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  1. They rely heavily on goals from set plays due to their size (several players are well over 6 foot). They play 2 in central midfield and if they come against a side playing a 3 in there, who are strong physically they are going to struggle. The manager was the most successful in local football in recent times so deserves the shot at it. His assistant is experienced too and they are the right choice at this time I’d say. Refreshing the squad will be difficult as they can only feasibly add players from the IoM league unlike team across who can sign up those not getting a game from further up the pyramid or released from pro clubs. It also means we are unlikely to lose players to other clubs unless they are offered a pro contract they won’t move.
  2. Well the lesson learnt here is if you live on the Isle of Man don’t get ill! Post Covid world not looking in good shape. Just because you give something a new name doesn’t mean it’s any different!
  3. Add the airport to the list of basic infrastructure systems we can’t operate. Schools, hospitals the list goes on!
  4. We are going to struggle to fill specialist positions in many industries as people don’t want to move here for various reasons. We have to develop the population we have more effectively at least, so they can do their jobs better.
  5. There is lots of evidence to say climate change is real, some evidence to say it isn’t. Either way globalisation and pollution made the effects of Covid worse. It has resulted in more ill health and spread the virus more easily.
  6. The general population go into other industries as they are paid better and the ethos in society is look to after number 1, not help others. Healthcare staff are underpaid, have irregular/unsociable hours and have to take a lot from the general public. No wonder people don’t want go into that sector of work. Working in education now requires you to try to understand the social issues driving children’s behaviour if you want make an impact. There are so many children suffering from emotional issues driven by dysfunctional families and society that teaching and keeping some sort of order in school is close to impossible.
  7. We can’t run a basic healthcare or education system at the moment. What a mess. In the meantime other government departments are trying to get people to move here! We are trying run before we can walk.
  8. Amazing they still made a loss despite the pulling in crowds usually expected for 4 tiers up and having no player wages.
  9. Sorry for your losses. Hopefully future deaths from the virus will be minimal (any death is hard to take for the families involved).
  10. Like idiots on bikes or idiots who had parties or travelled during covid when people couldn’t attend their own family member's funerals.
  11. It’s about reducing risk. It’s not a surprise that this has sparked a few negative comments. TT and Covid polarise people like few other topics.
  12. It’s no wonder everyone just does what they like when the likes of Boris are in charge. There’s a massive culture of selfishness around where people have no respect for others and just do what they like regardless of how it affects others. The covid situation and people’s attitudes to the TT highlight that clearly.
  13. Just saying! People on here might not that afraid of it, but there are plenty who are and have vulnerable family members. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. A little bit of compassion and humility wouldn’t go amiss. Next people will be saying it’s no worse than the common cold. On the note of Glastonbury you watch the case numbers saw and covid death numbers go up in the UK after this. Again there are other ways to generate money and be entertained, but of course the show must go on!
  14. It’s well and truly back and it’s no coincidence that the numbers have gone up post TT. After the deaths and now the Covid aftermath which will affect people’s well-being, as well as the economy, you have to think was the TT all really worth it. There are other forms of entertainment and ways to make money out there if that’s what the population and the government crave.
  15. Bill1977

    TT 2022 ??

    If the BBC documentary changes people’s perceptions negatively then brands sponsoring the TT may worry about people not consuming their products as a result.
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