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  1. Lol, based on his super successful business career, the Post Office is fucked.
  2. As normal a bit slow on the uptake... Like Manx radio, and yer mates at Crogga, Colas rely on a cosy government relationship, they fell out but had to make up due to co-dependency. What we can all agree on though is anyone who managed to aquaplane on that road is a fucking shit driver and too old for a license
  3. HiVibes

    TT 2022 ??

    For you maybe.
  4. All work places should have showers like they have toilets, basic hygiene unless you are against that, people have always walked or cycled to work, if you are suggesting that if we ban all active travel it would make the roads better then you are a complete idiot, it would just increase the number of cars, and create more problems, requiring more money spent on roads, more pollution and more angry tosspot car drivers who will find some other group to blame for their perceived problems, and here you are getting frothy mouthed about people having better hygiene as if thats the problem.
  5. HiVibes


    Yeah Pringle, Slazenger, Dunlop bloody yanks.
  6. HiVibes


    There are a lot of people who want to work despite pain, disability etc, the problem is often finding a job that they are qualified for, in a company that will tolerate a need for ongoing often long term absense due to flare ups in conditions. Your lack of intelligence and generally unpleasant demeanor seems to be tolerated by your employers so well done in achieving what many others can't.
  7. How would a visiting cyclist just off the boat know we have sabotaged the road surface?
  8. HiVibes


    The core business was as a heritage attraction reminding you how your grandad shopped, then they moved to Strand Street and it just seemed a bit weird and out of place. In the final move they just went for lowest common denominator of cheapy outdoor style clothing but if you are going for Regatta / dare2be etc you can't be that fussed and just as likely to buy Mountain Whorehouse, Peter Storm or Karrimor shit, they should have perhaps gone the other way, towards high quality like Mountain Equipment, Patagonia etc as we don't have any decent outdoor clothing and equipment outlets.
  9. Coming from Sea Terminal the first stretch of red tarmac has nothing to do with the tramway, so it would be kind of stupid to assume a change in road colour had any special meaning.
  10. How about tomorrow pop up project21 and meet some of your most vulnerable constituents who are all much more worthy of life than you.
  11. Nice one AuguSTUs, that Stu fella who is not you is a total shir bag but crack on you coward.
  12. Perhaps ask late night alcohol induced troll poster @Stu Peters
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