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  1. I am. I care about those in need. I care about children & parents and their rights (including to eat out). I care about the BLM movement. I care about refugees and would like to see the IoM home some as it can. I also care about the truth. I don't care to be misrepresented though. If voice of reason wants to make jokes at my expense, I think I have the right to to defend myself though.
  2. So you are being deliberately obtuse, refusing to admit to your mistake and continuing to misrepresent my statement. Against this I don't think it would make any difference how careful I was. Are you sure "Voice or Reason" is an appropriate epithet.
  3. Are you being deliberately obtuse to bait me? Or is English not your first language in which case I will explain again. What I wrote is reproduced below: "Personally I applaud when I see people trying to unite their fellow members of society against racism by taking the knee. The unity it has generated in the English football team has been a joy to behold. The results on the pitch have improved too, " The use of the last word in the quotes above ("too"), makes it clear that I am not linking them. "too" in this context means as well. It does not mean "because". As I said I think they may be linked, but I clearly did not imply it, and you claiming that it is there in black and white will not change that fact. I am happy if others wish to infer it. As I said I think it is possible they are linked, but I definitely would not state that they definitely are. That would be a bit of a leap that I do not make. So I repeat my request - please read my posts with a little more care and do not attribute statements to me that I do not make.
  4. I would guess the employer, who has a duty of care to the audience and will not want to spend time dealing with complaints from listeners, or submit to independent investigations to discover if the broadcaster has breached any codes.
  5. I didn't. I said that since they started taking the knee, results have improved. I did not link the two. I think there is a chance they may be linked, you clearly don't. Please don't misrepresent my words though.
  6. No-one should, and Stu Peters was not forced to. Maybe if he had attended he might have been allowed to carry on his career as a talk show host. So perhaps it may have been a good idea if he had. I don't know either way, just hypothesising. Clearly there are always instances where people have to do courses they don't want to. You have to pass a driving test to take a car on the road on your own as a simple example. I see that as sound judgement rather than anything sinister. You have to pass exams to work as an auditor. It is not unreasonable to ask someone who is working on a talk show to take some courses to help them do it better. As I've said - as long as they are not coerced.
  7. You have said: "Although I didn't say that the website encouraged violence against whites either. I said that the BLM movement was divisive rather than it encouraging togetherness. When you posted this, were you not linking the BLM movement to "Kill the Cops" and "Kill Whitey", both phrases that have never been part of the ethos of the BLM movement since it was launched in 2013? If so, I don't understand why you included these elements in your original post? It certainly looked and felt like that was your intention.
  8. I stand corrected. I apologise. What I meant was "visit the site as you had misrepresented it and were spreading lies about it". A poor choice of words. I was not trying to suggest that they should visit the site and take everything there at face value. I was trying to point out though, that the site does no contain any content inciting violence against whites and rather than spread lies that it did, perhaps they should visit it first. I'll put this down as another learning experience for me. I will try and do better.
  9. Really? I have not told anyone to educate themselves. I have seen many on this site take that inference though. I accept peoples' rights to hold differing views. My view though is that I expect an MHK to set a good example to the young of our Island and not to decry education. You may have a different view, but if this Island is to diversify economically, it will need a well educated work force. If Stu Peters wants to be judged on his actions now that he has been elected, he is not off to a good start in my opinion.
  10. I see living as a life long learning exercise. If you don't like education you can try ignorance, I guess. Am I wrong to expect more than this from an MHK? I expect MHKs to expound the virtues of education. Leadership (one of the core values) involves setting a good example. A good example would be to encourage people to seek education, especially our young.
  11. I don't claim to speak for others. Personally I applaud when I see people trying to unite their fellow members of society against racism by taking the knee. The unity it has generated in the English football team has been a joy to behold. The results on the pitch have improved too, with them now being ranked higher than ever before. I struggle to understand why anyone who is against racism is upset by the gesture.
  12. I just found out that I have a limit on likes. Unfortunately I cannot like your post. I can repost it and express my thanks for you taking the time to post some truth and common sense. Power to you.
  13. I don't disagree. But I am not above trying to prick the conscience of some people who call themselves Christians but voted for someone who does not espouse any of their values
  14. You clearly don't understand the defund the police in US movement. It is about diverting some of the funding to community projects not all. In US policy training teaches the policy how to shoot to kill and focuses little to no time on how to de-escalate a situation
  15. More word twisting? The English language is full and rich. The word Christian can describe a member of that religion. It can also describe acts. Religion more often refers to organised religious groups. Religiosity has yet another meaning. To make my position clear, I like to think I do the right thing. Some of these "right" things are like standing up for others in need. I do not identify as a member of the Christian church. It is not inclusive enough for me. Too often it does not do the right thing. However when Jesus described a Samaritan (not someone of his faith) as a neighbour, that has resounded with me. I used to be Christian, but with the treatment of LGBT community by church, then no more. I am aware there are many people on the IoM who do see themselves as Christian and I am not above pricking a few consciences by reminding them that they too should stand up for those in need too.
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