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  1. Remember this one folks . Should do it went on for years the Attorney General’s Chambers did everything in their power not to let it get to an employment tribunal . When that failed it’s the usual settled out of court complete with gagging order . At least a million pounds here in pay out in tax payers cash . Another one for the famous Isle of Man Government carpet . The Attorney Generals Office was used at great expense over many court applications to break Dr Tinwell , when they couldn’t they silenced the doctor with a very , very big cheque. The abuse of your taxes right here by some very vindictive individuals. If this million pound pay out is true it’s scandalous. Complete waste of tax payer’s money. The case was based on a scam diagnosis of severe PTSD. Sure Dr Tinwell was treated badly but the claims she was making were exaggerated tremendously. Food for thought…
  2. I have no idea what it could mean other than what it clearly states. Harmless fun amongst colleagues. We’re in danger of becoming overly sensitive about insignificant banter when we should focus on serious matters
  3. derogatory terms that were used to describe clients…describing one patient saying “cap and tight trousers” apparently! Banter between the staff, nothing too serious
  4. Severe PTSD was a bit extreme but yes she suffered from colleagues despicable behaviour. Hope she got a decent settlement £100k at least?
  5. I heard Dr Tinwell was demanding £7.5M!!!
  6. Dr Tinwell case settled. Tax payers cheque book, do we know how much? The mind boggles…
  7. Thought the Dr Tinwell case was abandoned due to erroneous claims
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