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  1. Nice of NPM to include a brief quote from DfE in the article!
  2. It's a shame they're using shitty OpenStreetMap and not Google Maps.
  3. What about the carbons though? Flying or boating it back and forth will use loads of carbons and we're supposed to be saving as many as we can.
  4. The South African Health Minister has said there is no evidence that it evades the vaccines at this stage. Not that it will change Dr Doom and their Merry Men.
  5. No disappointment at all, in fact the opposite. If it was anything yo worry about then I'm sure you would have heard of it! Best of luck with the gig!
  6. You could honselty apply to Arts Foundation/Culture Vannin (or whatever it's called this week) and get a grant for £50k to commission it. Go to Costain's in Foxdul and pick on up for £50 to dump on the Prom.
  7. Where will they keep all the sewing machines?
  8. @wrightyalways value your thoughts on this subject - what do you make of this new 'super variant' the media are wetting themselves over? Personally I don't reckon it's anything to worry about, but the usual suspects are at it again.
  9. That and I've got some pot holes they need to fill in.
  10. I thought that was part of the art being installed on the Prom!
  11. Anyone know this magical phone number?
  12. Yes, a very disturbing programme. But as @doc.fixitthe greenies won't like it! It's a shame the island doesn't have any reserves of cobalt under Laxey and Foxdale - we could let them strip mind it to their heart's content!
  13. Yeah but there's a ton of companies here who claim to do that. What is it they actually do?
  14. Some say that on a dark winter night you can still hear him echoing across Douglas Bay.
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