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  1. Ah yes Mr. Moore. A great example of a fucking headcase of a man, sometimes I think he's the man behind The Voice of Reason.
  2. Had a hard day outside the courts today with my good friends and free-thinkers. Can't believe you can all be so disrespectful! Have some manners, as we did with our protest.
  3. But nowadays they would be reprimanded by their local council on the grounds of criminal damage for assaulting the innocent grass and dirt.
  4. I'm the idiot for having a laugh when you are the one that openly suggests that Ashford would make a good Chief Minister? The man of utmost integrity??? What a complete and utter tosser full of trough you are
  5. New Manx Forums rule imposed by forestboy: 'No joking or satire of any kind is allowed!'
  6. Thanks for the update Derek. Good to see your observation skills trained within the Police force, probably to the tune of £2,000,000 to the Manx taxpayer are now being so expertly demonstrated in the UK amidst your retirement.
  7. This is a fucking eyesore. Thank you to the Year 5 student who designed this in Microsoft Publisher.
  8. Manx Radio YouTube channel 20 minutes ago folks..... Old Cretters campaigning via proxy for his darling daughter...... Didn't do things to this cadence prior to the little princess declaring did he? Keen bastard.
  9. No, Manx Independent are fantastic. Unfortunately the MAJORITY of people employed as "Hermes" drivers fall far, far from 'Fantastic'.
  10. The answer to this thread is easy. The answer is YES. ....... Once Howard and some of the senior civils from DOI and DHSC are gone. Hopefully they take a running jump on their way out.
  11. Brennan & Cowin would be the best possible outcome. Not ideal. But lesser of multiple evils.
  12. From what I've seen of Julie it's strange because she isn't usually one for sucking up. Anything I've seen from her in the news tends to be her criticising when things are done wrong, and she offers a solution. (unlike some) So really strange of her to be sucking up the the union when we all well know that the CWU is a group of militants followed by hordes of lazy postmen who, god forbid, Royal Mail/IOMP threaten their chances at carrying on with a 4 hour working day on FULL PAY. *further note* thank god the Post Office didn't get the contract because the more that goes against them the better and that may lead to them performing an operational reform to get out all the lazy, moaning twats on 4 hour days, and maybe help the Post Office get into 2021 on putting FULL resources into their Parcel operation as a lot of the time they are beyond capacity, while 40/50+ postmen head out with their little bag for a 3 hour walk.
  13. Gladys on a side note. For some reason, the combo between your username and profile picture for some reason makes me subconsciously attracted to you. I feel weird.
  14. Hopefully. Anybody but Baker, Cregeen, Cannan or Ashford.... or Watterson. Or maybe we will see a female Chief Minister????? It is 2021.
  15. Never had a can of Red Bull in my life? What the fuck are you on about? At least I don't get grumpy when I'm subject to a lack of cuddles from Ashy
  16. Well hopefully now I will achieve my longing dream of Boot not getting in. Also hope Mikey Lee doesn't get in. Articulation of a 4 year old. No real solid ideas. Also know of him from working in the same establishment. "durr hurr I fiddle wiv da postal sortin mashin ha ha ha and i now want a big pay rise so I can make a change hurr hurr"
  17. He publicly stated he wasn't standing. He was a petulant child and threw his toys out the pram and said "It's either I get President or I'm going to the private sector!!!!!!!"
  18. I'll tell you what's suicidal. The prospect that Tim Glover will not be on the radio for the next TT. I'm still struggling to come to terms with that possibility.
  19. Oh christ, you're joking? Manx Forums not liking me? 'kiiiiinnnn ell. As long as @Nom de plume likes me, I will be okay.
  20. Your proportions may be aging, but you remain beautiful all the same. ❤️ If you ever, EVER intend to become a sugar mummy, do not hesitate to get in contact. If you're ever needy, be assured I'll always be financially broke. We'll be like peas in a pod. x
  21. I'll keep your place at the head of the queue for Markwell House on a Thursday morning as your lack of capitalisation to begin a sentence has disturbed me and henceforth manipulated my inference over the type of person you must be. Don't worry mate I'll look out for your Kappa tracksuit and K. Swiss shitflickers to identify you and funnel you in first. Are you on income-based or contribution based?
  22. Can't tell you the best but I can tell you the worst, anything after 1995. Day by day I am increasingly more aware of how bad employment contracts can be now, how bad pensions really are now, and just how it's not going to be an easy life riding on a gold-plated pension within Government unlike it was for a lot of the older folk. Housing = 30+ years of debt just for something to live in to really keep us chained down into the system. To me my life is a race I am losing every single day, constantly trying to find a new way to try and build an extremely comfortable living (for which you must stray out of the comfort box of just working for a firm your whole life) as you have to remember you are an expendable asset for your firm in terms of you are just a machine there to increase their profits whilst they manage their expenditure on you to keep you as cheaply as possible. Therefore the only options I can realistically see in front of me is to use my current skills to acquire Internet fame within a very specific demographic in an ever growing esports industry and hopefully acquire some lucrative sponsors along the way. That's the only way I will manage to free myself from the god awful world we are growing up in. No wonder Mental Health is the biggest crisis to hit us. It's a bigger pandemic than Coronavirus and what's driving it is the utterly bonkers fucking World we have been left with.
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