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  1. I have exactly the same policy for letters from the tax office. In 30 years working on this island the closest thing I've ever had to good news from them is "we owe you £x, but............., so in actual fact you now owe us £Y." I'm not nearly rich enough to benefit from the deliberate swerves they leave open for the benefit of those who can afford it.
  2. Not sure exactly, but some time after the sun has burnt itself out.
  3. All back working again this morning - and to be fair to them, it's a fairly good system once you get in IMHO.
  4. Try running a business in the post Covid, post Brexit, Ukraine war, multiple crises period at the same time as having several children who have regularly been off school due to teacher shortages and pay disputes. Life gets busy, tasks have to be prioritised, I'm sure we'd all like to be smugly taking the piss out of people who leave things to the last minute, but for some it's just another day another deadline. Anyway, shouldn't you be out getting your last few bit of Christmas shopping, or have you finished that too 😀?
  5. Glad it's not just me - what do you mean by leaving it late though, the deadline isn't until tomorrow. I thought I'd do it early for a change rather than scratching around tomorrow afternoon, ah well never mind. The trouble is they don't seem to send you a paper one if you are registered online. Some poor sod is going to be busy answering the phone tomorrow.
  6. Undoubtedly. I'd be amazed if another few more hundred K haven't been thrown at this.
  7. It's a nice idea but it'll never happen, not on the IOM. For one thing it's too radical for our government, for another it would disproportionately benefit the proles, and so is the exact opposite of anything this or the last few governments have done.
  8. I wouldn't worry about it. I have it on very good authority that the TT isn't going to happen next year, or was it this year, can't remember who told me that now, oh no hang on a minute it was you.
  9. No that's not how it works. When a man and a woman love each other very much.........
  10. The walkway was the one bit of the prom that was in fairly good shape, why didn't they just leave it as it was?
  11. You can, but you'll be sick of the sight of them by Christmas. It's like my neighbour, he spends ages putting up Christmas decorations, tons of lights in the garden etc. It looks brilliant but he does it in November and then starts taking them down on or soon after boxing day! I did once suggest to him that perhaps he put them up in late October and take them down mid December, got it all out of the way before Christmas. I'm not sure he realised I was taking the piss. He's the kind of fella who will go somewhere an hour before it opens "so he doesn't have to wait". I've never understood this kind of logic, Christmas or any other event comes round soon enough, why rush it?
  12. The same Barclays that operates in a well and very expensively regulated jurisdiction, yet can make an illegal loan and be repaid in full without reproach. Yet again the Manx taxpayer stumps up for a very poor quality service in dubious circumstances with no comeback whatsoever on the supplier.
  13. An illegal loan no less, makes you wonder why it has to be repaid at all. Surely the bank should have done some due diligence? You've got to wonder what position they (the bank) would be in if it was any other customer than the IOMG, who's backers (us) are unfortunately all too familiar with bailing them out after such cock ups.
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