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  1. Watching the Manx Radio coverage. It’s truly appalling. Can barely hear any of the candidates. God knows how people in the room managed to hear them.
  2. Madeleine Westall has declared for Ayre and Michael
  3. Completely agree with this. Very strange decisions for the venues by MR.
  4. Same, but the one I saw for him was in Ramsey in someone’s back car window. Not sure what use it’s doing up there for several days
  5. Spoken to both Quine and Higgins. Quine spouting the same old nonsense. Managed to speak to Higgins when he was delivering his letters, he actually had some very good policies and clearly knows what he’s talking about. I was actually quite impressed. Dealt with a bit of a grilling from me much better than Quine did.
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