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  1. Kerching! It's an ill wind that does nobody any good.
  2. I think that's true, the TT is more exciting because it isn't a mass start. Because of the length of the course it's a time trial that happens all at the same time though, it makes for extremely exciting racing at times. It does take a while to get into this fairly unique race style though, and I can see why people who are new to the races might not like it at first. If you were watching somewhere without commentary or an app or anything you wouldn't have a clue what's going on and it would seem less exciting than a conventional race. However once you know the format and have sorted the need for information during the race and watched a few, it becomes infinitely more exciting than a conventional race and they seem dull by comparison.
  3. Haha, I agree with you it is a nonsense. I really don't think there will be restrictions by then , after all there haven't been for a while now until very recently , and it has been suggested elsewhere that they will only be temporary. I also agree that the way to make it work if there are still restrictions is to get rid of them or don't bother. According to the web Mr. Suzuki died in 1982 so you're shit out of luck with him too.
  4. There are more ways to benefit from something than just financially, and the island has benefitted immeasurably from the event for well over a century, financially, culturally, historically, socially to name but a few. It would be a shame to ignore this just because you don't like it.
  5. There's no reason why it couldn't if it were necessary. Shared toilets etc. doesn't require that they are all used together at the same time.
  6. How do we stay in bubbles until the next June?
  7. You're missing the point, the people who like the whinge about it because it inconveniences them isn't safe, is a covid risk etc. etc. actually enjoy having it to whinge about. Your suggestion would remove one of the very few pleasures that they have and make their lives even more devoid of meaning. And other people would still be enjoying themselves - that's the last thing they want.
  8. You're really scraping the barrel now. It's fine that you don't like the TT, but making up a load of hypothetical nonsense to suggest, without any justification, that it would be treated differently to any other travel to the island just makes you look like a bigoted fool. The fact that it's been cancelled altogether for the last two years, and that Mr. Honda died 30 odd years ago, serve to illustrate the ignorance of what you say.
  9. I couldn't agree more. As you say, if anything it should be reinstated back to its former self. I was walking past the old nurse's home on Westmorland Road today. That's a nice building of unusual architecture on the island. It's a shame to see it not being used. It would make ideal offices for some government departments with a bit of a refurb. Does the government own it? Do they have any plans for it? Or is it just to be left to rot and be sold to a developer to knock down and build more soulless "luxury" flats?
  10. You've got to wonder why, if remote working is acceptable and even preferable to residential working with top government employees, why when it comes to students is remote working (distance learning) so hugely disadvantaged over residential learning via the grant system? To the point of being almost impossible.
  11. I agree, the lemon squeezer is one of our very few (and getting fewer) buildings of architectural note. I think it's one of the nicest buildings on the island. The airport while less so, is still a beautiful building and of its time and it would be a shame to change it significantly, it's a shame the mezzanine floor has mostly been removed already. The aluminium and glass building at the prom end of Victoria Street (was it RBS) is also a very nice building, shaped like the bow of a ship. The faux art deco Utmost building on Walpole Drive I think looks very fake, although I know a lot of people seem to like it. I think architecture should be of it's time and celebrated as such. I've never understood this idea of trying to make buildings look like they're from another era. These new housing estates with fibreglass chimney stacks for example - why? I think it's far better to preserve the original building than to rip it down and put up a poor imitation which fools nobody. If it comes to that it should be replaced with something modern, although much of the time the original building and should and could be preserved. There has been plenty of green field development in recent years to mean the modern could exist alongside it.
  12. I would argue your employers are the people of the IOM but I get your point. My point was that you should make sure just how well they're going to benefit rather than taking the word of an expert who's employer has a vested financial interest in the job going ahead. There maybe financial benefits for the people of Middle/IOM, what are they and how do you, or the experts know? This is what needs clarifying impartially. There maybe downsides to the idea as well, what are they and are they worth the financial benefit? Is the financial benefit guaranteed? What are the environmental consequences, what would they be if everywhere that could did the same as us? Some expert many years ago decided that the people of the IOM would benefit from replacing the perfect serviceable flumes at the NSC............
  13. Fair enough. I agree with you too and would want the same as you in the same position.
  14. I remember hearing once, admittedly a long time ago, that NHS treatment for injuries sustained in road accidents was not free, presumably to be paid for by the relevant insurance company. I've never heard it before or since, but it was from a usually reliable source, BBC R4 I think although I can't remember for sure. Anyone ever heard that? I'm sure it's not enforced even if true.
  15. And even more interestingly the change is being driven by research into accidents and how they are caused. As opposed to "my neighbours van is a bit rusty and I know someone who's wiper blades are knackered - lets bring in an MOT"
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