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  1. Was just playing into the joke, was intended sarcasm as the "Okay boomer" is quite the joke. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OK_boomer
  2. You've taken a photo (or taken the photo from another source) and posted it on a public forum with the attention of drawing users to comment about how "irresponsible" this act is. There is nothing provided in that photo which is irresponsible, in matter of fact it appears from the one photo that all the best precautions have been taken bar having their own fire fighting equipment to hand. Like i said, you're just being a bore.
  3. Recommended is right ffs.... Placed right by a river and being monitored, take a day off ya bore.
  4. So today is the day that the new director starts at the airport, hopefully Mr Gary Cobb is up for the challenge or shall it prove to be a poisoned chalice...
  5. Nothing quite like an aperitif and the smell of shite
  6. As someone who regularly visits Ulster and lives in Scotland i am going to have to disagree whole heartedly. If we look at the towns and cities of both there is nice areas, but there is also the exact same issues you find in any other metropolitan area. Same with North Wales, Rhyl, Prestatyn, Bangor and Holyhead spring to mind. I do agree that if you look at some of the more romanticized cities of Europe, slums have indeed been normalized. I recently had to attend Paris and was shocked to find shanty towns up and down the main roads, place was pure filth.
  7. Sorry i have edited my original response, meant to say "where this is not the case"
  8. Can you give any examples where this is not the case? Pretty much globally you will find town and cites are the exact same when it comes to this. We tend to have rose tinted glasses when looking elsewhere rather than our own backyards.
  9. Not if the Masters standing orders/conditions don't require it. This is a fairly standard time frame for a maritime investigation. Example 1: https://www.gov.uk/maib-reports/fumigant-poisoning-on-general-cargo-vessel-thorco-angela-with-1-person-injured Incident occurred 10th October 2021, report published 18th May 2022. Example 2: https://www.gov.uk/maib-reports/two-catastrophic-engine-failures-one-resulting-in-a-fire-on-board-ro-ro-passenger-ferry-wight-sky Incident occurred 26th August 2018, report published 28th April 2022. I do not think on this occasion IoMG can be blamed for the length. They would have been required to go through all sorts, especially as they are not the flag state of the vessel and the Transport Accident and Incident Investigation Bureau in Latvia are responsible for the investigation.
  10. You'd probably have done a better job and folks thankful they were at least being seen!
  11. Couldn't possibly comment!
  12. Wouldn't know, far too posh for us southsiders!
  13. More like the Sash 😆
  14. Certainly ain't no fish smelling here 🤢🤢
  15. Agreeable. Who would be a better operator in your opinion then? Or what would your suggestion be out of interest.
  16. Yes you are right to an extent. The Kingdom of Scotland, financed by a range of Nobles had funded the Darien scheme, this was an attempt to colonise an area of modern day Panama. Around 80% of the participants died within a year. 20% of all the money in circulation in Scotland at the time was used to back the expedition, causing an absolute financial nightmare when the company went bankrupt. It basically allowed the English Kingdom to provide "gifts" to lowland nobles to vote "correctly" and join the Union.
  17. Just had a client of ours cancel a vessels crew change on the Isle of Man due to the uncertainty of flights.
  18. Don't think cars have tax discs anymore do they? Not in UK anyhow. It's 2022... this is not a thing anymore. More and more companies are doing e-signing, this will be a thing of the past in 5-10 years. Source - all our contracts we send out are e-sign only. The post service is only good for delivering parcels and stuff now - about 95% of any letters I receive are junk.
  19. I am only assuming that we are indeed from two different generations so that is quite interesting. The last thing I would wish for in a time of bereavement is letters arriving etc. A text/whatsapp/or similar would more than suffice.
  20. Yes, as it is immediate and can convoy thoughts instantly.
  21. 😳😳😳 Just a tad bit worrying! I am certainly hoping nothing will because that extreme. There is some slight truth in the the original post. Do need to be doing more to attract singles, (even if to just shake up the gene pool lol!) young couples and young families. Although don't right of the retirees completely!
  22. Start a cull. If you're over 70 that's it I am afraid you've had your lot.
  23. Could start (or continue, not sure if one exists) an entire other thread dedicated to the state of housing on the Island, it is such a blatant joke!
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