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  1. DC for a number of years put a stop to this newly proposed 2 week waste disposal scheme. That’s one thing I can give him credit for.
  2. DC for a number of years put a stop to this newly proposed 2 week waste disposal scheme. That’s one thing I can give him credit for.
  3. DC for a number of years put a stop to this newly proposed 2 week waste disposal scheme. That’s one thing I can give him credit for.
  4. Ah so in other words a bit of cancel culture? That’s the last thing we want on our shores. The DOI should never have taken the post down. The authorities need to stop pandering to the minorities & consider those with moderate views which completely out weight any other (in this case). People need to get a back bone. Such a statement has no real effect on anyones life only for the sake of clearly enjoying the drama to ‘deliberately’ be offended.
  5. The comment section pretty much sums it
  6. Listen very carefully, I shall only say this the once…
  7. Same. That happened to me this weekend just gone. It’s a good question. This squiggly round most definitely needs to come with a manual 👍
  8. And for many other reasons. Try searching up ‘public forum’ 👍
  9. Maybe they are those who are aware of those who have suffered at her hands. Call it poison, call it whatever you want, it’s nothing more than an opinion as a result of something. Baffles me as I have seen much worse against politicians on this page yet I’ve never seen it described as poison.
  10. I’m going to take this as an off the wall joke 😂
  11. Since when was she sacked? There was no sacking. You need to read up on the facts. As for kicking something, does that include the livelihoods of innocent people who cannot help that they are associated/a relative of a Minister? If you can support such a creature who can be capable of such atrocities, then that says more about you than any of them.
  12. So little droplets of Glovers characteristics are ‘finally’ being exposed. I can’t honestly tell you how bad this vendetta of hers towards DA has been but mainly his partner. Job, livelihood, outside hobbies, reputation, mental health, all potentially effected by this one women through sheer maliciousness. I am sure that the droplets will become greater in time. Forget Twitter, this vendetta has gone ‘way beyond’ social media.
  13. And those closest to him might I add under the most horrific circumstances 👍
  14. On behalf of those who are tongue tied into complete frustration, thank you very for this analysis 🙏
  15. It amazes me to why this so called Hacker would respond & block those who commented negatively to HER tweets before she deactivated her account. Why would a hacker do that 🤦‍♀️
  16. I am glad that it is apparently being investigated but I have my doubts on the whole thing. I honestly believe that the motive behind her claim was to show her followers that she is ‘right’ on all accounts as she is still in the loop and very much still relevant as I have heard that covid isn’t even a factor in the AGs death. This is what I have heard anyway. Which makes me believe that it was a moment of her boosting one’s ego and relevance only which backfired immensely.
  17. The majority of the evidence is based on those who were reading the tweets as they took place yesterday evening. The conclusion is conclusive because we could see it with our own eyes. It was a thread of comments. Some of a normal nature linked to the odd controversial. The controversial backfired on her massively, she tried to retaliate, blocked those who disagreed and the next morning came up with some bogus story that she was hacked. This is all because she knows she crossed the line when it came to her making an allegation about receiving leaked data from someone at Manx Care & being highly disrespectful by point scoring via using the sad passing of the AG by claiming that he had covid & more or less died at the hands of our government. Her reasoning behind her claiming to have inside knowledge was merely innocent & probably to make a point that she is still in the know and ‘not wrong’ because she gets told the info ie: I’m still relevant. She clearly freaked out from the back lash from those who were commenting within her thread.
  18. She argued back and blocked those who confronted about her inappropriate tweets. Then she deleted her account, opened a new one, suggesting that she was hard done by then the next morning comes out with this ludicrous story that she was hacked. Need we say more 🤷🏻‍♀️
  19. Her new account is still active but now protected. Can only see her tweets if she accepts your friend request 👍
  20. ‘I’m done with the isle of man’ was in response to the backlash she got from her followers after she tried to lighten the nature of her tweets.
  21. For those who were reading the tweets during the time of tweeting will know that the notion of her tweets being down to a hacker is more than improbable. People forget that she was tweeting ordinary tweets in-between/amongst those which were controversial. And the controversial were inline with those what were not as it became more of a debate. So how can you explain that?
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