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  1. AOR

    Firm closing

    Some M&S have shut down in cities and large towns in UK but they retain just an M&S Foodhall.
  2. AOR

    Firm closing

    There was a quite prominent office had their Christmas do at McDonalds not so long ago. (I think it must have been a Boatey McBoatface thing where the staff were asked to vote where).
  3. AOR

    Audi footage

    This photo came up on my Instagram feed, from Isle of Man by Drone. Now that's Marine Drive. Audio really could have done so much.
  4. AOR

    Audi footage

    MY grandma took her Mark 1 Ford Fiesta faster than that up Marine Drive. It was a pity the weather wasn't better. A big expensive grey box on a grey day. Those shots are all boring bar none. They really should have employed the film crew from Top Gear or something.
  5. Bernard on Facebook Mannin Branch Celtic League has totally lost it, and has an unhealthy dislike for Alf Cannan Chief Minister. If anyone is going to bring back living on spuds and herrin' and half a dozen kids sleeping in the loft of a draughty thatched cottage, it's the Manx Nationalists.
  6. @A fool and his money..... I was speaking a fair bit of Manx in the 1970s. Yes, I understand your post. I just think Manx should be learned more naturally from friends and parents and as a hobby perhaps. I used to go down Fleshwick farm back in the day, but no need to have Manx speaking schools. Perhaps we could dress the kids up in brown shirts and lederhosen sort of thing and go up the hills and plant giant three legs in trees and that.
  7. So what good is learning Manx? Yeah, I know the stuff about learning a language helps all round education, but Chinese or some other such language would be actually useful. Learning Manx just makes people a bit smug and superior on the isle of Man, but otherwise not much use at all. Learn it as a hobby seems fair enough. Not as a taxpayer funded school.
  8. Ah the days of Jimmy B's. Many an unwitting sperm was donored thus.
  9. Hah Hah! Well I've certainly never flounced or huffed off the forum.
  10. I hadn't realised. He (I assume TSE is/was a he, those are rather large knackers on his avatar) was quite a prolific poster. He must have overdosed on forum posting. He'll have come back though. They always do.
  11. Jut saying, but if you used capitalization your posts would be a lot clearer and meaningful. eg the words 'heading' and 'Heading' have completely different meanings.
  12. AOR

    Railway Cuts

    He knows as well as you do that if he said that he would be out on his arse at the next election. Ann Corlett received more votes than he did at the last one. In Manx Politics there can be no bigger gypsy's warning than that (except Chris Robertshaw scraping in with less than ten votes over Jono Joughin in Douglas East).
  13. I don't doubt you as such, but watch how some people use that Broadway crossing, as if it was like the crossing at Sam Webbs, 'free for all but pedestrians rule' type of thing. It's all one big Douglas Promenade scheme. So all part of the same system. And there are 4 or 5 different crossings in use.
  14. The prisoners worked all over the Island back then. Back around then, one of the most prominent prisoners of the day was out with the gang working on some scrubland or something, and, if all good rumours are to be believed, managed to meet up with his girlfriend for some extracurricular conjugal rights in the bushes.
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