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  1. Depends what we're comparing them against. If you use the Met Police as a benchmark, they couldn't even detect a party that they were at.
  2. Maybe they could combine the two and build a massive greenhouse/bus shelter big enough to keep the old rotten boat in too? I pick up on your humour, but this is a view seriously held by some within Government. Government should only be spending on essentials (health, education, police, essential infrastructure). If it's not essential then Government shouldn't be spending on it.
  3. There are things that Government could do to help the situation. The main one would be to remove VAT from energy bills until the situation improves - but I suspect that would be difficult with the reciprocal VAT sharing agreements with the UK. The cost of living situation will get a lot worse if Ashy is planning to a ram raid on taxpayers on budget day.
  4. That's not to be sniffed at,
  5. So what's the current guesstimate for the new MEA tariffs?
  6. If DBC wanted to be really user friendly they would legislate to recognise parking discs... but that's probably asking a bit too much. In Castletown parking at the Old Fire Station (now owned by local commissioners the last I checked) is a disc zone. Open your mind and thing outside the box.
  7. All it's doing to do is force those crappy camper vans out onto streets across the island. Well done everyone.
  8. So how can DBC enforce pay and display, but cannot enforce discs?
  9. So are they only supposed to publish news stories that meet with your editorial approval? You always have the option of not reading it. It would never have happened under the watch of Tim Glover... it would have been a story about covid numbers in schools and how DESC is failing.
  10. Other places have these crazy things called disc zones.
  11. Not to the big healthcare companies it isn't. All they see is the dollar signs the opportunity presents. They don't care if you're old or unvaccinated. They just see a chance to make money.
  12. It's a slippery slope. Should expectant parents then pay for having a baby delivered? Personally I prefer the all inclusive free at the point of need option, but I can see why others would prefer different approaches.
  13. But there's nothing they're going to achieve on their own. The Isle of Man isn't going to achieve anything in isolation that will make any conceivable difference. While we do need to make meaningful changes to protect the environment, it is simply a matter of adopting best practise from around the world. It would be more effective if their salaries were used to purchase loft insulation.
  14. The worm will turn when repayments for the £400m loan have to be made, and the public sector pension blackhole starts to steal £40m+ a year from 'revenue funds'. When this happens these jobs will be the first to go. It will be slash and burn.
  15. You're right. It's the thin end of a wedge. Once they establish a charging mechanism then it won't 'just' be for Covid. It will spread to the examples you have listed then to people who have an 'unhealthy' BMI.
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