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  1. Surely the roads people use Isle of Man TT racing experts to assess the track and various roadworks etc. once anything has been done, and who check the course roads periodically and report back?
  2. Yes indeed. And then the trusteeship gets passed on to a successor trustee and so on, and they just see a pot of luvverly money with no emotional contact to them.
  3. There are some rich, wealthy, greedy lawyers and accountants, become particularly rankled when they find that a seemingly modest living person is actually very wealthy. They see it as easy pickings and conscience free. A sort of "if they don't want it then I know someone who does". By whatever means. Of course it isn't just lawyers and accountants who are exclusive to this sort of thing, but they do have the skills and means of removing sums from others 'legally'.
  4. Back in the day folk used to drive home from the pub because they were too pissed to walk. It was before these scooters were about, and they would have been ideal.
  5. It didn't need it to be court approved but it gave it that air of non-dodginess or something. And of course the Isle of Man courts were happy to provide their stamp of Isle of Man Court approval. I was told the judge apparently quite soon after ended up being employed by the advocates firm looking after the matter for Manx Telecom.
  6. Yes, the public who owned shares had them compulsorily sold.
  7. Manx Telecom, an entirely private company (no shareholders anymore) is the winner here. Skype is the key.
  8. I'm being serious. You must be the most naive person on this forum.
  9. Reminds me of Douglas in the 1970s. Although most of the thugs didn't need an excuse and most didn't have girlfriends. Not ones worth chatting up anyway.
  10. Such as Gary Lineker went through his whole career and never booked. That is a reference that speaks for itself. and a glass in the face resulting in a 4 inch scar and close to an eye out. Is not a really horrible tragedy?
  11. @Gladys Too many posts to quote. You're a mother. Try reading the Facebook posts of the victim's mother.
  12. Oh, and what the fuck is a "Prosecco glass". Oh yeah, I get it. Prosecco is what dainty middle class housewives sip wine out of and is thus rather benign. Something like that. I wonder if the deemster was wanting to give his advocate pal a bit of a wink when he came up with that little one.
  13. The sentence had been suspended because of Burns' charity work, Deemster Cook said. The old "charity work" is always a good one to have as a get out of jail free card. The guy who drove on the wrong side of the road and killed the woman biker at Hillberry worked for the Red Cross. (I think he took that up after the accident but in plenty of time of course for the court case).
  14. Actually I take it all back. The defendant got an excellent character reference from "a practising advocate". Fuck me, we're through the looking glass now.
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