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  1. The Royal Navy also operates several Air Stations at the following: RNAS Culdrose (HMS Seahawk) - Culdrose, Helston, Cornwall, England RNAS Predannack (satellite airfield) - Mullion, Cornwall RNAS Yeovilton (HMS Heron) - Yeovilton, Somerset, England RNAS Merryfield (satellite airfield) - Ilton, Somerset RNAS Prestwick (HMS Gannet), Ayrshire, Scotland I do believe some of these have cross runways.
  2. While correct, the limited availability certainly intensifies the issues on the Isle of Man compared to places elsewhere in the British Isles.
  3. Good job it is not or there wouldn't be many users here 😂
  4. I am confused why there is so much sympathy. Surely if their members had stopped paying to use their facilities they would have blocked them using?
  5. Exactly, was just a bit of pathetic Manc banter attempt I think 😉
  6. I think your Username explains pretty well 🤣
  7. So there it is folks, the new Chief Constable for the Island has been named. https://www.gov.im/news/2022/oct/20/new-chief-constable-to-join-force-in-2023/
  8. Well worth giving it go to understand future options and if this would be a viable alternative on the Island.
  9. Ah the Manx Xenophobia is alive and well, good to see things haven't changed
  10. Sure there is a whole thread about lovely Douglas being a shithole... those in glass houses and all that.... Suppose so... unless you have this wonderful thing called bus lanes. Nice fact, may I have your source please? Or is the source - because i said so. Is it crazy? So people who live in Ramsey should only work in Ramsey. People in Port Erin only in the South? Like it or lump it the majority of the economic faculties that the Island has is located in Douglas where the housing is not - the busses are unreliable. Cars are needed for the good majority of the population.
  11. I can take a 1 hour 15 minute bus to get to my place of work (this is not including the two 25 min walks to the stop from my house, and from my work bus stop to my place of work) - or i can take my car and do the journey in maximum 20 minutes. That is all done in Glasgow, an area which is fairly compact, has generally reliable busses and also a subway. There is no chance what you are suggesting is possible for most of the Manx population. Out of interest can I enquire where it is you live that makes public transport so easy for you?
  12. Is it aye? Source? 🙄
  13. Are you all mad or missing the point? The mother has literally said "“My son is there because he’s black. You are all against my son because he is black.” Stu has literally paraphrased the remark as "He's a lovely boy and was only convicted because he's black (according to his mother)." Christ Stu even referenced his source!!!! Can someone explain to me how these are so different that 3/4's of you are looking to start something over nothing?? The mother who has raised this scumbag of a monster let us not forget is saying the only reason her son is being prosecuted is due to ethnicity?
  14. https://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/gunpoint-rapist-is-jailed-for-12-and-a-half-years-567496 A shocking crime, but it does at least appear sentencing has been as tough as the guidelines allow.
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