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  1. Great to see this has started such a debate, and I see that Hartford have finally published notification of their ‘consultation’ meeting on their Facebook page. I would be interested to know whether any of those who do not support this proposed development have contacted their MHK’s, and if so, what response they have received? Housing and the environment were such topical issues in the election, but was it all just words?
  2. https://braddanroad.hartford.im/public-consultation/ So Hartford are to build 350 houses with three different new roads to join Ballafletcher, the old Oak tree roundabout and quarterbridge. So many questions, but this strikes me as a horrendous idea for the following initial reasons: 1) building on greenfield in Douglas is completely unnecessary. Aren’t we supposed to be a UNESCO biosphere? 2) imagine how horrendous the traffic is going to be at the oak tree roundabout and quarterbridge - areas which are already very busy without an additional 350 houses needing access 3) the ‘consultation’ by Hartford comes with little detail and interestingly they haven’t yet published the environmental impact survey referred to on the website 4) the issue in the IOM at present is a lack of housing of those looking to buy their first property. This isn’t going to do anything at all to help with that issue. This seems like the exact type of development many MHKs said that they would no longer support
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