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  1. So I was at a 'party' in Middle with some South Africans the other night, and racist does not even come close as description, they described black people as 'the devil', and they tell their children that all black men are rapists. I left sharpish, can't abide racist cunts. How many of these breed do we have here now? Loads out Mount Murray from what I know, suppose it is why Piggy Peters got runner up. As an aside, they have the most shit music taste in the world, actually worse than Manx Radio I mean fucking hell are they even human?
  2. Bloody hell, you trying to portray all blacks as cannibals, what a complete cunt.
  3. Well you obviously support his views and yes there are plenty homophobic and racist people in Middle and elsewhere, he chose to play that card and get second place in a weak field. But only disgusting vermin would go that way to get elected. and you Keep on defending him so you are not any better.
  4. Stu Peters is an old man supposedly gifted with wisdom and common sense (by only his own admission) he was not 12 more like 62 when he wrote that, your defense is getting worse by the minute. Yes he is a charming friendly homophobic , racist, sexist that you get on with but his views are repugnant not matter how much you get on with him as a mate.
  5. To be honest Wrighty you should be totally embarrassed of that defence.
  6. Erm he was not 12? He was a paid employee of a state funded broadcaster?
  7. He was really trying to land a punch after someone pointed out a facebook conversation between a director of MR and a staff member that said Talking Heads was less relevant to Manx people than Jeremy Vine. Why would you use homophobic language in that context or any context?
  8. What is a Despicable Knob Jockey? Sounds like a homophobic slur / hate speech.
  9. They have no doubt sold out, though plenty of Thick Middle Bacon available.
  10. Angling for the 2k expenses to set up Rob's socials?
  11. She was actually the strongest candidate, South Douglas don't care for brains or beauty as long as you live in the hood, a chubby mummy and a gin addict are fairly representative.
  12. Never trust a man with a beard or a funny accent.
  13. Is the shirt and tie combo one of those magic eye pictures?
  14. Hefty pay rise and plenty of time to spend on the hobbies, then doing a quirky at lunchtime every now and then what's not to like?
  15. It's the drag queen from Guys and Dolls.
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