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  1. Did we really have 6 riders from Manx teams in the top 30 of the under 10s as well!? I may be misunderstanding the results...
  2. My favourite is the headline on iomtday: "Kelly storms to Junior title as Manx continue GB domination" http://www.iomtoday.co.im/sport/cycling/kelly-storms-to-junior-title-as-manx-continue-gb-domination-1-5999087 With a Manx first and fourth in the men's senior national (I counted 8 Manx riders in the race), a Manx national junior men's and women's title and the under8s - even the Manx press is beginning to realise that the island is 'punching above its weight.' You can say that again! Slim (or others) - what do you think the Manx line up might look like at the Commonwealth Games next year? We have had some great performances in the past - I watched the entire Delhi race online and heard Cav talk about his experience at the O2 centre at the launch of Chasing Legends ( a film which is well worth watching). And then there's Cav's own gold in the 2006 scratch race and Mark Christian's bronze in 2010 and then Edmonton in '78 where I seem to remember Purvis came 4th after Steve Joughin punctured when he was in the lead group and Purvis was holding back the chase - but we still had 3 riders in the top 20 of the road race. And of course all the stories of the amazing win by Peter Buckley. I was too young to remember that but still have memories of my relatives telling me about it! But I wonder if we can't assemble the strongest Manx squad ever next year... I've just applied for some track tickets for Glasgow - went for the men's scratch race and points race in the absence of any information on Manx prospects. But what about the men's team pursuit or the women's events? Is it too early for Jake or Anna? Sadly there are no tickets for the road race so I guess it will be a case of getting up very early and placing yourself wherever you can with your Manx flag (memories flooding back of my getting up at some early hour to place the Manx flag on the first corner of the Olympics road race!).
  3. I'm really looking forward to the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in 2014 now. Hopefully we'll have Cav and Kennaugh and... But here's another thought. How about the Isle of Man offering to join Wales in its bid to host the 2026 Commonwealth Games? Wales is 'considering a bid' according to the bbc. But there seems to be some uncertainty that Wales could host it alone because of cost, volunteers and infrastructure... So maybe with our sports giants (Cav and Kennaugh) and experience of the island games we could help and host some of the events... We could add a dimension that would fire the imaginations of islands and small states across the Commonwealth. Maybe our celtic brothers and sisters wouldn't want our offer. But what an amazing challenge for Manx children and young people to aim for... Just a thought...
  4. Brilliant Kennaugh!! Congrats. Historic. Puts him amongst the greatest Manx sports personalities of history. Not quite up with Cav yet, overall, but a match for the rest - people like Sydney Swan last Manx gold medal winner in rowing in 1912.
  5. Focusing on the Manx olympians - its a huge day for Peter Kennaugh with the Team Pursuit and the chance of a medal. Cav also achieved a huge amount - he attracted what is one of the biggest numbers of live supporters for an event in the history of the Olympics. The support around the route was astounding - around 1m people and most of them were cheering for Team GB and Cav. Maybe the main reason the peleton didn't do what it should and bring back the break is because the 70 odd riders knew the only winner if they did was Cav. Clearly Griepel, Goss and other sprinters just couldn't convince their teams they had a serious chance against Cav. That is a huge affirmation of Cav's world class abilities... That's a lot for us Manx to be proud of. And we still have Kennaugh in the team pursuit... C'mon team GB!
  6. Great idea Gizo. That's the sort of ambitious thinking that Cav, Kennaugh et al deserve. Probably difficult to compete with determined Scots and Yorkshire bids though. There are a lot of places that would strain every sinew to get Le Tour. We Manx don't really do sinew straining (apart from Cav and one or two others..!) I THINK the race you are thinking of was the British Pro Road Race of 1984 which was one of the highlights of Joughin's career. But those were the days of Manx international cycling week started by Curwen Clague - which ran from 1936-2003. Great days! Maybe we could start with offering to host a stage of An Post Ras or the Tour of Britain?
  7. Cav has won one stage so far (in itself a big achievement) but as Slim says Sky isn't prioritising him this year - he's lost weight to help him over Box Hill for the Olympics Road race. Cav may not be at his best in France and Box Hill means the course doesn't totally suit him - but there is a slight chance that by the end of the month he may just deliver the biggest achievement in the history of Manx sport. A manx cyclist winning the first British gold medal of the London Olympics would be absolutely massive! I was flying the Manx flag on the Mall for the finish of the trial run last year and Cav was superb. I assume there will be a big screen in Douglas (and elsewhere?) where people can congregate. But I will be in London on the day. Does anybody know if there is a location on the route where Manx people will congregate so I can take my flag?! I have access to a ticket for the Olympic Park that day so could take the flag there - but it would be better to have a few flags together. Is anybody else going?
