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  1. I don't know, you seem to manage.
  2. I am never gonna get old, like the rest of the world, you are so right. I will stay young forever certainly will never be a grubby little old man living off UHT Milk and calling women witches like a sad mental patient, or looking up school girls skirts like you to get your little filthy rub. Oh and kick my arse grandad its hard as nails and would break your foot.
  3. Erm, calling women 'witches' is sign of a complete mental, get some help.
  4. How mental are you? They are women that are equal, at least 2 of whom have much better academic and business credentials than Rob Callister and I would probably err on the side that each one would have their head better screwed on than Rob.
  5. You can beg all you like, but lets face facts, by the time they get to the throne Scotland will be long gone, Irish re-unification is only a matter of time. William will probably come out as gay, and she will probably get offed in a tragic 'accident' like Diana. Regardless she would never be Queen of the Manx, plus if you are as old as you sound no chance you will be around then anyway.
  6. Not true, just what 'going out' means has changed. It is now pre-drinks at one house, on to a club for a few and a dance then on to an afterparty so its not as visible to general public as it was in the olden days of pub crawl -> nightclub -> latebar -> drive home.
  7. You are quite wrong there, most still do 'pre's before they go out, and get just as wasted. NYE is just a farce though, 'oh look the date changed'.
  8. Quite, why would anyone choose MR with some church hall level entertainer attempt to do a music based show reading 'facts' out from wikipedia as @IOMsuggests, given the real deal is already available and without adverts. Local news is the only USP but that is much easier online. And with A&E at its limits you see taxpayers money spunked on stuff like this (112 views was it really worth it?)
  9. I don't really intend saying something racist, homophobic, sexist, gammony just to appease you.
  10. Your keyboard playing up again gramps?
  11. Yeah it was always the same before they kicked peters out.
  12. Must be very stressful for attention addicts like 'Julian', cooked up with mother with no reason to live, how are you managing?
  13. It's a very Manx Radio response, that you need a 'specialist' show. This music is popular music, hip-hop is the most successful cultural movement of the last 40 years it is more mainstream than ever, but its black so it has to go in a specialist show, like a special section of the bus.
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