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  1. They talk the talk about climate change, then go and raise public transport costs for the biggest user group. They really are useless aren't they?
  2. Needs a lot of work I think, and it's owned by the DOI, so they'll probably ignore it until they can pay a consultant to tell them it needs knocking down.
  3. Me neither. I suggest if you struggle to understand anyone reading the news on MR the problem is with you rather than them.
  4. Yes Shoprite or their lot own it, they have a DR site up there. The point I was making was the old Shoprite up there has been empty for decades as it's not much good for anything else, as would the other Supermarkets have been had they decided to close without this deal. I was simply pointing out that the deal has probably worked out extremely well for Shoprite, and Tesco for that matter. For the island, not so much IMHO.
  5. You were replying to my post which suggested that Shoprite's supermarket sites were fairly useless as anything but supermarkets. In any case it's empty, so is the old Onchan Shoprite in village walk, it has been for decades, so I'm not sure what point you were trying to make anyway.
  6. Not the old Shoprite, it's been empty for donkeys years. Whitestone is empty and was never a supermarket.
  7. I don't think Shoprite were going out of business at all. What they have done is swap a business which took a lot of running in a difficult and uncertain sector and swapped it for a probably much more profitable and much easier to run business in a much more certain sector with a guaranteed income for the next 21 years. Quite some achievement really, especially when you consider most of their properties were pretty useless as anything other than supermarkets.
  8. They'll be asking for identity checks and searches before getting on busses next.
  9. Gotta love the key stone cops. From that photo, the road is completely blocked. How on earth did a replacement bus manage to get there, get through and make off with all the passengers before the police arrived, or thought to ask them what had happened?
  10. No, and I completely agree with you in regards what needs to happen, but Alfy, Alinson and the rest of them won't hit the high earners, not a chance in hell.
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