  8. Yet another amazing stage win today - Cav's second in this year's Giro and an astounding 32nd grand tour win of his career. After years of Manx cynicism about his ability or attitude, the fact that our fellow manxman is now hailed around the world as the world champion and greatest sprinter on the planet, is now taken for granted without comment. Totally bazaar... ! Great to see Pete Kennaugh part of his success as well - such a deep source of patriotic pride perhaps?
  9. Has any effort been made by the newly elected MHKs to 'take soundings' about who their constituents think should be CM and what the key issues are in that decision? I haven't heard anything. The role of CM is very important and the Manx political system would be much stronger and democratic if there is some kind of connection between the electorate and the CM.... At the moment all we seem to have is this thread....
  10. Surely Cav is worthy of Manx support for 'sports personality of the year' now!
  11. A Manxman Cycling's World Champion for 2011. Get in! Great to hear Hugh Porter mentioning the Manx flags again in Copenhagen, just like he did in London last week. Brilliant end to a superb season for the new world champion!
  12. Interesting to see that 3 of the six 'Great Britain' riders in the provisional start list for the Olympics preparation event in London on Sunday are Manx residents. All three now ride for Team Sky it seems. London Prepares Perhaps they should rename the team "Great Britain and the Isle of Man"! I see that Cav (20th), Pete Kennaugh (66th - after a brilliant 5th in Poland) and Ben Swift (39th) have all performed really well in the UCI World Rankings Cav is down to ride in the Tour of Spain (La Vuelta) - one last blast with HTC?
  13. Maybe they should give him a good Tour de France welcome home with Tricolores flying along the Castletown Road from the airport, Tractors laid out in the shape of a racing bike in a field at Orrisdale and people in silly outfits running alongside him on the hill up to Newtown! I'm sure we could find some bad drivers (Jeremy Clarkson?!) to drive the chasing cars. I dont think the French do fairy bridges so not sure what you can do there... Good place for an intermediate sprint maybe? (only joking) But it might get a bit of publicity for the Island and tempt over a few French tourists...!
  14. Isle of Man Today quote by top British cycling pro David Millar about Cav "He is Britain's best athlete right now and probably the best sprinter in the history of cycling". Quote on the BBC teletext from David Millar about Cav: "At the moment, he is the UK's greatest athlete. He is probably the greatest sprinter in the history of cycling". Spot the difference!
  15. Gazza - I think you'll find the record is 34 stages not 24. It was set by Eddy Mercx who is THE ultimate legend in cycle road racing in the entire history of the Tour. Called the greatest and most successful cyclist of ALL TIME! Cav is a serious challenger for the title of the greatest active cyclist of our time. That of course would be the ultimate achievement for any aspiring cyclist. In fact, as far as sprinting goes, I would say he has already achieved that today. But of ALL time? I can think of no reason why ANY cyclist of our generation should be set up to try and achieve that ... Certainly not Cav when he is only 26. But I can imagine Cav beating the amazing Lance Armstrong - multiple winner of the General Classification - who in his entire career achieved an astounding 22 stage wins. By winning 3 more stages Cav would then be in the top four of all time. If Cav achieves that - the greatest active stage winner of the TdF in the world and the 4th greatest of all time - then even the Manx might think of affirming such an achievement. Who knows what he could achieve after that, if the Manx really get behind him....
  16. Agree totally, especially about the 'UK winner' comment. If he lost they would probably call him Manx! Though to be fair one of the commentators did also say Cav would be the first person to remind them he is from the Isle of Man. Well done to Ramsey Grammar for getting behind Cav and attracting loads of publicity. http://www.cyclingnews.com/news/cavendishs-french-lesson-for-manx-students. Australian PM had to deny she was declaring a national holiday because of Cadel Evans. No risk of such a thing in the Isle of Man. They'll probably give Cav a nice reception and that will be it. But what he has achieved is awesome. No currently active rider can get close to his 20 stage wins record (nearest is 12). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tour_de_France#Stage_wins
  17. For fairness we should probably also give a plug to Peter Kennaugh and Ben Swift's Twittering as well. Chasing Legends is a great film - well worth a view if you haven't seen it. Tomorrow's stage will be crucial to Cav's bid for the Green jersey which took a big leap forward today when Gilbert failed to get into the break so didn't get any intermediate points in today's mountain stage. This is Cav's best chance yet to win Green even though he was docked 10 intermediate points in one of the early stages. And tomorrow's stage is the last one for sprinters before Paris at the end. Does anybody know how Ben Swift is coping with the Le Tour? I haven't read anything yet. I guess when its your first tour a major objective is simply to get to the Champs Elysee and complete the race!
