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  1. De nada. Never too late to learn and acknowledge La_Dolce_Vita's point not necessarily based on a "Russian perspective". Kudos for your humility and open-mindedness.
  2. Video/radio seems to always suffer a time delay relative to print media. I presume its due to "more chefs in the kitchen"/technical issues. I read once that most (~80%) audiovisual journalism is regurgitated print journalism (as opposed to orginal investigative reporting). So you would expect it to lag. Incompetence notwithstanding! 😆
  3. Turkey has said it is yet to make a decision on closing its straits between the Mediterannean and the Black Sea to the Russian navy– despite an earlier claim by the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy. It is the first official clarification since Zelenskiy said on Saturday that Turkey had agreed to close the waterways to warships – which would have been a big defensive boon for Ukraine. According to Reuters, a Turkish official said it “has not made a decision to close the straits to Russian ships”. If it did happen, a closure would break a convention for Black Sea states that warships are allowed to return to port during wartime. (The Guardian, 0246H GMT, Harry Taylor)
  4. Food for thought. Good opinion piece addressing moral relativism thats arisen regarding the current conflict: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2022/feb/26/russia-lies-america-half-truths
  5. I read that. I cant imagine them willing to fire on Russian ships. Hope it doesnt come to that.
  6. With such global defenestration/emasculation, you will have solved the climate crisis as well!
  7. Doubtful...Nato vs Russian jets risks drawing Nato into larger conflict...nuclear exchange risk unacceptable. Nato Sec-General Stoltenberg said this on PBS Newshour interview yesterday. "We wish to avoid being drawn into a conflict worse than what we already have" (paraphrased)
  8. A border pushed back farther than he envisaged if Ukraine hosted Nato troops in the future.
  9. Interesting historical review/opinion: https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2022/2/25/history-of-ties-between-ukraine-and-russia
  10. He's a proto-fascistic autocratic revisionist nationalist who suppresses his own media. Morality not a strong point. (Mind you, moral consistency isn't a strength of many who voted in favour of whatever feckless resolution they passed. U.N. is a bad joke. Used for cover when convenient; ignored when convenient. Group therapy for the weaker nations. A foggy theatre for the strong.)
  11. I heard he would have fulfilled his lifelong ambition of learning to play the harp.
  12. The most egregious stuff will never see the light of day... those smokeless smoking guns.
  13. Thx. For some reason in an act of extreme political nerdism, I watched that entire session as everyone grilled him. That was definitely one of the most contentious exchanges. Overall, an excellent, principled meeting with really good rigourous lines of enquiry from all departments.
  14. Agree...I always remind the pacifist in me of Tibet.
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