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  1. Have to establish quite a few things here. What is actually happening? Has he made any complaint about this individual? If so what is the status of that? What are the company procedures? All a good starting point. I'd establish these and be armed with a copy of his company handbook (if they have such a thing).
  2. Is there anything they can do whilst the building has protected status?
  3. Shhh you'll ruin a good right wing narrative. Without opening this thread, if you'd have told me there would be 2 people criticising unions, I could have told you who they would have been. Particularly for those who claim to care about Christmas being ruined for people. Odd that it won't affect that particular person one iota.
  4. Mate you're a curtain twitcher and want information spoon fed to you so that you can carry on your own little vendetta in your head. Last time I will reply to you. You were given very specific information but then jumped the shark all whilst accusing places left right and centre. Find a nice little picture of you reviewing Manx Forums.
  5. Well again from direct conversations with people actually in the industry, you know not like I text a 'mate' who knows someone sort of thing, they are saying the opposite. But it's the internet and you HAVE to be be right so no doubt you'll keep it going.
  6. Did you ask the mate of an esports person? I actually have been involved at some networking events with these guys. There is interest. Love the way people bemoan that we don't have this or that, but when a potential new industry is mooted they play it down. Lots of companies uprooting from Malta for example as their internet isn't up to scratch. Cuts out mid tournament! Ours is significantly better.
  7. It's fairly simple. The farmer should stay away from the sheep when he's been drinking........... Oh not that kind of attack. Carry on.
  8. I don’t go to church let alone living hope but crack on making yourself look foolish.
  9. Depends. Those struggling already maybe. Don’t think the hospitality closures will be as bad as people think.
  10. I have no desire to be right and certainly not quoting some mystery ‘mate’ 😂 I couldn’t care less you just come across as desperate not to be wrong.
  11. Or maybe you could Em ask and stop hiding behind the persona on here. if you’re that worried about giving any money to LH then I’m sure you won’t mind them knowing! traffic light system 🤣
  12. Aye ok mate. He said he sold it to them. They say they’ve bought it from him. But they’re both wrong so you can be right on Manx Forums 😂
  13. Why would both he and the new owners lie about it? There are some people on here who appear to go to any lengths to be right.
  14. There was also the Hooded Ram Brewery as part of it too.
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