  18. Hi williejohndaly - Cav was also genuinely gutted to see Wiggins go out in his interview. You aren't the only person who seems to have a problem taking to Cav! But he is amongst the best in the world at what he does and is putting the Island on the map, as you say. To be honest I'm not sure the island has yet fully made the most of the huge following Le Tour attracts to promote our potential as a tourist destination for Tour de france fans. Its a very big deal for a French rider to win 1 stage in his career - and to have a rider who has won 17 of them is massive. Yet its almost as if its an embarrassment on the island to have a Manx professional being so successful. Too pushy... Anyway this thread is also about following other Manx cyclists such as Peter Kennaugh and Ben Swift who was not born here but is a Manx resident and is showing big potential. So perhaps you can shout from the hill tops for them instead! Enjoy the climbs...
  19. Sorry Slim - Missed you! Great to see Cav get his first win of Le Tour 2011 on Stage 5. A brilliant effort uphill - no train to take him to the front this time. He proved he is the fastest sprinter. In fact he looked it on stage 3 but was badly treated to have his intermediate points docked. I'm sure the BBC website listed Cav's nationality as Isle of Man but then changed it to 'GB' It must be because he won! Good to see Manx resident Ben Swift on his Le Tour debut for Team Sky. Does anybody think he will capture the limelight at any point in Le Tour this year?
  20. Peter Kennaugh has achieved a 3rd place overall in a 4 stage race called the Route du Sud in southern France. He was 2nd in stage 3. It sounds like an impressive result to achieve a podium like this in his first year as a professional. But to be honest I've never heard of it! Does anybody know what kind of race this is and how big a result for Kennuagh? Meanwhile Ben Swift got a creditable 3rd place in 8th stage of Tour de Suisse sprint. Cav, who was given the MBE recently, had probs - being fined after a crash on a sprint finish. Not one of his best tours by the sounds of it. Strong rumours that he is joining Kennaugh, Swift et al in Team Sky next season. Leazes Criterium on 24th and then National Elite Road Racing Championship in Northumbria on 26th next up for Cav I think. Then Tour de France from 2nd July... Any other news of top level Manx cyclists?
  21. Superbike practice Guy Martin 2nd 129.333 mph. Superstock practice Guy Martin 4th 125.720 mph. Supersport practice Guy Martin 5th 123.182 mph. He seems to be mixing it with the best so far... And as a personality he came across as really cool at the local school on ITV4 this evening. The coverage across 50 countries seems to be lifting the TT's international reach to a higher level... and it needs people like Guy Martin.
  22. Can't think of a better way of re-enforcing Slim's point about HTC being a specialist sprinter team than suggesting you watch the film about the team called Chasing Legends. Well worth watching. I saw the premier at the O2 centre in Greenwich last year and Cav was there to answer questions - he had a great story about his efforts to get the Australians to work with the Manx commonwealth games road racing team in Delhi. The real stars of the film are the 2 guys following in the team car... As I see it, the overall winner of the General Classification has to be an all-rounder with lots of stamina and consistent performance over many stages including climbs and time trials. The build of the rider and qualities are totally different to those of a sprint specialist. But most spectators would rather see a thrilling massed bunch sprint finish with competing sprint teams trying to lead out their rider. Its so fast - and dangerous with spectacular crashes on the last bend... So any multi-stage road race worth its salt has to design a number of flat stages set up for a big sprint finish. The best sprinters in the world are identified by their number of stage wins (or green jersey sprint points). Its a totally different challenge. That is why specialist sprinters like Cav are amongst the most high profile in the sport. He will never win the general classification, nor should he try... PS I see our very own Ben Swift is the top Brit in the UCI world tour ranking - 28th with 89 points. Cav is 58th! Not quite sure how they allocate points for GC riders versus sprinters versus climbers etc. Does anybody else know?
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