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  1. I have my reservations about Stu but lets at least give him a chance (or at least enough rope to hang himself 🤣 - only joking). If not Stu I'm sure you can lean on the best business brain on the forums, as I'm sure he single handedly runs the largest business on the island. I say this as no one in their right mind would work for him if they know his views. I'm sure you can work out who I mean. Personally have never had any issue with the PO here. Good of people to complain before the fact of the job that may or may not be done and show zero support though.
  2. I didn't say the awaited message was from you, just asking if you're also a stalker. We already have one on here. Ah I understand mate, I tend to do the same with any account that uses the word 'woke' as if it's an insult, given it's true meaning.
  3. You another creepy Twitter stalker? I was just going to unhide mine too! As soon as I get that message outing me I will.
  4. You seem to long for a return to the 'good old days' when you could say and do what you want. I have just the job for you mate and plenty of vacancies.......just send your application marked c/o The Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP.
  5. I'm an agitator? I don't understand how. Possibly ignorance on my part but happy to be enlightened. I'm sure you will. Regardless I do always try to post with good intent. I can't say the same for others. I'm sure you will also self reflect on these comments. It's interesting you felt the need to reply though.
  6. These events are heartbreaking. People I know in the US are actually now actively working on leaving the country as they are just tired with everything. Not only the likes of incidents like this but the whole abortion issue recently. These are middle aged people so I don't know how widespread this is, but do know there has been a general surge of enquiries about leaving the country through media reports. I couldn't even bring myself to read the story about the 2 year old left orphaned despite clicking on it earlier.
  7. Truthfully I'd never heard of the lady but I don't pay much attention to media and then read about it in a paper left laying about. Thank you for drawing attention to this.
  8. 2 more gone this morning. Boris is probably just holding on to outdo Chamberlain and May's time in office. Only another 3 and 33 days to go, respectively.
  9. MF is a tough place to be sometimes. Not sure how much of people here are just trolling or if they are actually the piece of work they come across as. This is not aimed at any particular poster and other posters may be so - each to their own 😁(and not this one despite it being a reply to them).
  10. Incorrect. Born in Yate. She wasn't in Scotland until her first marriage failed and even then in Edinburgh.
  11. So do you and all the constant complainers on here. Have I seen it said you own a business as well?
  12. I didn't see anything on Facebook. Honestly don't know how you missed the posters, they're in just about every shop window. Some of them were still there today a half hour ago when I walked through. They also had 3FM as their 'official media partner' so didn't exactly scrimp on it. Andy Corrin is his name. Did try to do some digging but couldn't really find any information. He's from the island but don't think he lives here most of the time.
  13. No. Was at The Nunnery of course though so perhaps something to do with that side of it.
  14. 1886 were nothing to do with it. There were posters everywhere in town. The only other thing I thought they could have done was pushed it on social media harder. Given the demographic of this event, what do you suggest?
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