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  1. Clearly a good lad - he’ll go far if he maintains that approach.
  2. But it’s not exclusive to DBC so probably should be in rates thread Where would be the fun in that? 😉
  3. That quote was always being brought up when I was in MI5…(you ain’t seen me…) 🤫
  4. Jarndyce

    TT 2023

    Not sure that it’s actually Wrighty’s hospital…or, indeed, Wrighty’s parliament. He works in the hospital and is NOT an MHK…(not yet, anyway…)
  5. Indeed: Quis custodiet ipsos custodes, as you medical chaps might say?
  6. I don’t know how they get away with employing such patently unsuitable candidates. HR department must be at least partly to blame - either complicit or asleep at the wheel.
  7. They’re only reporting on the court hearings as they happen, in the order they happen. Fair enough - although, as a rule, I think one can describe MR news reporting as disjointed and weird.
  8. How do you know it wasn't? Maybe it was MR's reporting that was "disjointed and weird"...
  9. That's how we ended up with Manx Care - following an English model on Sir Jon Millionaire's advice, after said model had already been discredited across. All Tynwald needed to do was a little due diligence - ideally before they all voted it through on the nod. Their problem now is how to fix/reverse it without ever admitting the error that they made.
  10. Jarndyce

    Firm closing

    I think you’re talking total crap I think you two should get a room…
  11. Indeed. Kensington activated on-line appointment booking a few years ago. They switched it off during the covid period - and have only switched it back on relatively recently. So it’s up to the individual practices.
  12. I’m sure they already know. The questions are 1) when will they admit it publicly and 2) when will they do something about it? I’m guessing they’d rather waste millions and run the service into the ground before admitting that they were sold a pup by Sir JM.
  13. and yet with a dwindling number of doctors more funding IS a priority. Do DBC fund doctors?
  14. I suspect that this doc won’t be the only one - watch this space…
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