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  1. I suppose it depends whether you want everyone to be better off, or you want teachers to be 'best off' a la Venezuela. Still, if they control the economics classes (was that Moorhouse's area?) who is to argue with them...
  2. At the current rate it's not inconceivable education will be the highest paid sector, overtaking insurance & e-gaming. (It was 4th of 24 in 2021). Fantastic news for anyone in this industry.
  3. Yes sorry I definitely should have added loosen planning requirements. In fact this should probably be top of the list. Still not a silver bullet though unless you like industrial units everywhere.
  4. I suppose it's inarguable some measure is needed, given that most of these sites have sat unchanged for 20+ years. Alternatives could be : - preventing/taxing parking on these sites (tricky as they've been used for so long). This was also tried with the Lord Street site and seems to have been ineffective (I know it's more nuanced on that one) - compulsory purchase (but the values will be relatively high and gov would probably spend more than 25% additional doing this and running build/tender process) - substantially hiking rates for undeveloped brownfield sites to encourage development and discourage existing rent seeking, either develop or sell. May encourage low quality developments though What is preferred?
  5. This is actually intentional - the design of them is supposed to filter out luddites who drive bangers that leak oil everywhere and don't spend any money in town anyway.
  6. Well cheese is set by market prices unlike the state mandated cost of (local) milk. Do we really need price controls on milk in 2022?
  7. Even Times Square and Picadilly Circus had to start somewhere
  8. I think you need to look at prices of Brentwood & High Wycombe. And you can't exactly compare to Little Switzerland here, as in them locations you can't have a 30% reduction in house prices by jumping in the car for 20 minutes.
  9. House prices are a lot higher in 'London fringe' and you'd receive a lot lower multiple mortgage offering (i.e. not be able to purchase as expensive a house)
  10. I saw a rebrand of the Creamery cheese, which often signifies a shrinking product, and lo and behold we have lost 12% as it has dropped from 225g to a meagre 200g. I am sure you will all share my outrage and will join me next July 5th to petition Tynwald to stop this madness.
  11. There are a few Costas on the Island that seem to be in a competition for the slowest service. Maybe queuing is fashionable and drives greater sales in a roundabout way. And as for the landside café and Smith's - this seems like something noone actually wants to run or use with contracts predicated on pre-COVID numbers of fliers, but is just something that has been opened back up to keep the banalities of Mr Moorhouse prodding Tynwald Questions at bay.
  12. Well in theory IOM shouldn't expect to 'beat the market', but you would expect some degree of hedging as price stability is more locally important than value. The degree of hedging will also depend on how much flexibility you have on gas consumption relative to market conditions. I don't think we have enough info to say e.g. buy 50% of next 3 months gas contract at current prices
  13. Another couple of weeks of relatively warm temperatures and not unfeasible bulk gas price will be 0
  14. Is that not a sovereign debt fund
  15. Well after the departure of Greenhow, Ashford, Ewart, Malone, Conie (and presumably Magson if she was still available) over the affair itself, now the handling of the affair by the AGCs is coming into question I would be nervous if I was the named individual with the disclosure process being one of the key issues.
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