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  1. No need to be a pompous dick, she was line manager for medics at Nobles, and it was about how the hospital would cope.
  2. We employ a chief medical officer to provide expert advice when you have a medical emergency, and to present how grave the issue really is in medical terms, pretty sure at the time almost all medical staff at the hospital were in public agreement with her, so I doubt any claim that she thinks she was a lone voice stacks up, she was line manger of the islands medical staff and was reflecting a shared conclusion, sounds like yet more government spin, seems IOM government stooges can't stop themselves or ever admit they were wrong. Even if she were a lone voice, her expert opinion far outweighed a project manager / former poptastic local DJ on a serious medical emergency. No matter how nice and likable he is, Dan overstepped the mark but rather than taking some accountabliity we have constant shenagins and deceit at tax payer expense, Moulton is a drama queen but he still has a valid point no matter how many in government wish to discredit him.
  3. TT on the Taxis must have done alright, for a week.
  4. I get that you think doing fuck all and getting paid for it is something most would envy, but not me prefer earning money.
  5. Don't expect four eyes to be grafting anytime soon.
  6. It's was just a sly way of bringing up his Jewishness by some nasty old bat.
  7. Put them werthers originals back, you ain't won nowt.
  8. Typically Motor Neurone disease has a prognosis of up to 3 years from diagnosis to death, and many more progressive illnesses have anything up to 6 years 'if you are lucky' from early diagnosis to death with a clear expectancy of a very pain ridden limited existance getting worse each day, so its not foresight just a reasonably early diagnosis, which is far more likely to happen if you live in the UK as opposed to here.
  9. Get on the sudoku, no everyone with a terminal diagnosis is a useless old chuff.
  10. It was about his daughter voting against it, and people wondering why anyone who was not a religious nut job would do so.
  11. It happened, he had a little table by the door with a petition and was asking passers by to sign, told to me by my uncle who was only poping in to spend pocket money on an airfix model (was only a schoolkid), he still feels awful that he signed it, but it was only because the nice man who owned the book shop asked him to.
  12. Wrong there, when he had the book shop he asked customers to sign petitions against the legalisation of homosexualtiy.
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