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  1. I wouldn't worry about it. I have it on very good authority that the TT isn't going to happen next year, or was it this year, can't remember who told me that now, oh no hang on a minute it was you.
  2. No that's not how it works. When a man and a woman love each other very much.........
  3. The walkway was the one bit of the prom that was in fairly good shape, why didn't they just leave it as it was?
  4. You can, but you'll be sick of the sight of them by Christmas. It's like my neighbour, he spends ages putting up Christmas decorations, tons of lights in the garden etc. It looks brilliant but he does it in November and then starts taking them down on or soon after boxing day! I did once suggest to him that perhaps he put them up in late October and take them down mid December, got it all out of the way before Christmas. I'm not sure he realised I was taking the piss. He's the kind of fella who will go somewhere an hour before it opens "so he doesn't have to wait". I've never understood this kind of logic, Christmas or any other event comes round soon enough, why rush it?
  5. The same Barclays that operates in a well and very expensively regulated jurisdiction, yet can make an illegal loan and be repaid in full without reproach. Yet again the Manx taxpayer stumps up for a very poor quality service in dubious circumstances with no comeback whatsoever on the supplier.
  6. An illegal loan no less, makes you wonder why it has to be repaid at all. Surely the bank should have done some due diligence? You've got to wonder what position they (the bank) would be in if it was any other customer than the IOMG, who's backers (us) are unfortunately all too familiar with bailing them out after such cock ups.
  7. You're not just paying for the food though, you're paying for the surroundings, the ambience, the service. As it's a brewery pub this means they've charged you £35 to eat £5 tops worth of food in a soulless, empty shithole served by a reluctant teenager on minimum wage.
  8. He really is a bloody idiot isn't he? So they've spent half a million doing surveys to pay out exactly nothing in grants. How anyone can describe that as "really successful" beggars belief. The one thing, the easiest thing , the most effective thing they could do in these times to help not only the environment, but also struggling families with the cost of living crisis, is to help people make their homes more energy efficient. To spend the amount of money that they have on this, and, in almost a year to have helped not one solitary household achieve this shows a special kind of incompetence, but I guess we are used to that, we've seen it often enough. To come out and declare it a success though just shows the disdain for the people whose money has been pissed away on this fiasco that this man has.
  9. Would you expect anything less? They'll have paid a King's ransom for some Chinese crap that doesn't like salt air or something. Some supplier will have made millions out of the deal with no need to guarantee any of their products or work, if they ever even worked in the first place (unlikely). It's like the NSC flumes - how many hundred thousand did they spend on them? They never worked, they had to throw another couple of hundred thousand at the contractor to get them working, they lasted a couple of weeks and one had to be closed again. Nine months later it is still closed.
  10. So they shouldn't be democratically elected because they are so popular? That perfectly sums up the amount of logic that is applied to most royalist arguments. Take a step back, get out of the 19th century, forget the nice little old lady smiling at children, put aside your British desire to remain important in the world. Then think about what you are defending objectively and rationally. Be honest with yourself, it's fucking mental isn't it?😀
  11. I don't know what point you're trying to make. Playing barbaric leader top trumps is not particularly helpful, and let's be honest, democratic leaders are never going to win that game. You shouldn't be scared of other people's opinions.
  12. It could also make things better. Nothing ventured nothing gained.
  13. And you think leaving things to an accident of birth is optimal?
  14. The consequence of democracy is that everyone has a say, everyone's opinion is taken into account. I understand that perfectly well. I assume the consequence you're referring to is that it may produce a head of state you don't like or one that I don't like. I understand that too, I just don't see it as a problem.
  15. Not here he wasn't, and I severely doubt he ever would be. Are we conveniently forgetting the thousand years of violence presided over by the British monarchy? The slavery, the colonialism, the endless war faring? The union jack is still known in many part of the world as the butcher's apron. None of those monarchs were democratically elected, all were hereditary. But let's ignore those thousand years and concentrate on four years of Trump on the other side of the world.
  16. No he wasn't he was appointed by Hindenburg. I really don't know what you people are so scared of. I get you like the current or last monarch and that's fine, your views would be taken into account - that's the whole point of democracy. It seems obvious to me that what you're objecting to is other people's views also being taken into account, very similar to Hitler in that respect. The "I think things should be like this because I'm right and you're wrong" argument could is completely non-sensical, imagine using it in any other context than the monarchy, I bet you can't. Democracy is not something to be afraid of - and if you are afraid of it as many royalists seem to be, it makes it all the more necessary.
  17. He voiced his frustration at Andrew buying his way around the justice system - whereupon two thugs violently dragged him to the floor by the scruff of the neck, and the police arrested him and not them. Can you imagine that in any other context? Where the monarchy is concerned, many otherwise decent, logical, objectively thinking people just turn into irrational lunatics and hardly anyone bats an eyelid. It's almost like a cult and an extremely dangerous precedent to set, certainly not one that has any place in a modern civilised society.
  18. Possibly a money spinner for the UK, definitely not for the IOM.
  19. And what has history repeatedly shown about British monarch's? Is the history of the British empire something you really want to continue in any form? A democratically elected head of state would have exactly the same power as they have now - the only ones with more power would be the electorate. I can't believe anyone in this day and age wants to forgo democracy for an hereditary title, just because the last one worked out OK and there was a president on the other side of the world that you didn't like! It beggars belief and is extremely short sighted both forwards and back. What are you scared of, having to take other people's view into account as well as your own?
  20. I'd like the head of state to be democratically elected. How you get from that to me wanting Trump in charge is anybody's guess.
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