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  1. Reading some comments here you realise where Manx radio get their listeners. Amazon are having big supply chain issues due to staffing issues and Brexit and of course fuel prices, they have always operated a policy of refunding late orders so of course they are going to extend the window to cover that. If you don't like Amazon don't shop there, I usually opt for eBay as the same sellers charge less and ship quicker.
  2. granny nazi, learn to spell ffs.
  3. You got the search facility working finally, good going pops.
  4. So the newsons site is going to be affordable housing, well if thats the case crack on, I don't think it is though.
  5. HiVibes

    Firm closing

    Thats the whole island, and mainly not from here, perhaps we do need a cull.
  6. It's got to be built to City wall standard now.
  7. Perhaps IOM post will start delivering Cravendale door to door.
  8. You are always looking back if there is nothing ahead.
  9. Sorry more like Clouseau than Marple, anyway this is a classic.
  10. Well Duh Miss Marple, its all there online you just have to wade through pages of angry old bellends.
  11. I just read these forums during lockdown, the Barrie guy and Thomas Jefferson stood out as head and shoulders above the rest.
  12. Looks like this forum needs a new legal advisor. paging the ghost of Barrie Stevens.
  13. Well she is compared to the old useless backward facing twats that got us in trouble in the first place. the fucked up state if the island is not the fault of the young, it is you lot.
  14. For a uni an 'earn while you learn' approach might be a winner like tax free earnings, paid work placements and cheap accommodation mitigating the need for a student loan, perhaps appealing to more disadvantaged but bright kids who can't afford to survive in the UK system unless they carry on living at home.
  15. Well lots of muslim families send kids to specific universities that are close to supportive communities so I would say we stand a good chance of attracting Christian fundamentalist nut jobs or kids too scared to go to a 'dangerous' city.
  16. I just don't like shit driving.
  17. As I am sure you are aware most accidents happen at slow speed due to stupid careless mistakes, what he was doing was dangerous, he was driving a vehicle whilst being fully distracted, then posted it on the internet for some likes, it suggests he was a complete tool, its not some one you know perchance? So you apply that to what other areas, drink driving, rape?
  18. So as a taxi driver who would know something about public transport you concede that an experienced more qualified person knows best. But when it comes to climate science you know it all because you watched a few YouTube videos.
  19. The minister is the department , if you don't have a grip on day to day business then of course you will end up in situations like this, its not checking up on people its knowing your brief.
  20. They organise it, it's their event, likely this is news to you.
  21. The idea is you are meant to vote MHK's with half a brain, but instead you lot vote Posties and fat mouths that sit in line with your ignorant outdated views.
  22. Douglas Town Council cancelled the carnival, and then decided late in the day to bring it back, it was always going to be even crapper than normal as a result, its not people its the idiots in town council.
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