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  1. Claire will win for sure unless she totally screws up the final task. Lee I think had a good chance until his "creative" CV was discovered. Helene is hanging on by the skin of her teeth - I am very suprised to see her in the final especially as it has been said more than once that there is "nothing about her". I don't think much of Alex anymore he really is a backstabber and does not deserve to win at all.
  2. Ramsey has its good and bad points like anywhere else but as someone who has lived in both Ramsey and Douglas I prefer Ramsey anyday.
  3. I am so glad Raef is out - he didn't deserve to get this far.
  4. silky

    Baby Bird

    Yeah Minxie you did your best I am sure the bird did get away - theyare more resilient than you think
  5. I think Lucinda is fantastic, what you see is what you get dizziness and all! Would love to see her win. Can't stand Raef but he is devious enough to hang on in there to the end I expect. I think there is a lot more to this guy than meets the eye, it's all about gameplay with him whilst portraying this "everyone's friend" image. Don't think Sir Alan would ever have someone like him as his apprentice. Suprised Michael didn't go this week but think Sir Alan has a soft spot for him. I can't get over the way he always looks like he is about to burst into tears - perhaps the pressure
  6. Ok ..... So the contestants left are ... Raef Bjayou - "I am a terrific conversationalist and raconteur with stories to tell..." Sara Dhada - "I’m a true example of pure class and elegance. I don’t try to be glamorous – I'm just naturally like that." Lucinda Ledgerwood - "I push boundaries in both personal and professional senses and enjoy being out of my comfort zone." Lee McQueen - "If you missed something in the earlier part of your life, you'll find it again before your time is up." Michael Sophocles - "I am single minded and will manipulate others if necessary
  7. Bad fake tans. Parents of kids near the school where I live that block / park in my driveway!! God forbid they should have to use the car park and walk 10 metres!! Selfish people generally.
  8. Really struggling to decide on a favourite this series but so far it's between Alex and Jennifer. Raef has seriously got to be the biggest prat ever!
  9. New series started last night. For those who have never seen it this is what it's all about. Loved the way their first task was selling fish Strangely addictive can't wait to see what happens next.
  10. Seconded Either there or Robert at The Worx - difficult to get an appointment with him though as he is so popular - Says it all. In my opinion Tony & Guy's is by far the worst don't waste your time or money in that place!
  11. Lol And the random question of the year award goes to ....... Anyone on here own purple shoes? Barbie.
  12. silky


    Maley's would make one hell of a Burger King!!
  13. silky


    Does anyone know what's going in Maley's when it shuts? They are selling everything off looks like it's closing soon
  14. As far as I know that is the only one in the north. Not been in there myself, Does anyone know if it's any good?
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