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  1. Many people use the word 'darkies' without realising it is these days pejorative term. Yet 'blacks' is apparently ok. For many people it can be a fucking minefield. Ronnie stepped on a moderators primed mine, who was probably looking for a chance to bring down the ban hammer because Ronnie was able for so long to step over the woke boundaries. So, back on topic. And yet there are apparently no boundaries in this sex education palaver. Pushing the envelope with the ultimate intent of upsetting middle England, the 'pearl wringers' and the 'gammons' seems to be the agenda here.
  2. Just so we can be clear, what language did Ronnie use? There don't seem to be many words left that shock or are naughty anymore.
  3. maduncleronnie was silenced for his somewhat excellent observations and views.
  4. All this reminds me of the teacher from Douglas in the Isle of Man who was banned from teaching. Report from the Times Educational Supplement:
  5. You give these types their own class in The Guild and the next thing you know they're ramming it down your throat.
  6. Well I hope at least the former police is aware of what is and what is not appropriate for an adult stranger to discuss with children, whether under the guise of 'sex education' or not.
  7. TLDR Except the first sentence. All MHKs (and all journalists) lurk on Manx Forums. They wouldn't be doing their job if they didn't.
  8. Y-fronts (isn't there a game like this somewhere on the forum?)
  9. If only this lass wasn't a women she would have walked into the Douglas East Tynwald election and been an MHK ever since. You are all a load of misogynistic keyboard warriors sitting in your basements in your underpants.
  10. Here's Phil explaining the Manx Budget. Remember folks - if you don't keep pouring vast sums of money into the farmers' bank accounts then we can't grow food, and we need food to live, and we'll all die if we cut the grants.
  11. AOR

    Foster Care

    It's unfortunate that we have produced a society where there are so many children in need of foster care.
  12. Non-local News. Although Howard used to like having his photo taken with her. And she him I suppose because he made her relatively good looking. (I'm not being too cruel there, as I can assure you I am a bit of a munter myself)
  13. To be fair, when Uncle Fucking Albert threatened to sue the forum owners there was a good rally round from members. And subsequently a good irl forum piss-up party that had been coincidentally organised.
  14. At times I am ashamed of these forums and this thread is one of those times. Misogynistic and spiteful bullying. If a post is going to be so personal and hurtful the poster needs to think about dropping their shroud of anonymity.
  15. AOR

    Talk to Frank

    Says a pothead/cokehead? Take a good look at yourself
  16. AOR

    Firm closing

    Become a commissioner.
  17. In the later 1800s the whole Island was surveyed in order to assess land ownership and so levy a tax for the building of a new asylum. (The Woods Atlas, 'Asylum Plans' of 1863) It must have been a huge problem for the government to take such action. Up until then the families looked after such offspring if they were able. Otherwise those afflicted would survive on their own means. There is probably some grounding here for the likes of 'bugganes' etc as there is a genetic disorder that produces huge strength along with mental incapacity.
  18. Ducker was sound. He used to shave his head though, which was seen as an absolute outrage in the 1970s (skin 'eads and all that) but commonplace these days of course.
  19. Reminds me of the time that the microphones were left on and we got a good insight into the bullying ways of the Legislative Council as they huddled together and attacked Peter Karran for his speech. The main snearer being the unelected Bishop, who was backed up and harrumphed by that behemoth of public speaking Geoff Corkish. Then we heard Minister Phil Gawne whining at the public for speaking up against the plans for Douglas Promenade (oh, if only the Minister and his mates had listened a little more to what the public had to say). Before Chief Minister in waiting, Howard Quayle, phoned the station to tell them the mics had been left on.
  20. Inheritance Tax is an interesting aspect here. We often learn about these things once it is too late. OK, so it will only affect those - or rather the beneficiaries of those - leaving more than the UK Inheritance Tax Free threshold of £325,00 but it needs to be considered. Along with the concept of domicile. (Hah! so you think you're Manx do you, and not subject to UK IHT.......?). Big subject. Potentially lots of wonga to be lost/gained too.
  21. Bring back that Buster fella, he knew how to make sure more people voted.
  22. AOR

    Firm closing

    To be fair though, a major bank closing a branch in one of the outlying towns is hardly a 'firm closing' as per the topic title.
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