tunes. Well done mate. And hope you get yourself a more comfy chair before the next broadcast!
  7. 1man

    Tonight's Tuneular Souffle.....

    Please Ray, I want some more……………………………………