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  1. You were you cunt, and your dickhead alter ego.
  2. The comments are deplorable.
  3. So very sad http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=65536 Vladimir Putin and his gas spike could shut down the swimming pool and now they need to go begging to the DESC. It’s a good job the NSC is on everyone’s rates so perhaps Ramsey will get a double whammy of paying for two sets of hot water.
  4. You really are the lowest individual on here by far. Sticking up for people mocking a child with autism. It isn’t even funny. In fact it’s brings a new dimension to trolling. That said I think someone found your drivers license on the pavement before and handed it in. Just give police HQ a bell to get it back.
  5. But then you seem to deliberately fail to see most things on this forum. There must be a permanent Nike swoosh hovering above your head. The councilor got in unopposed. Which says it all really. Now a totally unelected public official has the chance to deliver real damage to other peoples incomes through the adaptation of lazy and unpopular policies. If he is to stand for Keys next time around (which is clear) he should be aware that when it comes to populism he can probably out “Josem” Micheal Josem with all his insincere electric car and recycling rubbish. He’s just another talentless goon riding the green wave in order to milk public opinion while simultaneously pulling peoples pants down.
  6. Mr Penfold

    HQ FoI !

    Lots apparently. Someone told me he’s pretty big into cottaging.
  7. To be fair though most things seem to make you cross.
  8. More proof of the residual Covid madness exemplified by Tynwalds resident covid crackpot Tim Glover. One only hopes that Lord and Lady Whiteadder also only imbibed on tap water and raw turnip after having family round to their house for the first time in two years due to covid. FFS. Some people need to wake up and smell the coffee.
  9. Mr Penfold

    HQ FoI !

    I bet you’re wrong and the stockmans seen some action 😉
  10. It’s all soapbox politics at the end of the day and it’s all open for anyone to comment on, on any platform they choose. Presumably that’s why people put their ideas in the public domain in the first place. They want other people to comment on them otherwise why would you? It’s fine if you want a reputation as a wailing Twitter wally just don’t expect other people not to have a view on your state of mind or the paranoia you try to spread.
  11. That seems to be about it. A few people wanting to set the agenda on here. I was looking back up this thread. So many posters who don’t seem to be around anymore. Presumably blocked or banned for daring to question some of the raging covid loonies who fill these threads and who also splatter their ramblings all over Twitter? Or just given up swimming against the tide of madness? I was in a meeting the other day when one of the doomers Twitter activities were openly mocked. There’s plenty sniggering behind open hands.
  12. The only feeling I have is of pity. You’d do well to heed the above advice rather than advertising what a paranoid clown you are to 85,000 people.
  13. The truth hurts I suppose. I’m sick of seeing that absolute whopper wailing and crying all over Twitter. It is like watching someone have a long, slow, tortuous, breakdown over a couple of years. You wonder how his brain is ever going to go back to normal again when nobody cares about covid anymore. If I was him I’d delete my account and have a break and stop making myself look like such a dick.
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