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  1. You have to be joking?? i travel pretty much every week and have not been through that before?
  2. It's a bloody shame, if anyone in Gov caught themselves on. Fix Flights - what flights? 5 a day? Young people leaving - can you blame them? fook I'd be gone "Airport" - wow arrive early for a early morning flight -an hour before take off. 8 people on security - got my bags searched week later - get my bag searched - repeat x 94 times (now I know how to travel and not a dick with oh I forgot that was in there), 70% of my bags get searched each week in IOM I had a powder deodorant in my bag they took off me, as said its a liquid..............eh?? I have been through everywhere with that - reason I buy it is I don't have to shove it in the plastic baggie. Then when the 5 flights a day come in, let's schedule them all around same time, so they let the OAPs try to understand a scanner I absolutely adored living here and so sad to leave.
  3. Thanks all, we are going to sell up (bloody love it here) but missus has made up her mind 😫 Blackrock in Ireland till after Xmas then back to SA.
  4. indeed, spent a stint in the industry over past few years. I saw everything......EVERYTHING on huge players. I was actually shocked that I didn't have to Sign a NDA (Maybe was written into my contract) The CS are under pressure to bring in the funds, like a sales game.
  5. Biro, from Dealz 😃
  6. what a way to bring welcome and bring business to the island
  7. Waiting in a pen till we got checked by inbound security
  8. Passed through the airport earlier - complete mess, 35 mins to get through boarder control, 2 flights came in at same time. Long queue going out to the plastic tunnel then into rooms where they are renovating - ceilings and wires all exposed and falling down....what a first impression to have. Understand works and full modernisation is urgently needed but I thought I had gone back to the 1970's. I have been at the airport when there was about 8 staff on outbound security when no one else in airport. How can they get scheduling so wrong? If 2-3 flights come in at same time then get the people working then! If I had to bring clients over, it would be very embarrassing! It could be great, how has it gone so wrong!
  9. Evening All, Need some advise please - I am moving back to SA in the next few months and I am considering selling my 4 bed house in Douglas or renting it out. From talking with some estate agents, they believe the current rise will bottom out over next year, however renting could be a good investment. I still have a mortgage on it for another few years. Any thoughts please? TIA JP
  10. https://www.itv.com/news/channel/2021-09-24/blue-islands-announce-new-routes-from-jersey-to-dublin-and-norwich Dublin to Jersey 6 times a week! Unfortunately we have decided to leave and go back to Ireland (and no there is no boat in the morning back to Ireland!) With no direct flights for over 18 months and 1 boat a week for a bout 6 weeks this year, it is just too much hassle. I used to work here during week and commute back. Fair play to Jersey sorting out flights, hopefully IOM can do the same )-;
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